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Successful Client
Case Studies
Village Green Dental Center
$260,000 in planned treatment — an 875% ROI
Thanks to the call tracking feature of DirectMail2.0, Dr. Jason Monroe was able to listen to the calls coming in from his postcard campaign. Using the data collected from those callers, the doctor implemented improvements to his reception process. His conversion rate went up 122% and within 3 months, Dr. Monroe had generated $260,000 in campaign revenue — an 876% return on investment!
Greg Hagopian
75 calls & 1,000 website visitors!
After mailing his postcard three times to 10,000 prospective clients, this lawyer received 75 phone calls to his office and 1,000 visitors to his website! His online follow-up ads were then shown to those visitors a total of 189,836 times. DirectMail2.0 fortifies your business brand, builds your online presence, gets your phones ringing and — best of all — puts money in the bank!
Avalon School of Music
An average of 42 new students per month, generating $5,000 each.
PLUS 1,292,741 impressions to their 7,900 followers!
Talbert Insurance Services
The first policy they signed with DirectMail2.0 was for a premium of $150,000!
Talbert Insurance generally sees a return on investment of about 225% with DirectMail2.0. But every year, outside of the regular business that they expect, they always get one large account that generates thousands in revenue for them. And they keep most of their customers for 5 years or more!
North Broad Family Dental
Campaign with DirectMail2.0
Dr. Jack Plawner brings in about 15 new patients per month to his dental practice with DirectMail2.0, generating $37,500 in gross monthly revenue!
Amit Khanna Dental
An average of 154 new patients per month, each costing $34.
With the power of DirectMail2.0: New Patient Edition, Dr. Khanna brings in about FOUR new patients for what it cost him to acquire just ONE when he first started. PLUS, per the doctor himself, new patients are worth about $3,290 over the course of their lifetime. With DirectMail2.0, his ROI per patient is about 9,576%!
Prairie Hawk Dental
Converted 112 of 324 new callers into new patients and generated $48,741.
PLUS 33,337 impressions to their 360 online followers!
McEachern Dental
317 Calls Received 108 New Patients $22,000 in Revenue
Jeff Eyler
About 60 new leads and $4000+ generated from the mailings so far.
The Cycle Shop
145 calls, 400 online followers, and 14,955 online ad impressions
Top Hat Formals
77 calls, 680 online followers, 249,047 online ad impressions.
Truck ECM
38 calls, 810 online followers, 233,485 online ad impressions, 241 click-backs to their website - AND reported an increase in online sales!