Raise Awareness & Win the Election with our Omnichannel Enhanced Direct Mail Campaigns. Watch this short video to Learn How!

Connecting a political mail campaign with digital channels in a streamlined, seamless way is called Political Power Up. This is not a replacement for digital marketing strategies. This is a MAIL CENTRIC product that utilizes digital platforms for maximum impact of direct mail campaigns. Learn more by scheduling a free demo today.

Why have we seen an increased use of political mail in recent years? What percentage of voters trust political mail and what information do they want to see? How do you build an authentic connection with a postcard? Find these answers and learn more about integrating direct mail into political campaign strategies for maximum impact on our Political Blog page.

DirectMail2.0 has been featured by Tampa Bay Business Journal, Yahoo! Finance, Printing News, Forbes and more. Schedule a demo to see how our integration of digital platforms enhances results.

How do we get political campaigns seen by everyone, everywhere? With these 9 digital technologies. By turning one direct mail piece into 8-16 impressions with a voter, you can lift campaign results, raise awareness, and ultimately deliver the win.


Match Facebook and Instagram accounts to the mailing list to deliver social ads to feeds before, during, and after the mailer hits.

District Targeting

Target people who are within your voting district on both Google and Social Media. You can also segment that target audience by identifying the highest probable voters. Targeting parameters include: congressional district codes for any specific region (i.e. FL-14), age, and gender.

Mail Tracking

Know exactly when a mail campaign hits mailboxes, export delivery lists, and receive non-scan data down to the individual mail piece.

Informed Delivery®

Through Informed Delivery® integration, add an additional touchpoint and full color clickable ad through the USPS’s daily mail preview sent via email. Receive a list of who on the mailing list received the email, opened it, and clicked on the ad to show campaign attribution.

Call & Text Tracking

Track campaign effectiveness by recording every call/text that comes in as a result of the mail campaign, with contact information of respondents when available. Engage prospects and drive incremental conversions by delivering messages via SMS from the same call/text tracking number.

Social Media Follow-Up

Re-engage website visitors who left without converting by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Receive a list of anonymous website visitors and direct mail recipients who went to the website that includes contact information and what actions they took to build 9-18% response mailing lists and prove direct mail campaign attribution.

YouTube Ads

Capture attention and cut through the clutter with dynamic video instream ads. Serve video ads before users play their favorite YouTube videos to engage the audience.

Discovery Advertising

Serve ads across Google feed environments including the Google Discover feed, YouTube homepage, and the promotions tab in Gmail.