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Frequently Asked
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DirectMail2.0 is a marketing program that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns — while enhancing their overall results — through multi-channel marketing with Google. You fulfill your clients’ direct mail order as usual, and we do the rest.

DirectMail2.0 provides seven different services bundled into one convenient package:

  • SocialMatch
  • Mail Tracking
  • Informed Delivery
  • Call Tracking
  • Google Online Follow-up
  • Social Media Follow-up
  • LEADMatch

With the DirectMail2.0 management portal, you can set up new client campaigns in less than 10 minutes and access their results in real time. Its intuitive, user-friendly design makes it easy to review and manage your clients’ campaigns.

Your customers can see their results in real time via the DirectMail2.0 dashboard, which helps them feel more in control of their campaigns and eliminates unnecessary calls to your representatives. And since clients who use DirectMail2.0 get a better response, they reorder 70% more than those who use traditional direct mail!

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