Maximize Political Mail with Political Power Up

March 21, 2024 • Posted by Michelle

With industry experts projecting political ad spending to surge to $10.2 billion in 2024—a notable 13% increase from 2020—there’s never been a more crucial time to harness the power of omnichannel marketing. Watch this winning webinar on leveraging Political Power Up to elevate your political campaign strategies.

Political Power Up is revolutionizing the scene by seamlessly integrating direct mail with digital platforms, providing unparalleled insights into campaign effectiveness. We discuss:

• Direct mail performance statistics that show how this traditional medium remains a cornerstone of political communication

• Digital technologies that synergize most effectively with direct mail to amplify ads across various platforms for maximum impact

• Case studies that demonstrate how Political Power Up has propelled campaigns to unprecedented success, reaching and engaging voters like never before

As campaigns collide with the complexities of ad requirements and regulations, our experts provide advice into crafting compelling content that resonates with target audiences.

Additionally, we highlight USPS resources available to streamline your direct mail operations and optimize delivery efficiency.

Whether you’re a seasoned campaign strategist or new to the political arena, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to supercharge your campaign’s outreach efforts.


so good afternoon uh my name is Morgan DiGiorgio I’m the senior vice president sales and marketing for DirectMail2.0

I’m joined today by my two colleagues Jason Weber and Andy Baechel they are our

marketing and sales Consultants they work with our resellers and they help layer Omnichannel marketing campaigns onto

Direct Mail campaigns to grow print and mailer’s business and and lift the response rate of direct mail campaigns

for their clients so here at Direct Mail 2.0 our sole purpose is to make Direct

Mail the most effective form of marketing by integrating it with cutting edge technology and we have a 14

technology marketing automation platform that specifically layers onto Direct Mail campaigns to improve mail campaigns

by showing tracking attribution and lifting the response rates by layering on the Omni Channel we have five

different bundle Tech Stacks today we’re going to hone in on a particular Tech stack that we have called political

PowerUp so big year for political advertising guys um we can thank uh the

lift in in mail volume due to all the political mail that’s going to be going through the mailstream this year

industry experts are projecting uh 2024 political ad spending to hit 10.2

billion for a 133% increase over the 9 billion spent in 2020 so what I want to

talk about today guys um is an opportunity right because I know that the majority of the people on our

webinar today are uh print mail providers are typically selling Direct

Mail campaigns for marketing purposes to your political clients but there’s a lot

of additional opportunity out there for to tap into a greater portion of this 10.2 billion advertising spend what I

mean by that is you can start tapping into ways to layer Omni Channel marketing on top of direct mail campaigns drive and grow more Revenue

into your organization and also help improve and lift the response rates of the political advertising Direct Mail

campaigns to get better responses for your customers and help deliver the win by driving the vote by getting more

marketing out into that ecosystem for them um also I forgot to mention anybody that has any questions we’re going to go

through our deck go through our webinar um pop them into the chat and we’ll do a Q&A uh right at the end of that webinar

so the foundation of it all you know the first thing that I really want to talk about when we’re talking about political advertising is the importance of direct

mail in political advertising and according to uh the USPS white paper and

the lob state of dor mail white paper it shows how integ Direct Mail is in the political

advertising space with 66% reporting a higher return on investment when Direct Mail is a part of the media mix and 74%

saying that Direct Mail yields the highest return on investment with 84% agreeing that Direct Mail improves

multi-channel campaign performance so I think that the point here is that if we’re talking to prospects out there and

we’re trying to drive more uh revenue or we’re trying to acquire new Direct Mail business start talking to marketers in

the political space and ask them if they are utilizing Direct Mail in their overall advertising strategy because if

they’re not they should be and we need to be educating them on these statistics and pointing them to all the information

that’s out there that’s showing how effective Direct Mail is in the political marketing space and there’s a

lot of reasons for that okay two and three Americans trust Direct Mail vers other sources H well why is that I don’t

know a Mark Zuckerberg fact Checker isn’t going to show up in your mailbox and start ripping up all of your mail pieces because uh you know the content

isn’t factual right so that’s not going to be happening and most Americans believe mail is more factual than other

forms of political advertising it’s tangible it’s physically present it’s seen as informative it speaks something

about the candidate right and it has the potential to be referred to repeatedly because it stays in the household and

nearly half of Consultants about 47% believe that Direct Mail was the most effective type of political advertising

for educating potenti voters and among political Consultants with expertise in direct mail that know how powerful

Direct Mail is in the political advertising space this number jumps to 70% so you know Direct Mail is a very

integral piece of political advertising but the truth of the matter is is that the most effective marketing tactics are

employing a utilization of both offline and online channels today prospects are

expecting to be be marketed to through multiple channels and they like to take that journey and utilize different

channels for different things but it’s so integral and important to be using offline and online together because that

is what is really going to be delivering the best results and if you look at some of the white papers that USP has put out

I mean they do a ton of research in this space Andy’s going to talk about a website where you guys can tap into a

lot of data you can pull these white papers use them to educate your customers use these in your in your uh

marketing presentations and your sales presentations to really educate the political advertisers but you know

there’s a lot of reasons why we should be using offline and online together two and three Americans say that the mail

they received during the 2022 election cycle reinforce information that they saw on TV or on online ads the other

thing is that Direct Mail can reinforce information encountered online or if a

direct mail piece is presented to prospective voter it will typically drive them to online to do more research

about a prospective candidate right I get a mail piece I I’m interested in what this candidate stands for I will go

to the website and we’ll see how what their stance are on on different political issues and I’m going to learn

more about that and I’m going to continue that journey and start to De develop and build this relationship with

this political candidate and it’s so important that we keep getting back in front of them with as many markting

channels as we possibly can to continue reinforcing the messaging that we’re driving with our Direct Mail and then we

need to reinforce our digital with our Direct Mail campaigns uh campaign managers recognize the importance and

the value of pairing direct mail with other campaigns and I quote Republican consultant this is from the USPS

delivering authenticity white paper the one thing we’ve seen with direct mail is to the extent you really need to be

smart about integrating your direct mail with other tactics to talk to voters we made sure that our Direct Mail was

synced up with our digital campaign we were using text messages that there’s some coordination as much as we could

possibly get and that’s because this is what is the most effective type of

marketing tactic in political advertising so what I want to talk about today or what I want to present to you

is a streamlined TurnKey solution that we provide at Direct Mail 2.0 that is going to Encompass all of these

effective marketing tactics in the political advertising space and deliver this on a platter for you to utilize and

resell to your direct mail customers and for your customers to harness and take advantage of so that they can improve

their political advertising so Direct Mail 2.0 is a marketing based solution

that is designed to seemlessly track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns while enhancing and lifting the results

through the integration of digital platforms and what we’re really delivering is an omni Channel marketing

approach we are going to take the impression that is delivered with that mail piece that really powerful impactful impression that is going to

impinge in the prospective voters mind and then we are going to take digital and we are going to reinforce that and

repeat it and deliver multiple Impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms so that we can

deliver a vote and a win so at Direct Mail 2.0 we actually have 14 different

technologies that we can layer onto a direct mail campaign we have five different bundle Tech stacks of which

today we’re going to hone in on the political PowerUp because we’re talking about how to make political advertising

or political Direct Mail campaigns more effective now I do want to point out or

note that I’m starting to talk about Technologies and digital marketing but political PowerUp is not a replacement

for any current digital marketing strategy so there’s any mailers on our webinar today and they’re like oh I’m

doing digital I’ve got that covered fantastic because we encourage you to continue to use your existing digital

campaigns to uh print and mailers you are not going out and selling digital marketing to your customers what you are

selling is a lift in response or an improvement to a direct mail campaign

political PowerUp is a male Centric product that is going to utilize digital platforms to make the mail campaigns

more effective and drive the Maximum Impact for that Direct Mail campaign now

we run these campaigns for some of the largest mailers in the country they have really robust digital marketing teams

but they harness the power of this political power product to enhance their direct mail campaigns and deliver a

better response uh for their mail Centric marketing and that being said you know we also run these campaigns for

some small to mediumsized mailers that don’t necessarily have access to very robust digital marketing teams and

sometimes they might harness this platform to have an all-in-one solution where they can tap into and take advantage of a lot of resources and one

streamline TurnKey product so it really just depends on what type of marketer that you are talking with and and what

their marketing strategy looks like but there’s a couple of different ways that we can position this to add value but for the most part political PowerUp is a

male Centric product and we really don’t want to take over any digital marketing it plays a very integral role in the

political advertising space and it is very important as well so the political

PowerUp product has 11 of our 14 technologies that are going to be integrated into Direct Mail campaigns we

are going to deliver a total of eight to 16 Impressions per mail piece and on average this drives about a 23 to 46%

lift and response for just pennies pennies per meal piece we’re going to add all this additional value so why 8

to 16 impressions well there’s a couple of reason why above and beyond you know the successful marketing tactic of

integrating digital with Direct Mail campaigns we want to employ the marketing rule of sevens get in front of

your prospective voter at least seven times to grab their interest and continue that put them in a funnel

continue to hit them and continue that Journey all the way up until voting day statistically we’ve also seen that about

80% of sales conversions donations are made between the 8th and the 12 contact

and with political mailings voting is the sale so we want to deliver eight to

16 Impressions per piece getting those prospective voters up into those contact margins where conversion is going to

potentially take place and help to deliver that win now above and beyond

adding all this value to a direct mail campaign if you’re a print or a mail provider you’re going to have access to

a dashboard where you can manage all of your clients Direct Mail campaigns but more importantly you’re going to give

your clients access to a dashboard where they can see all of the results of every single Direct Mail campaign that they’re

running out they can see the results of all of the digital and Omni channel that we’ve added on and they can use this

data grab it see how the prospective voters are responding grab additional data about those voters and utilize all

that to continuously improve these campaigns with each drop the people that aren’t responding trim off the fat don’t

Market to them anymore the people that are grab more data about them and marketed them in different ways that will be more effective or acquire new

prospective voters that are on your website showing an interest put them into your marketing funnel and lay on that Omni Channel and help drive more

votes um that day at that Precinct and Jason’s going to talk more about these

Technologies and what they do and some of that data more intricately so I’m going going to pass it over to him and

he’s going to dive into these Technologies Jason thanks Morgan um excellent job as always um so folks I’m

gonna start out with social match but let’s first cover a few bases real quick

um social match as we all know is a male Centric technology just like uh most of our other techs here um but one thing

that’s going to differ in a lot of these political campaigns is the actual mailing list itself right so we have a

very tumultuous political environment going on right now in the past there has

been very historically on one side or the other of the aisle you’re going to go to your town clerk’s office and

you’re going to get a registered voters list whether it’s registered Republicans registered Democrats um in some cases

registered Independence but these days right now there is a lot more folks that

we might be able to Target and isolate that we might not be able to allocate on a list so I’m going to touch on that a

little bit as I go through these Technologies as well but the very first one that I wanted to get into is social

match now social match is going to Target the individuals on your mailing list whether they’re registered

Republicans Democrats Independents as long as they are receiving a direct mail piece from you we are going to do our

best to isolate and put impressions in front of those individuals and most importantly they’re going to see these

Impressions throughout your mail pieces journey in the mailstream these are going to start the very same day that

your mail gets deployed from any facility and it’s going to continuously show these ads for the first 14 days of

this campaign so while the mail is traveling through the mailstream as it’s being dropped in the mailbox and then

for about a week or so afterwards as long as these people are on the mailing list once again they’re likely going to

see an advertisement here on social and we’re going to be warming them up to the idea of receiving that mail piece in

that mailbox uh go ahead Morgan next slide so the next three technologies that

we’re going to talk about folks these all stem from the intelligent mail barcode now for those of you who don’t

know the intelligent mail barcode is the same technology that your big giant retailers Home Depot Walmart uh Amazon

use to track your packages through the office uh through the through the country through the mailstream excuse me

so what we do with that intelligent mail barcode is we serialize that and when we get that serial number that gets printed

on each and every Direct mail piece they are serialized as they’re traveling through the mailstream so every step of

the way as we’re getting scans we’re going to provide you a projected delivery date in your dashboard you know

just like your normal online purchases would and then finally when that mail piece does get eventually delivered in

that mailbox will provide a confirmed delivery date now this is going to do two things for your political candidate

that’s running for office number one it is going to verify of course Peace of Mind the most EXP expensive part of any

direct mail campaign is going to be your postage so the tracking dashboard is going to say okay great my mail went

from point A to point B which is our mailboxes successfully the second thing that it’s going to do is it’s going to

allow you the political consultant or the marketer or the campaign manager the ability to anticipate spikes in website

traffic spikes in QR code scans spikes and calls things like that where

normally after a direct mail piece drw we just think that there’s a a small

spike in traffic organically when in reality it’s that mail piece dropping in the mailbox pointing those recipients

attention towards that mail piece that’s essentially gaining that action and that conversion um in our next technology we

have QR codes now like I said this is also serialized from that intelligent

mail barcode so just like the IMB where it has its own serial number we individualize every single QR code prior

to it getting printed on the direct mail piece so when that individual at the end

of the line gets that mail piece takes out their phone and scans that QR code

we are able to actually report endline scan data in your dashboard for those

people now this is going to be a full audit of who it was on your mailing list that this mail piece was addressed to

time and date of the original scan time and date of the most recent scan any time uh what kind of device they have

and then of course we’re going to find what the destination URL that they were being driven to now if you do not want

to use pqr codes and you just like to stick with a traditional static QR code

that is also totally okay the fact of the matter here is that if you are not

using pqr codes in your print marketing right now you are 100% sacrificing

conversions period since the end of 2021 QR code scan percentage in a print

marketing space has increased over 400% and when you think about that it’s

truly because it is in fact the most convenient way for me a busy dad busy

husband to get from point A to point B on your marketing piece without taking me out of my normal routine that I’m in

right now and then the next technology that we have which is the third that stems off of this IMB this is informed

delivery now real quick if there’s anyone in this call right now that is not using this techn techology it is

completely free and it’s actually really kind of cool go to slin delivery sign up with an

email address and with a valid Us address and you’ll start receiving emails from the post office every single

day between the hours of 8 and 9:00 a.m. local time and that email will basically

be just you being able to screen the physical mail coming to your mailbox later that day they run it through a

black and white scanner they take a picture of it and they send you an email mail saying hey Morgan here’s the pieces

of mail that you’re getting in your mailbox later today now as marketers this technology is a complete gold mine

because we have the ability to piggyback that gray and white uh scale image with

a right along full color image that looks just like what you’re looking at on the screen right now okay we’ll have

your your candidates picture right on the mail piece and that individual can interact with that full color they can

click on that and they can go straight through to your candidates website to wherever we’re driving traffic to a

couple really really big points about this technology first and foremost like it says in the bottom of the screen

starting in August the USPS is going to start incentivizing informed delivery

enhanced mailings with a 4% front-loaded postage discount if you guys do not know

how to get set up with this follow up with your MSC over here at dm2 and we’ll walk you through the process it’s really

easy to be able to do that couple of the things that are really unique about this technology first and

foremost not a lot of businesses are using it right so it’s kind of like Hidden Gem in marketing when we’re

dealing with consumer behavior when we’re dealing with decreased attention spans and increased marketing

Impressions on a daily basis it’s really important to be able to do anything and everything to drive additional impact to

that mail piece so informed delivery while it is only one impression it for

the most part is a onetoone digital impression to the person that is

receiving your mailpiece hands on your mail piece later that day so if there is no other impact Builder this is going to

be the one that does it and this technology is increasing in usage in Spades month after month after month

there’s more and more and more Millions more people that are using this so moving right along if any of you folks

have any questions about any of this stuff by the way don’t hesit hesitate to just drop it in the chat let us know we’ll have either Andy or Morgan or

someone else on the team answer it on the Fly by the way as your campaign is traveling through the mailstream the

post office uploads this information to us so we’re just going to put it into your dashboard it’s essentially just

like that get leads feature you click on ID match you hit get matches and then we’ll essentially show you this report

who received the informed delivery email who opened it and who clicked on it and folks that’s totally free as partners of

direct 2.0 so moving right along we have our

call and text tracking now very historically this platform was designed

as a way to track attribution to the mail piece all right and that’s really these are two of the key technologies

that we put right in the beginning and we did that intentionally because when that mail piece is traveling once that

leaves our dock once it leaves our facility travels through the country lands wherever it’s Landing we basically

basically have no way to tell what’s going on with that mail piece unless we know someone on the other end of the

phone engaged with that mail piece right so call and text tracking are really great ways to do that now we’re not

expecting your candidate to have this forwarded directly to their cell phone or anything like that but if you guys

have a campaign headquarters or if you have an answering service or even if you have um a pre-recorded voicemail with

some of the policy ideas that your candidate has this is an absolutely fantastic way to generate that

conversion information from when that mail piece drops in the mailbox so really quickly how does it work we

provide you a phone number that phone number can be local it can be toll-free if this is a local election I recommend

local if it is a federal election of course I recommend a toll-free number now when that person that gets the

direct mail calls that number it gets passed right through our system it lands right on your client’s or your

candidate’s phone that’s ringing right now anyways and it is completely seamless on your side prior to it

getting to you we will track every single detail of the caller and we will record the call now for the text feature

this is the same exact phone number and this is a one-way response and it’s keyword based so the direct mail

recipient will text something like vote to the same call tracking number and

when this individual texts that vote keyword they will get a one-way response back that says hello Morgan thank you

for your interest in voting for XYZ candidate click on this link right here to get involved with the candidate with

the the candidacy or or you know whatever action that you guys want them to take even if it’s again just a

landing page where you have a picture of the candidate with the top three policy

things that they have going on that is totally fine either way this is going to be a way for you to track final endline

engagement from your direct mail pieces elves did you have something to add Mo

yeah I mean I also like to use that inbound SMS you know inbound SMS is

great because you don’t have to worry about any of the restrictions or legalities with outbound SMS but I also

think that it’s a great opportunity for them to get opt into an an outbound SMS

campaign or an email marketing campaign you know text vote now to this number to

receive something return maybe that’s a link to opt into SMS marketing or a link to make a donation for fundraising or a

link to opt into their email campaigns and now they can put them in some other ancillary funnels and utilize that for

that as well great Point M thank you very much um so our next technology in the line

here is District targeting now for most of you who are familiar with our traditional platform this is where we

would have our online followup technology now in a political setting it

is not necessarily good or legal for that matter to retarget based on

political views so what we do in this case is we instead of doing your traditional Google lookalike audience we

have this District targeting technology that is going to Overlay your advertisements into the exact voting

district that your candidate is going to be trying to Target now the really cool part about this technology is that this

is what checks the boxes for the people that are doing the Google searches that might not be a registered Democrat

Republican or independent this is going to be based on consumer Behavior this is

going to be based on geography this is going to be based on targeting the

highest probable voters in that area regardless of an r a d or an i and this

is going to put messages in front of them on the Google Network everywhere they go on the Google Network all over

it I think it’s like 98% of websites in existence now while marketing is all

about consumer behavior and while this District targeting tool is absolutely fantastic by the way if you folks are

wondering um hey this kind of looks a little bit similar to that dm2 plus thing that I’ve been hearing about this

was so successful when we were running it in some previous elections that this is what we actually built the dm2 plus

platform based on right so some of this stuff is going to be familiar with you guys in lie of being able to follow a

device with a Google advertisement based on a website visit it like I said a moment ago we’re going to be targeting

individuals based on their highest probability of voting in the election but when it comes down to Consumer

Behavior we do have the ability to follow around the user just like an our

traditional platform with our social media follow-up component okay next slide Mo oh I’m sorry I thought I was

going to be on social media followup I’m so used to that coming next now social media followup unlike the Google

component this is a user-based retargeting tool so when someone goes to your website and then they leave your

website if that person on that same device they have either Facebook or

Instagram present on that device we are then going to retarget them across any of the other devices that they’re using

those services on this is great to be able to generate conversations between

the folks in the household most of the decisions in a household are made between the hours of 7 and 10 p.m.

and I know one of the biggest taboo subjects that people talk about is politics and religion but in the

household that is one of the only places where it is really kind of safe for that matter to talk politics and religion so

in between the hours of 7 and 10 p.m. what is the average consumer doing well me I’m sitting on the couch put the kids

in bed I finally have a chance to relax for the day maybe eating some dinner chitchatting with my wife about you know

like I always give you guys the examp examples oh we have a leaky roof or I need new shoes or where are we going to

donate to our nonprofit this year but when it’s an election year you better believe we’re talking at least a little

bit about politics on a daily basis we take politics pretty seriously in my house um so we have those conversations

we have them openly my wife and I discuss who we’re going to be voting for so if I am getting retargeted for a

specific political candidate between those specific hours when my wife and I are in that communication cycle as will

it work just like this for millions of other households in the United States

this is going to prompt those internal discussions within those households and it’s also going to be able to retarget

based on relevancies so if I’m going to all of these different candidates website but then I’m back and forth and

back and forth to one the most I’m going to get retargeted more than the guy next door who’s just kind of window shopping

all of the political candidates to check the box on Election Day did you have something to add to that Mo no I mean

that’s that’s a phenomenal example um I just wanted to make sure it was clear that we run the district targeting not

only on Google but we also run the district targeting on Facebook and the

Instagram um but then we we do the retargeting on on the Facebook only because it’s disallowed on Google yes

and and I apologize if that was any if there was any confusion on that now

YouTube is an absolutely phenomenal way folks to generate engagement or exposure

or impressions for pretty much everything now I know that this might sound totally weird but during the last

election cycle um we noticed something very funny happening with the with the

YouTube ad specifically that we were getting run through the platform every time it was a really high production

advertisement you know someone walking down a street talking about all this stuff extras in the background super

high produc the engagement percentage would hover right around you know your normal

engagement percentage 1% maybe a little bit less or so but then when we found that we had a

candidate that was taking out their phone and recording a really quick kind of selfie type video not an actual

selfie video but something similar to that low production value throw some subtitles in there and call it a day

make it between 5 and 15 seconds the engagement percent percentages were

astronomical compared to your traditional engagement this is because that is making it more personal right if

you have only five to seven seconds to make an impression on somebody do it quick be precise about your message and

make sure that you fit everything that you want to within those first five to seven seconds we can upload new ads down

the road right we can continue to run different ads and different ads but the most important thing here is that

YouTube is the second biggest search engine and it’s the second second biggest social media type platform on

the planet so if you are not using YouTube to expose your candidate during this election season where virtually

everybody goes to look at reviews look at things like um you know weird cat

videos like Andy um there is a really good opportunity to be able to display

advertisements to those constituents in that voting district that your candidate is running in um and then I only have a

couple more Technologies here folks the next one is demand gen now a lot of folks know this as Google Discovery

right so this is basically the exact same thing Google does the same stuff but they named it something differently

they put it in a different little package so this is going to cover all of the Google sponsored

sites the YouTube homepage the Gmail promotions tab it’s going to be all over

um the Google Discovery feed as well as any other websites that Google owns this

will all also be based on consumer Behavior geographic location relevancy

to the content all of the above right truly putting this message in front of the people that have the highest

probability of voting for your candidate okay um and then finally I already did

social media followup and then finally is lead match now lead match works the

exact same way that it does in our regular platform with a political Power Platform okay now this technology is not

only identifying matches people that are directly coming to the website from the

mail piece itself which is what this platform was built for right but it’s also identifying Anonymous website

visitors people in your voting district that are opening up themselves to the

exposure of your political candidate they’re getting an idea of the policy and what your candidate is all about and

here is where very statistically these people are either coming from or going

to one of the political candidates competitors one of the other candidates in the race so in the event where we

have any ability to identify an individual that is on our website anonymously whether they’re looking to

donate whether they’re looking to be a part of our campaign or whether they’re just like I said a few minutes ago

window shopping and they’re just looking at some quick policy ideas it is vastly

important to be able to isolate those people and get back in front of them with relevant engaging content that is

involving what they’re looking at on your political candidates website so we can then get an understanding of of

course the temperature in the room right some people might be on this issue some people might be on that issue but if

you’re a political candidate has 10,000 people coming to their website and 9,800

of those people are going to you know the just as an example the immigration page

on your candidate’s website that is going to be a big great understanding of

what the hottest policy ideas are that they might want to talk about right so get into your lead match report

understand what’s going on on your website and get back in front of those people that are showing interest in your

candidates using this Direct Mail retargeting feature thank you very much everybody I’ll turn it back over to Mo

thank you Jason so all these Technologies are phenomenal for enhancing a political

mail campaign but you know there’s something that I just have to speak about because the struggle for voter retention is real and what I mean by

that is that there is going to be so much political ad spending going on

everybody is buying for the same eyeballs for the same perspective voters attention and it’s going to be overly

saturated during this time campaign spending is going to be increasing while performance is decreasing because it’s

all going to be buying for that exact same ad space and that exact same ad spend so if you want to Mainline right

into the prospective voter and into their devices we do have a technology called addressable Geo and this is a

phenomenal way to just get right in there and get into the devices of those perspective voters and what we have an

opportunity to do here is upload a mailing list we get a 90% or higher match rate to that mailing list and we

identify every single device that is known to be within a virtual boundary

that you’re mailing to to so in a political mail campaign that virtual boundary is going to be the household

now this is not IP based targeting there are over 54 billion different data

points being digested and analyzed on a daily basis so that we can specifically identify every device that is within

that household that you are going to be mailing to and we can serve up ads to every single device in that household so

that’s a great way um to get right in there to that prospective voter and and not be competing or bidding for all that

ad space through all the Google Network or through meta um and all those platforms that are going to be overly

saturated now additionally if you don’t have a mailing list and you want to

display ads to devices we can curate a list and we can display ads to People

based on their political AFF affiliation you know Republican Democrat um and you

can layer on additional demographics we have up to over almost 3,500 different

targeting options and we can display to those households we also have uh offline conversion reporting for each of these

technologies that Jason went over today we do have reporting dashware that’s going to show number of people are reaching Impressions click the rate a

lot of additional data you can export reports in there for the addressable Geo we’re going to be able to see online

conversions at the zip plus 4 level and we can also draw an offline conversion zone so draw a conversion Zone at the

voting precin when somebody that received the dark mail piece and the ads walks in there it’s going to Ping their device and then we’re going to be be

able to show an offline conversion now you’re not of course going to know how they voted but you know that they voted

and that they showed up on on voting day um so um somebody is asking if the tech

isn’t IP address then what tracking method is used to get the devices within a household so there’s GPS tracking on

the devices also there’s tons of other different advertising out there like mobile app downloads um the PK kits when

somebody is downloading an app on their device and they’re filling out all their information also all of these big

advertising uh platforms out there know specifically where devices are at certain times because they’re buying for

that bid space and we have the opportunity to tap into where these devices are located at different time

frames and there’s a lot of different nuances in there like I said it’s 54 billion different data points so if you

want me to give you a little bit more intricate level data on that just shoot me an email and I can send you over some more

data I always like to explain it the the Geo the the addressable Geo as with Geo

targeting we’re putting a pin in a dip code and we’re drawing a circle around it and that Circle might be a quarter of

a mile it might be a half a mile around and we’re trying to identify all of the devices inside of that large Circle when

we do the addressable Geo technology we’re putting a pin on an individual household and the circle that we draw

around it is only 100 feet around it’s 200 feet around so we’re trying to microt Target devices in side of microt

targeted geofence areas sure hi I’m Andy my

turn hey Andy anybody that has ever done a training or a presentation with me um

knows that I really like to double down and make sure that people

understand the importance of the visualization of of a male

piece male has a an astronomical rate even if your action with that piece of

mail is to throw it away almost immediately you have to touch that piece of mail to be able to do

that the cognitive effort that it takes to memorize something on a piece of mail

is 20 to 30% less than anything digital so you can memorize logos and brand

names and calls to actions and messages basically in the amount of time that it takes you to throw something away and I

want to use all of our Technologies and everything that we have as often as possible to capitalize on that

memorization that’s where these email delivery notifications come in handy

really really well if you’re sending out a a concentrated message to somebody if

you’re sending out an email campaign the open rates the click-through rates all have so many different variables about

them but if you can hone in on something if you can remind them of something that

they got to see and touch and feel and smell and their actual ual hands at some point you’re going to have a better

reaction to those things so we can now offer uh an email platform You’re Now

full transparency the the the list that you provide to us will have to have those emails included on to them we we

can’t just send these out mask we’re going to have to have the emails included on the list but we can set it

up to arrive a day before and a day after the actual mail piece arrives or

either or you can check either or or or both but it’s basically going to say look for this in your mail tomorrow this

should be arriving you can recreate that mail piece let them know that they can be expecting it you can do it in the

reverse um this should have arrived in your mail yesterday do you have any

questions that we can answer about this click the link below this is a chance for people to react to your message

almost immediately and it creates a lot of of Buzz around the mail piece might

get them to actually re-engage and double check and look at mail piece again and and digest the information a

little bit uh we have a standard template that we actually recommend that you use this is kind of tried and tested

and this is why it took so long to kind of launch this program that this template this platform that we recommend

is very very useful but we do have custom uh customization available as

well digital only is a really important

tool everything that Jason just went through and Morgan just went through about all of our Technologies we can

deploy on a digital only aspect now that doesn’t mean that the mail isn’t going

to be important uh you know I just spent two minutes talking about how important the mail actually is but not all of your

candidates are going to have the budget to be able to do a a a giant mail campaign maybe you’re working with a

down ballot candidate that doesn’t have um the funding maybe you’re working with an independent that doesn’t have the

advantage of taking um part of some of the pack spending and they’re going to be self-funding we can deliver the exact

same style of a campaign that we’ve just been describing to you on a digital level one of the ways that I think using

digital only especially in a political job setup is um is to potentially ride

before and after the actual mail piece so if your candidate it has a list of 20,000 that that’s their budget they can

afford to print and mail 20,000 the cost of the the credits the

cost of deploying our Technologies is vastly less expensive than the the mail

and the postage is going to be so if you can leverage a digital only campaign in

April then you actually mail in May and you can follow up with another digital only campaign in in May you can make

sure or in June you can can actually make sure that you’re streamlining you can get consistent messages you can have

digital displays going out the entire time you can capitalize on the mail and you can make sure that you’re getting

really valuable digital assets out for your candidates in an environment where

they may not have been able to afford that

previously I love cross sale opportunities um

guys every single client that you have is a

potential client of something else that you are doing okay um I’m largely

talking to print industry professionals right now in my opinion every single person

that you install a sign on the front of their building every person that you’ve printed business cards if they have a

business that can benefit from doing a mail campaign then you should be talking

to them about doing a mail campaign one of the huge opportunities that are

coming down the line right now um I I’ve talked to some of you here recently on

calls when uh you know hey what’s going on in your mail landscape I’m just crazy

inundated with yard signs right now I’m doing thousands and thousands and thousands of yard signs for people all

over the place do those candidates need a mail campaign do they need a QR code

what other opportunities are they leveraging what other marketing efforts are they leveraging to try and get

people to vote for them you’ve got an opening statement right there you know maybe you haven’t done their direct mail

maybe they’re doing it across town with one of your competitors but if they’re doing it and they can leverage some of

the additional technologies that you can provide you’ve already got a foot in the door you’ve done work for them

successfully you’ve gained trust maybe you’ve done some of the creative for their signs and they like the style they

like the way you’re going to work work that’s a really really easy Leap Frog into getting some of their direct mail

business door hangers yard signs uh the the little things that you’d put on

people’s windshields and parking lots all of those different print mediums can

be integrated with one or multiple technologies that we support in our

dashboard this is not something that is

exclusive to dm2 this is something that is a problem often times for political

candidates with any kind of digital vendor that they’re going to use um

there are imagery and content restrictions okay

um Google Display Network social media just about any social media platform is

going to restrict just about anything that even has a mention of of a lot of

these issues right here you know just saying second amendments or 2A can get an ad flagged it can get it taken down

um anything with um with cannabis or THC is going to get at least flagged

definitely no reproduction rights um and mudslinging is a huge deal uh Google

especially will yo down ads almost immediately if they can sniff out a little bit of mudslinging in there so be

really really careful about the content that you’re going to give us for the cre there are very different rules on what

you can mail to somebody versus what you can get displayed digitally

um we do have a little bit more leniency with the target match job that that a

lot of you have been uh experimenting here with with the addressable Geo functions the addressable Geo campaigns

actually do not use the Google display networks they use the other display networks there’s 350 some of them those

are display networks are a little bit more um loose when we’re talking about things like that so we’ve got an

opportunity if that is a hard line that we’re going to take but let’s let’s focus on having you know good strong

content to the

point I’ve got two case studies to share with you here this one this gentleman

actually won his his election he Ma nailed 94,500 pieces and he got a substantial

increase he got a 6.72 uh

percentage times percentage increase in Impressions over a traditional Direct Mail campaign he won with 58% of the

votes and one of the main thing that he attributes to it is simply integrating these Technologies into his campaign he

was mailing to absentee ballots um he had a significant bump in website

traffic and they weren’t running any other digital campaigns the only digital ads that they were running were through

the direct mail 2.0 in the political PowerUp aspect and the the end candidate

directly attributes the work that was done through this campaign through this particular job to the fact that he was

able to win this campaign the second case study that I’m going to show you here actually leveraged what I was

talking about just a little bit ago they may mailed in quotation marks about 630,000

pieces over three mailings but they only actually did one physical mail piece

they started with a huge digital only campaign it was about 250,000 they collected almost third over

35,000 addresses through the lead match technology now we filtered that down and

made sure that we got the ones that were in the district that they were running to and they actually included those

addresses in the physical mail pieces that they sent out for the second run

and then they ran it again for a third month like right right after the debate

the candidate got some TV time they immediately dropped a third digital only

right after the debates for this particular candidate and they saw a substantial increase in the traffic to

the website almost immediately into campaign donations it was a super super

successful campaign and we’ve got tons and tons of digital assets displayed for

them now along with political campaigns is

going to come a major major objection that your clients are going to give to

you and your prospects are going to give to you is I don’t have time for that Ben asked this question in the chat just a

little bit ago um about redlining and and and getting things out a lot of times when I talk to my

partners about their political candidates they tell me they simply don’t have time to present dm2 as an

option because that mail had to go out yesterday I’ve got my demographics the debate is tomorrow I need to talk about

this subject you need to get these things out immediately okay so the the

first and the first mailing the the initial piece that we’re going to be sending out when we’re creating the

relationship and we’re getting these things out the first time that is the longest portion of what we’re going to

need to be doing and we can combat that by completing some of the steps well

before the piece of mail is actually going to go out we need to get those Facebook permissions approved and and we

need to get um there’s a few extra steps that we’re going to need to take to get

Facebook approved we need to get codes placed so we can start doing these

things almost immediately as we open up the conversation so then by the time it’s ready to drop and it had to drop

yesterday we’re already in a position to succeed okay for subsequent mailers that are going to go out later if we’ve got

the same objection let’s get them out you know if we don’t get to start running the digital ads for two to three

days after the mail piece has actually been mailed we haven’t lost a whole lot

of time and we can still hit the ground running um we worst case scenario we

can’t get informed delivery um included onto the Campaign which isn’t always

going to be that big of a deal that has a little bit more time restrictions um

but we can actually if the assets are collected if the list is ready to go we

can upload a job today and have displays running for it as early as tomorrow so

if we can communicate if we can prepare if we can make sure that things are done as quickly as possible and prepare for

that time frame to come there’s no reason why we can’t get these things delivered on something that even needs

to go tomorrow yeah and and I think that the point is is that these these political

advertisers these mailers they’re sending multiple drops I mean once you get the Cod place and the Facebook

permissions done and their Facebook account authenticated it’s done like you only have to do it one time so once

that’s done you can roll this technology out on every single subsequent drop that they have now to mention the fact that I

think sometimes we just look at this platform and we’re like well ads always start on the mail date but we can start

the ads you know three four a week after the mail drops now is it ideal no we

like to start the ads on the mail date but if you have to start them a couple days after the mail date it’s not the

end of the world so I think maybe just don’t you know fit yourself into a little box and feel like gosh if I just

can’t get this all done or get too stressed out and think that we don’t have an opportunity here because it goes

too fast because we do and I think that that’s maybe an objection that you tell yourself because political male season

is a very stressful time for you and your clients but you know if you just think outside the box a little bit and

think well this really can be managed and it can be accomplished and just know that it doesn’t necessarily need to fit

within that square we can start ads a couple days after or once it’s done the first time it’s done and you don’t have

to do it again and just to kind of piggyback on what Andy was saying about digital only

a few minutes ago folks if you have a digital like a minimum service digital only job running throughout the whole

entire election season and then your client your candidate comes to you and they say I need a mailing out the door

tomorrow then you already have a job running you upload new ads you upload the list and we’re ready to go we have

everything fully operational already so be prepared for these but when it comes

down to it folks the work that you have to do to actually produce ink on paper for these jobs is far more difficult and

more time consuming than it will take you to initialize one of these jobs to start running tomorrow so don’t put as

much weight on that um and and just get it done because it’s going to get your client additional votes your candidate

additional votes speaking of time sensitivity I’m up against the clock here we got to wrap

up um this is a huge step um there are additional steps that we need to take to

run uh political campaigns anything political not just for a candidate even if it’s for an issue we have to prove to

social Med media to meta that this is a real person it makes it so that Andy can’t just run political ads and and put

my own agenda on things so there is an actual verification your candidate or the person that’s running a campaign for

an issue has to actually submit some additional paperwork whether it be a driver’s license some sort of an

identification it has to come through the mail it can take a couple of days so again let’s get these things the process

started as soon as possible because we need a multiactor authentification

um we also need to get some disclaimers up and running we need to make sure that

the ads are running on behalf of the proper person so we need to get access to the Facebook business page we need to

make sure that we are fully transparent on who’s paying for these things how

what businesses these things are are coming from so there are some disclaimers that are going to need to be created we’re more than happy to help

you with anything that you have you know we’ve got a great support team so if there’s some additional steps that need

to be done I’ve we’ve got documentation on the the proper steps that need to be

taken both on your client’s end and your end it we want to make it as seamless as

possible for everyone involved uh the last thing I want to talk about

is the deliver thewin website the deliver thee website is a us

it’s a USPS website and they are providing some really great resources and services that are designed to help

your campaign stand out um they have articles and insights they have a ton of

things they have a they have an informed delivery like sitemap that’s interactive so you can see how many people are

actually signed up for and engaging with their informed delivery they’ve got great stats on on mail and response

rates and why mail is going to be so important in your uh your political campaigns here so use deliver thee as a resource for you and your candidates it’s it’s really really helpful

that’s all I got thanks Andy so I just wanted to thank everybody for spending a

little bit of time with us today um this was a good overview I mean we’re geared up and ready for political meal season

we always want to try to find ways that we can add value to your business help you grow add more revenue and of course

add value to your client Direct Mail campaigns um if you are not familiar with Direct Mail 2.0 you want to learn a

little bit more about us there’s a QR code up there scan there have any questions just email sales we’ll

get back with you on it um got a question here uh if we’re running ads on

behalf of school districts who are promoting Bond measures for instance instead of individual candidates do we

need to do the additional Facebook authentication you just mentioned um I’ll have to look into that

Cassie I would say that if it’s a political uh stance or or something to

that effect probably um this I think so I have a su if it’s like if they’re

encouraging somebody to vote Yes on issue two or something like that we need to verify where that’s coming from yeah

I would say Cassie just be prepared to have to go through that process and start the process like relatively soon

if you’re planning on marketing for something that has any kind of issues that are up on your on your ballot your

local ballots this this upcoming election yeah I I would have to say I’m about 99% sure probably will’ll need to

do it um Ron also was asking if we had a political PowerUp campaign launch guide

we do it’s in the resource center I just put it in the chat there for anybody that wants to take a look at that if you

have any questions let us know anybody that is not familiar with their launch guides and see it’s about 14 pages don’t

be scared about eight of them are how for your client to add a Facebook Advertiser and I would never just send

this to a customer you know have a sales rep review it with them or just ask the

client questions and fill this out for them you know or with them so but thank you guys for spending some time with us

today I mean like I said we’re excited and geared up for political mail season so if we can help uh add value please

let us know if you have any additional questions about political PowerUp or just strill 2.0 in general please reach

out we hope you all have a great rest of your day thanks