Avoid Advertising Blunders with Creative that Converts

August 26, 2022 • Posted by DM20

Engaging, show-stopping creative is critical to marketing campaign conversion in today’s crowded ad environment. Creative optimization convenes through several elements deployed through the right channels and to the right audience.

This webinar features creative experts Brad Kugler, Morgan DiGiorgio, and Adam Steele of DirectMail2.0, along with Manuel Suarez, the Marketing Ninja of AGM Agency, as they discuss:

• Creative Catastrophes

• Best Practices for Creative that Converts

• Branding Strategies

• Organic Marketing Opportunities

If you’re looking to crack the code on creative with ad dollars that convert this webinar is for you!

If you’d like to learn more, contact sales@dm20.com.


welcome ladies and gentlemen we’re going to give a couple seconds for everybody to filter in I apologize for the delay
we’ve got a very high-tech complicated setup here and we want to make sure it’s perfect so while
we’re getting the slides in play I’ll introduce everybody I’m Brad Kugler the CEO and co-founder of direct mail 2.0 to
my right here is Adam Steele he is the VP operations of direct mail two point excuse me let’s get your mic closer to
your mouth okay all right guys hopefully you can hear me is that better yes okay and there is Mrs Morgan obviously you
know her our chief Revenue officer of direct mail 2.0 and my longtime friend
here Manuel Suarez of the AGM agency and uh he has a great interesting story to
tell and is probably one of the most interesting marketers I’ve ever met and so we wanted him to join us here and
sort of give his story and kind of compliment what we’re talking about and heck maybe even correct us if we’re off
the mark so we don’t tend to know everything we know a lot but if we bring in someone from another industry who can
either validate or correct us I’m all for it so I’m really excited to get this going and
hopefully we have the slide deck ready to go if not I will let uh Manuel give
us a little background on himself before we get going so Manuel thank you again for having us and happy to be here Brad
thanks for having me it’s a pleasure it’s exciting to have you guys here at my place I’m super happy to be able to
host this for you guys um a big fan of what you guys have going on and again we’re marketers living in
similar worlds uh we’ve got a lot of people in the room here so that’s exciting uh you know you
said that first thing to correct you if something is you know we can all have wrong things you need to get that mic
next to your mouth like that let’s start there bring it on there on the chat so I
yeah I apologize we’re gonna start there these are very sensitive okay Michael gotta be right there yeah so you know
how uh when you look at an iPhone they are known to be omnidirectional and they
capture the entire room this is meant to capture your life right here I appreciate that I’m seeing the chat blow
up right now with my low level everybody wants to hear your incredible radio voice man you got to make sure that you
get close to it now you guys know all right I did some studying for mostly audio but also visual visual in college
so being in this room you know I’m kind of geeking out a little bit so yeah it’s pretty cool experience thank you for
having us always always always getting better man it never never ends uh I can tell you you guys see the big wide uh
green screen on the back over here that’s not how I started I had a 20 Amazon green bed sheet on the first
course I ever did and he sold millions of dollars so you gotta start somewhere that’s just the way it goes right you
gotta one step at a time evolution right uh we are still seeing in the chat
there’s a few people saying that the audio levels are low still I don’t know if I’m close enough but if anybody’s
still having audio problems can you just put it in the chat just to make sure we’ve got everything technically correct
okay we’ve got a sounds good I can hear you it goes in and out audio is better
here okay I I think everybody seems to be okay with it okay yeah all right um
I will keep my mouth shut now yeah we’re good so Jimmy how are we doing with the slice over there
I I see the slides I see them everybody’s seeing them too that’s good so
um we’re gonna use the slides for the presentation Morgan this is going to be uh you’re gonna run the show with the
slides yeah I’m going to speak to a lot of the content in the slides and Adam’s going to come in and then we’ve got your
nine steps yeah marketing success that I’m really looking forward to great yeah so today’s topic we’re going to talk
about avoiding advertising blenders with creative that converts so we’ve got a jam-packed session for you that’s
centered on uh good marketing strategy and and mainly on creative and content
so how do I move the slides I like he’s going to move one question
all right next slide please so we talked a little bit about our webinar presenters today so let’s go
ahead and get into the content that everybody’s waiting for uh so the first thing that we’re going to talk about are some of the biggest
advertising blunders of all time so next slide
so I don’t know if anybody remembers this one this is probably a little bit before my time Brad do you remember this
big coke advertising blender thanks for thanks for pointing out my age oh yes I
lived it in 1984 when they came out with new Coke I was there I was wondering so
I don’t know I’m a coat gal what about you guys Coke or Pepsi definitely Coke no sodas for me no subtle I don’t really
drink soda water sparkling water sure keep it all healthy and natural right but if I did you know splurgeon have a
soda it would definitely be Coke but I did use my fair share of Coke in my life I think I meant my quota in my life and
I’m done with it for now right I don’t blame you yeah all natural and healthy these days that’s right yeah that’s the
way to go so

very predominant soft drink and Pepsi started coming out with
my time and space you know the taste testing the Blindfolded taste testing and they got the site they were starting
to lose some market share and so they thought oh my gosh we need to make Coke sweeter and we need to revamp our
formula and they came out with the new Coke well it was a huge disaster because
nobody wanted new Coke all of their customers liked the old Coke in fact people started hoarding the old bottles
of the Coke and selling them at exorbitant prices it was a huge marketing catastrophe and I think now
we’re all familiar with the Coca-Cola classic as they went back to their original marketing you you don’t know
the story before that so in grocery stores all over they were doing the Pepsi challenge where they would taste
test blind like little four ounce cups of Coke to Pepsi and Pepsi was killing Coke and they were putting this on TV
all over the place and so then the coke people are like well we need to make our drink taste a little more like Pepsi
make it sweeter it was a little less fizzy and so they were trying to duplicate that so they weren’t getting creamed in the in the taste testing that
was the origin story for this new formula failed miserably yeah
what was the lesson on that like they they try to change a formula that was working that was working for 100 years
and you know okay so they’re getting beat by this little marketing action that Pepsi was doing but it really
wasn’t affecting their sales that much they were concerned about it more than it was really affecting it you know but
in the end the joke was on us because they brought out a new formula and they started selling more of both so the
original Coke sold more and the new Coke added a new portion of the market so
where it was a disaster some people go well maybe they were they were dumb like the fox they knew exactly what was going
to happen they got all this national attention all this free media from this blunder quote unquote and they increased
their sales by 20 by doing this and here’s something that I can add to it it’s not just an advertising blunder
this is a business blender overall because when you have something that works you want to go deep in that thing
that works you want to add some other their products you want to create variations you want to expand your
services you want to do all those other things great but don’t change the one thing that took you to where you are at
and I see a lot of people making those mistakes endlessly I would say you got to figure out a formula and actually I
went to a lot of you guys know this guy called Grant Cardone he’s a big business guy he we went to a very special event a
couple of weeks ago and he talked about the formula for something like this right he said
when you have something that works and produces money for you 95 of your time should be dedicated to doing more of it
four percent of your time should be dedicated to finding new offers new products expansion and doing all those
things and maybe one percent should be attention on accounting and other things don’t change what works don’t change
what works or do good market research you know don’t just get fearful because you have a new competitor on the scene
and don’t get fearful because you have a new competitor on the scene and think that you need to change everything to
mimic what this competitor is doing do your market research does your existing audience want you to change anything you
know they could have done a little bit more market research before plunging in and making such a huge business decision like that that’s right cost them a lot
of money yeah next slide yes
Gap Logo Redesign
all right gaps logo redesigned so there’s the slides are not on screen somebody has mentioned they are on the
screen they are okay I’m on the same we’re here on the same call on our side oh they are now okay okay oh I think
Glides potentially are coming off yeah they’re coming they’re coming in and out uh our our producer is uh adjusting as
we talk and just Zooms in on us sometimes then all right I’m gonna look prettier guys anymore yeah
so the next advertising blender is a logo redesigned by Gap they wanted to
change from modern classic to this sexy cool um and a lot of times I say that you
will be sick of your branding long before your audiences you know you’ve spent a ton of resources a ton of time
building and establishing this brand and this relationship with your customers now all of a sudden you want to tap into
you know maybe a different type of audience but you can’t cannibalize what works so well like Manuel was saying in
your existing audience and it was a complete nightwear nightmare somebody even did a uh satorical uh Twitter feed
mimicking it and they ended up going back to the old Gap logo so it just
wasn’t received well at all don’t make drastic changes like that sure right I mean think about the Gap
brand anyway is it is it sexy cool cool modern and classic
you’re trying to come is it I mean was it ever cool yeah it actually was for a few years
it’s not cool again no it’s no it’s the opposite of cool it’s yeah it’s not cool anymore right now honestly I saw a movie
The Other Day called um it is the Ryan Gosling movie of um
a Crazy Stupid Love oh yes and uh he was trying to get Steve Carell to become
cool all right I don’t know if you guys saw that movie it’s actually a really cute movie all right it is good and there’s a moment in which he’s trying to
get this guy dressed like properly and he says to him don’t be the Gap be more
than the Gap because he’s Steve girl is thinking about going to Gap right so that’s probably terrible marketing for
grab poor guys right like anybody that’s watching that video will not shut will not go to shop to a gap anymore but it
is it is it’s changed quite a bit for sure but to each his own right so they
have a following and there’s a way that you can
come get into audiences without completely rebranding yourself so next slide please
Burger King Tweet
okay uh this is a Burger King women’s day Tweet now I have to say that I’m not
usually one to get Ultra sensitive to kinds of comments but this one kind of does invoke a pitchfork and uh torch
mentality for me they posted a tweet that said women belong in the kitchen and what they were trying to do
what they were trying to do was uh raise money for putting more women in the
culinary arts field Burger King posted this tweet they posted this tweet women belong with teachers now listen text has
no tone maybe they meant women belong in the kitchen you know but to me you know
women belong in the kitchen is an extremely demeaning thing like excuse me come again women belong in the kitchen
the sad part about that is that probably got approved by at least 15 to 20 Executives this is the thing you know
and then they posted a a a a machine gun tweet like right under it um if they
want to be I mean and we’re trying to help more women get into the culinary arts field but I mean I don’t think I
have to say very much uh to really establish that that was a very bad
choice of words I think they possibly it’s not possible that a lot of people
approved that I would imagine a lot of people got fired yeah because he allows that thing to be our fruit because even
though the message probably was intended to be different it’s it’s something so
obvious the you can’t especially in this time and place that we live in right now yeah
yeah realize something like that and and take a risk like that because your audience perception is your reality and
that is something that can just Crush you yeah it’s not worth the risk at all so next slide please
Blackberry Tweet
so this one is uh Blackberry um they they were unveiling a new smartphone and they tweeted a picture
but unfortunately uh they tweeted the image with an iPhone
advertising blunders I’m hoping hoping that anybody here on this call has not made something so dramatically stupid as
as this I think we’ve all made them but not are you talking about yourself Brad I
haven’t made it I haven’t made a picture of another agency promoting my stuff like for sure let’s say I have the
supplement company uh I have a supplement company called natural Sam me posting something about I don’t know Herbalife and one of my videos or
something well we had a little a little one like that what was the title of our webinar that was getting ready
this was my battle he was like I want something shocking yeah so he wanted the
title to be direct mail dumpster fire and we were going to talk about it
you know challenges would Direct Mail things you’re doing wrong with direct mail but
of course it is perceived in a very negative connotation we got like no traction on it we said yeah we’re like
let’s switch gears here we know that when we send out an email we’ll get a good amount of immediate responses and
this one got like three and we’re like What did it go out what’s wrong but so I
have made mistakes wasn’t received well so yeah oh my God somebody’s saying Direct Mail kills yeah
next slide please somebody says can I just say that I love the table thank you it’s brand new we’re
actually today is the first day that we have the stable in here so I appreciate it so this is a creative nightmare uh
this takes the women belong in the kitchen to the next level so Dove was trying to make a promotion that uh you
know Dove can be utilized by several different ethnicities they were trying to be uh they were trying to make their
uh brand culturally diverse however what they posted in this video was women of
different ethnicities removing a t-shirt at the end after utilizing Dove Body Wash they became a white woman and so of
course this was perceived very poorly everyone thought that it was you know racist and you used Dove and you can
become clean and be a white woman after you use Dove and so people started literally boycotting Dove you know they
saw it it was super offensive they they were very apologetic um
you have to I always think you have to view your creative from your audience’s eyes like sometimes I see things and
think are you not looking at this and asking yourself you know how is your
audience viewing this right yeah let’s let’s put emphasis on that point because I try to talk about that exact thing
that you just said right now you said you said it perfectly I was going to say that you actually took away my my thing
that I was about to say because I think that all these advertising blunders all of them that you mentioned so far the
Coca-Cola the gab the dove all these guys it all boils down to them not being
able to put themselves in the shoes of the audience as simple as that if
anybody sees anybody smart you know how to be super smart just see it see
something like that that has like a black person a black person and a white person with you would you would
immediately think wait a second so if I clean myself with this soap I’m suddenly gonna stop being myself and be you know
it’s it is so easy to find the out points the outnesses with your
advertising if you actually just put yourself in the audience’s shoes I think when these corporations get like so
large they’re just like become such a huge disconnect from what actually happens in the real world and like how people feel and stuff like you know they
don’t actually like you said put themselves in the shoes you know what is the common person going to think of this you know what is what are you and I are
going to think of this ad you know and I run a lot of advertising we spend millions of dollars in appetizers every year a lot of money being spent on
campaigns across the board Facebook YouTube Google Tick Tock everywhere and I can tell you that I have gone for this
pain many times before not at that level that level is intense especially when you’re looking at a big public
corporation like that these people get really hurt they lose a lot of money and and at scale because of the size and the
basically reputation that they’re supposed to be holding but at a smaller scale I have dealt with that problem
many times and I have built lines and this is something that I recommend to everybody that’s here we have hundreds
of people on this on this call right now you guys all have businesses I would imagine it’s all right Brad everybody
here owns a business small business you guys are like trying to get things going uh do we have some medium-sized
businesses or mostly small businesses absolutely yes yep so what I would say is that you gotta build a quality
control line and you don’t let your creative person call the shots like the final shot
somebody external has to be able to look at that somebody outside the entire marketing flow that from the creating of
the ads the copywriting the message in the call to action the video asset the graphic image whatever you need to be
able to look at that and have an additional point at the end we use here something called Trello boards Trello so
you we put things on a Trello board and it goes through the lines and at the end of it there’s quality control and
there’s two individual areas of quality control and they need to approve it and
until they don’t approve it I don’t go like we had an example the other day um not the other day several months ago
um you guys know Dr Burke right yep so we’re responsible for everything that he has going on content-wise we we take his
28 pieces of content that he makes a month and we turn that into a thousand pieces of content includes graphic
images and we include like little clips and verticals Etc so we do a graphic image this is one of the reasons why my
clients have made me better I can tell you inevitably they always make us better um
Dr Burke has a lot of content and if you guys are into the subject of Keto you know that there are certain
carbohydrates that are acceptable and some that are are not so they created a graphic image my team here they posted
it in which it had on the list of acceptable carbohydrates rice and he had on the list of I said both carbohydrates
wheat and obviously the Dr bird team flips out about it so when you post
things out there on social media even if you have like it’s all being
done internally but there’s not a final line of approval that really understands what your message is about
then you can open the door to all these blunders and we had people like uh complaining on social media like Dr
Pepper what are you talking about rice acceptable list of carbohydrates it’s supposed to be just lettuce it’s supposed to be like some vegetables
there’s things that are logically okay on the keto diet definitely rice is not one of those so it’s coming from the
doctorberg official account he has millions of followers it is it could be destructive to a brand right you lose
people along the way you really do absolutely yeah and even just on a smaller level even just on a smaller
level you know I’ll look at a direct mail piece all the time and I’ll just look at this and say would you respond
to this you know is this offer good would this invoke a response from you if
the answer is no you need to revamp it it needs to be modified if I see an ad on social media or their digital ad you
know what does this look like does this look like something I personally would respond to if the answer is no we need
to go back to the drawing board and I think we’re we as in this industry we’re in a unique position because we see so
many ads and so many pieces of content over a prolonged period of time we know what works and what doesn’t I mean Adam
sits in front of Google and Facebook and he sees the reactions or the clicks or
engagements he knows what works and occasionally we’ll find clients that just don’t want to listen to us I’m sure
you’ve had that as well you say listen I don’t think this is going to work but they’re like no no this is what I want okay and we’re in the service industry
right we’re here to service them yeah absolutely we can advise them and guide them and suggest but at the end of the day
it’s inevitable what they whatever they want to do right so it’s good next slide
Jimmy all right so now that we’ve gone over
some major historical advertising blenders I just want to point out a few things on you know some campaigns that
have come across across my desk so you know I was talking about uh you know trying to be clever and this is a really
good example of that visually okay so I look at this and I have no idea what is going on here you know there’s a guy
missing a tooth there’s a crown I see the word Appliance like what are we trying to accomplish here you know well
what they’re trying to accomplish is a pageant for the ugliest Appliance but
when I’m looking at this you have a couple of seconds to grab my attention you know on average maybe seven if
you’re me and you’re hyper focused I don’t know maybe one and I don’t know what’s going on and I’m a boar mission right but maybe a picture of a rusty
refrigerator would have done a little bit better here right so they were trying to be clever they were trying to be cute but Their audience probably had
absolutely no idea what they were trying to communicate here I still don’t know what they’re trying to communicate well
I I get it it is a marketing gimmick all right it’s a marketing gimmick they’re trying to bring people this is is
absolutely terrible marketing great fantastic to see right so they’re trying
to get people to send their ugly um I don’t know heaters or whatever
appliances for a chance to win I mean if you’ve put yourself in the Viewpoint of the
audience what is the purpose of the contest other than to get them to buy
something right like if I look at this I’m like I mean these guys what a gimmick just offer me the appliance that
you want to sell me exactly why are you making me send you a picture of a rusty old Appliance it it is pretty dumb it
really is but I guess no idea beyond the creative right somebody had a brilliant somebody had a brilliant idea and
thought he was the genius marketer in the world I wonder if we did that here on AGM maybe we ran this campaign I I
doubt it man next slide please fascinating fascinating stuff whoa what what is going on here so guys it’s
marketing it is not a menu okay I understand that sometimes you know we can’t be sure what product what service
is going to capture our audience’s attention we get excited we want to put it all out there because we want to capture whatever Prospect or customer we
can but let’s lead with one thing one very good marketing action one one call
to action one good offer they’ll go to your website they’ll learn more about your company and they’ll engage in in
the offering that works for them this is way too much like I wouldn’t even look at this this one on the right I have no
clue what’s going on here it’s like it’s insane and especially especially Adam you get to work on social media a lot
in the world of social media advertising this will not work it absolutely will not work it’s the size of a postage
stamp I mean you you can run it as an ad right now uh maybe a few years ago Facebook had a 20 textbook they got rid
of that but still this would be a disaster because on Facebook you are targeting people that are not looking to
solve their problem so if you just present this to them they’re going to be like next next right yeah so you got to do like a couple
lines and something that grab too many messages it gets lost in the sauce you know you only have a few seconds to
capture your target audience you know when you give them a book to read you know they’re gone you know let me bring
up this brings up a point that I know there’s a lot of evangelicus on this point of testing you know if you’ve got
a lot of call to actions you’ve got a lot of services or a lot of products do separate ads use them test the
response and then go on to the next one you will find one that that engages better than others so rather than dump
everything in a two inch by two inch square do one thing and then do another ad set with another
one thing and so what so if you have 20 ad sets you can still divide that budget amongst those 20 ads this
is is a mess obviously less is more remember that less is more and a lot of
that comes down to you you know knowing how to segment your audiences too you don’t want to just have one campaign that encompasses every single one of
your offers you want to you know segment these you know people that are buying a refrigerator from people who want to buy an oven that mean that way you can serve
them you know relevant ads which will drive up your ultimately your conversion rates here’s my here’s my hottest tip
for anybody here the ones who do something practical with this hottest tip in regards to this
you gotta again Morgan mentioned this we talked about this you gotta stop being yourself and become the audience
temporarily fantastic if you’re gonna look at that entire paper full of copy
and information that is overwhelming you yourself as the owner of the brand you
think it’s sexy you think it’s awesome you’re passionate about it you think it’s cool all right you read it you’re
like oh my God I’m such a good copywriter wow this is powerful oh I
absolutely would buy this if I was them I was you know what these people are going to be lucky to find this product
that’s a wrong approach you have to be like okay good I did the copy it’s done I got the graphic I’m gonna stop being
myself for a moment and I’m going to become the audience and then you go and if you do that really well very
thoroughly you’ll be surprised how many times you’re gonna be like oh no this is garbage nobody’s gonna you’re I don’t
understand it I’ve been trying to read this for seven minutes and I don’t even know what the heck they’re telling me so it’s it’s a very important tip you gotta
stop being yourself whatever your specialty is and become the person that you’re trying to reach for a moment
uh someone’s asking if there’ll be a copy of these slides after yes all registrants will receive a copy of the
slides I’ve had a couple of those questions next slide please
Omnichannel Marketing
okay so we all know how prevalent omnichannel marketing is and the reason why it’s so effective is because on
average people are seeing anywhere from around 2 900 to 10 000 marketing messages a day right you know whether
that’s logos on t-shirts Billboards digital ads email Direct Mail whatever it is right we are immersed with ads and
so the more cyclical you can keep your branding and have that marketing message and branding clearly communicate across
all of your channels the better you have an opportunity to continue that relationship that you established with
the customer with whatever marketing message grab their attention you want them to remember you you want them to trigger that familiarity oh yeah that’s
right I was interested in that I need to follow up on it these ads here I’m not
sure what’s going on you know they’ve got the Spooktacular special they’ve got the other special none of the colors
match now the imagery matches like you’re just doing too much here like pick one type of marketing message stick
with that roll with it and and establish that across your different channels you know no one is I I can’t even tell that
this is the same company you know to be honest I I don’t know I thought it was a different company it is the same company it’s the same company wow yeah so it’s
just bad marketing we want to clearly communicate our brand and our message and we want people to recognize us
that is the whole idea of marketing right I’ll tell you what we do over here and this could be also something
valuable for all of you guys listening in we create before we start running any marketing for any client one of the
first initial things to do which is part of our onboarding is creating something called a brand guide
and on that brand guide you’re going to have clearly established what are your logos what are your colors what is your
font what are what is everything that you your brand stands for and your creatives revolve around that and yes
you can adjust it Halloween you can put something spooky or whatever but your branding elements have to be the same
whenever you look at my company you’re going to see our logos our colors are the same they’re everywhere in the floor
and the in the walls when you look at like I dress blue generally like it’s
something that I liked for me it’s important branding and repetition I even have these little cool uh Stars ninja
right like I’m known as uh I have been diving into being a ninja for many years marketing ninja is something that stuck
with me for a long time as Brad probably knows by now so I have that element and it repeats itself and I’m not going to
be suddenly a Robocop or something like that I’m I’m the ninja absolutely and just for us Gen X and Baby Boomers out
there we call that a style guide back in the 80s when I think with all this gray there’s no
way around I feel pretty old already Brad though I got four kids I got a lot of gray hair I don’t know I’m catching
up I’m at least 15 years older than you really wow I’m 55.
41. oh close I said 14. okay okay so uh next slide please
so now that we’ve talked about what not to do you know let’s show some examples of what to do okay so same look same
message right I mean this is aesthetically pleasing we see the gecko the Geico and the 15 minutes could save
you 15 or more across all channels whether it’s the direct mail the digital ads the Billboards you recognize it you
see that gecko you recognize it you see the 15 minutes or more you know that’s Geico if if someone heard that tagline
that’s not using Geico Insurance you would know that it’s Geico now you’ll say okay sure Morgan they’re a
multi-billion dollar organization of course you know we all recognize that they’re marketing everywhere so next
slide please let me show you a descaled version of an organization that’s not multi-billion dollar this is a prime
example of how we can re-communicate the exact same message across all channels oh I receive a direct mail piece in the
mail I see this think outside the box office the popcorn now I go on my social media later that night as I’m laying in
bed and I see the ad boom it triggers that familiarity if I didn’t engage previously I might look into into it
further there or maybe on the Google ad so this is a very good example of how to
recommunicate your message and keep an omnichannel cyclical branding marketing strategy
it’s uh it’s attractive I’m drawn to it I actually want to see what the heck they have to go I have to offer it’s
good next slide please so um you know we’ve talked a lot a lot
about what not to do and now we really need to get into some effective marketing strategy and at the foundational level the most important
thing about marketing is your audience about 65 percent of marketing is your
audience the other 35 percent is your content you’re creative but once we don’t want to just know who our audience
is we want to know everything we can about this audience right because once we know who they are and we know all
these things about them then we can more appropriately Market to them we can tailor that creative to speak to them
and and Trigger that that uh conversion with a lot of different elements right so the more that we know about them the
better absolutely that’s a fact next slide please so one way that you can create uh an
Use Technology
audience that is going to give you an indication of who’s actually interested in your products and services right now
is through the utilization of technology so there’s actually technology out there we have this at Direct Mail 2.0 where
you can put a pixel on your website and you can identify people that are actually on your website interested in
your business your products your services right now you can get their contact information you can tell what
pages on your site they’re looking at so you know what they’re interested in so now you can Market to them through
social media retargeting or direct mail with a picture of that item that they were looking at you know so this is very
effective and voodoo magic it’s voodoo magic and think about it where does everybody go when they respond to your
marketing where your website your website right so this is a great way to
really achieve Roi on all your marketing across the board let’s identify the people that are interested right now
that’s a hyper targeted list 100 next slide please
Best Practices
so there’s a lot of best practices for Creative that converts and we’re going to dive into a few of these here and
then Adam’s going to talk about some of these as well so next slide please so buyer personas once we know our
Tailor Your Messaging
audience we can tailor our messaging to really speak to them what is the problem that we’re trying to solve for them
that’s really what we want to communicate to them through marketing people have a problem we’re marketing to them a solution right and the messaging
will look different depending upon what their problems are so in this instance here if we’re a media agency you know
we’re talking about what is going to solve their problem if we’re a startup we’re talking about how we can help them
accelerate their startup right so we’re really honing in and focusing on what it is that’s going to communicate and speak
to them and drive that conversion next slide please
Address Pain Points
um different value propositions that are addressing pain points right so I have this problem it’s creating pain for me
and you can use the same creative but you can tailor your your content your messaging so that it will speak to
different audiences just like Adam was talking about a few minutes ago you know segment these audiences and display
different creative and different content to them next slide please
Social Proof
um using social proof and credibility so one of the main reasons that people won’t purchase is because they have fear
right so gosh I don’t want to make this investment oh I’m not sure if it’s going to work oh that’s a lot of money well if
you utilize social proof or credibility you can eliminate that fear and you can get that engagement you know so showing
them that hey I have a million people utilizing this product wow well can’t be a bad investment if a million people are
using it or wow they created over 400 000 leads for that organization Well it can’t be a crap product if it did that
um you know like this guy in the right I I don’t know what he’s doing but it seems kind of sketch to me you know there’s absolutely no social proof
credibility just oh the 25 million swipe file uh no actually I had a real opinion
right yeah you had a real world example that yesterday I was at my house and you know it was a door-to-door Salesman guy going trying to sell you know I think as
ant spray for the house and a part of his sales pitch he he reference my neighbor by name because you know once I
make that connections if my neighbor is using it I should be using it too so that goes with the you know whole about
social proof and credibility it’s a smart sales tactic yeah social proof is uh goes really wide I can tell you it’s
extremely important social proof is also you know when you’re running ads as you
run a lot of ads yourself people start commenting and engaging that’s really really important you want to have people
interact with your content not only does that feed the algorithm Facebook likes it Instagram Mike said that it helps you
reach more people but also people love to hear what others have to say about it oh yeah think about one of the most
valuable companies on the planet Amazon is built on other people’s opinions you don’t buy products unless you get some
time to read the reviews absolutely a product that has no reviews usually does not do well on Amazon correct unless
unless you somehow have a very unique product and you’re the only one selling it you’re gonna need reviews that’s the
way it is and and usually we are all conditioned to on Amazon we search for products and then we look at how many
reviews are you got oh they got 27 000 reviews how many of these ones have oh a thousand these guns might be better they
must be better so you’re conditioned already as a customer as a user to look at other people’s opinions and look at
the size of other people’s opinions so like how many people are actually giving their opinions about it it’s a big deal
so when you see that number being five stars for example four and a half immediately you get something that we
all need to be able to get customers to buy I trust what I do I mean if I I look for the largest number of views as long
as it’s over four and a half I just look for the for the item that has the most number of reviews even if it costs a
little more that’s the one I’ll buy you’re conditioned to that that’s the way it is right because you already know that so many people went for it already
and the people that go for it if they hate the product I can tell you it’s 10
times easier to for somebody to leave a negative review that for somebody to leave a positive review oh absolutely
the ones that are this this like for the product it’s so easy for them to just be upset oh my God this product was horrible so when you
see the reviews being good in general a large you have trust and you buy things
like like um easily now I’ll say one more thing more about the social proof aspect of it
a lot of people have a problem they feel uncomfortable with bragging about what
they do it’s something that we run into that’s a reality they don’t want to say how many
people they’ve serve is they don’t want to say how many millions of rev of dollars they regenerate how many people have actually gotten for their program
they don’t want to say how much how many lives they’ve helped it’s something that they feel like oh my mom and my grandma
taught me that I shouldn’t be bragging about things and I should be humble well here’s the thing uh there’s a quote from Muhammad Ali and
he says it’s not bragging if it’s true right variation of that
I’m not I’m paraphrasing what he said so here’s the thing people do
get impacted by what you’ve accomplished especially if you can prove it like I
built two of the biggest YouTube channels in the country I can show it to you and because of that when I say that
people trust me I can tell them these are the ones that I built I communicate those things right I say my brand did 50
million dollars in Revenue this year when you do that and you prove it and you even say the name of your brand and
you communicate what you’ve done people immediately trust you and it’s a big deal because you’re gonna be able to get people to convert a lot better by doing
that and this is applicable like when you guys do Media Mail campaigns when you do postcards when you are doing Facebook ads retargeting that
positioning is extremely important because otherwise they don’t believe you as much as they believe what other
people have to say about you right makes total sense absolutely next slide please and so you you took that right out of my
Customer Testimonials
next slide right so we’ve got some great marketing Minds here and you know using a review
on a postcard on a digital ad on your website you know because when people are interested in learning more about your
organization they’re going to go to your website they want to see that content on your site look I’ve created two of the
biggest YouTube channels here’s my customer testimonials this is what I’ve done 50 000 clients served you know that
speaks volumes about your organization and it absolutely should be translated over onto your marketing content they’re
still looking at Google by the way for through for your company they’re still like finding out if this company is for Real Google is still a big deal if you
guys can continue generating reviews on Google you want to do that because before people buy from you services or
products they are spending some time looking at what you have going on and Google google.com they look at your
company AGM agency if I have negative reviews that’s the end of the story right there yep it’s over sure they
don’t even make it to the site that’s right abort that’s right go to the next one next slide
Better Call to Actions
um don’t use click here right so we can utilize a lot of better call to actions in today’s time and space it’s actually
very derogatory for your SEO um there’s a lot of other call to actions that we can use read more learn
more watch now um and Adam can probably expound on that a little bit too right yeah you know
anything like register you know it’s it’s to be relevant to you know something that you’re you that you’re
offering you know if it’s a if it’s a show if you’re a movie theaters they get showtimes you know make sure the call to action is you know very very very
relevant to you know whatever you’re offering yeah that’s right download book now and I think it distracts them too
because it might say click here here and maybe that’s not where you want them to click and they’re not sure what they’re
supposed to how they’re supposed to convert and it’s just not the best call to action anymore so that’s right next
slide please um but call to action and offer are
extremely important right so I see a lot of uh postcards or digital ads go out
it’s just a company’s name their logo and a product
okay what am I supposed to do yeah like why why okay great like thank
you for communicating that with me you know but there’s absolutely no offer first of all it should be a really good
offer you know what is the offer what what are you offering me uh in exchange for for me to convert here and tell me
exactly what to do and how to do it right if you want me to call tell me that call now to receive X if you want
me to go to your website tell me that go to my website to fill out this form and
uh don’t ever underestimate the power of free either you know whether it’s a free consultation you know I think this one
from Gray speaks volumes they’re really putting their money where their mouth is they’re offering a free graze Box you
see they’re a step-by-step instructions there on exactly what they want them to do go to this website enter this code do
this do this so you know don’t expect that people know what you want them to
do if you want to drive a conversion make it Crystal Clear what you want them to do and make the offer really good
absolutely you’ve got competitors let me expound on that in terms of the call to action the offer has to be compelling so
I’ll give you a little history so I spent years in the e-commerce business selling CDs and DVDs online and there’s
very little margin in those products I’ll be honest with you you know so you we’d started out and we’ll be like five
percent off nobody cares about five percent off ten percent off oh now I’m making nothing nobody cares okay so how
do you get around that you know a lot of times the things that motivate people are discounts north of 20 25 or bogos
those are usually money losing sort of calls to action so it’s like how do you
get around that you know so what you usually do and you know I don’t want to get into all the secrets of e-commerce
but it’s usually a I don’t say a bait and switch but you’re giving a a lost
leader product to get them to hopefully buy your your more margin producing product so my point is don’t waste your
advertising dollars doing a five percent off or better yet a non-compelling offer it has to be compelling and yes there
may be some pain in it but think about this that customer that you attracted once is
most likely to buy from you again so even if that first transaction is not lucrative the chances of them coming
back again are very high so there is some pain sometimes in those calls to
action but make them compelling I’ll add a little more to it
because it’s it’s a hundred percent accurate the last part of what Brad said Brad said right here the customer buys
again it also depends on what you do with a lot of people say money’s in the list more than that the money isn’t what
you do with the list so a lot of people expect people to keep on buying but they don’t communicate enough to the list they don’t give them value they don’t
send email marketing they don’t do it text messaging campaigns none of that stuff right so you got to do all those
things in combination you better keep on doing postcards and then you gotta keep on mailing then you’ve got to put ads all over again repetition of the message
like here’s here’s the crazy thing about the world that we live in today people don’t see your ads even when you put
them in front of them they don’t see them they don’t see the emails sometimes they even open them and they don’t even
see them like they’re they’re like so much stuff going on and it’s such a busy world that the ones that win the game
are the ones that consistently put themselves in front of these people multiple Impressions over and over and
over again a long time for a long time if you do a postcard Campaign which I’m sure you guys experience that and they
say here’s a 20 000 marketing postcard campaign I can’t wait I’m gonna sit back and wait for the bank account to get
full of money from all this return you can’t really do one postcard campaign it doesn’t work like that we
didn’t even pay him to say that but yeah I’m telling you for real because he’s also applicable like it’s an advertising
fact in general repetition of that message over and over and communication in General on a consistent obsessive way
is what really takes you there now to add a little more to this whole concept I can tell you guys that in reality the
the um there is a um in the process of developing all these prospects
I can give you guys an example um when you’re doing campaigns 10 15 off
like it’s not it’s not about that you said something about how free is powerful the word free is powerful yeah
if you know your numbers as a business owner free could be extremely powerful
to you yes I can tell you who knows our numbers Netflix Amazon these guys know
their number if you think about Amazon for example they pay upwards of 250
dollars to acquire one Amazon Prime member that gives them ten dollars so
think about it they’re losing 240 dollars on that front end
why because they already know their numbers they already understand the lifetime value of that customer right so
that’s an example Netflix has similar numbers like that they get 15 a month or whatever it is and they spend hundreds
of dollars to acquire One customer that’s normal for them right in my line of business if I can get one Prospect
then I already know my numbers I know there are very 100 people that come in I’m gonna get an agency client one out
of a hundred so everybody know I gotta invest a lot so look at this this example right here 100 client prospects
come in they get something free that I give them a course that cost me a lot of energy to put together I give it to them
for free so 100 of them come in I know 99 of them are not gonna buy anything from me let’s say one of them buys
something and let’s say that I paid twenty dollars a person can somebody anybody good at math here 20 times 100.
two thousand okay so I paid two thousand dollars to bring in a hundred prospects so you’ve been saying what is it coming
out where’s the money in here you just wasted for one client well those clients in general pay me 48 to 50 000 minimum a
year it’s a no-brainer though it’s right there right so when you have that formula already cleared up and you
understand your numbers as a business owner you can go deep into these campaigns because marketing is not
something that happens overnight my father used to tell me oh no you got to stop saying the word you spent
on this campaign on that campaign stop saying that you just correct me all the time he passed away a year and a half
ago brilliant guy brilliant marketer great content creator he used to tell me when well it’s invested I’m like that
but I don’t got no Revenue to show you he’s like it doesn’t matter when you do a marketing campaign you’re not spending
money you’re not wasting money you are investing and that’s all part of like what we’re trying to accomplish here
absolutely it’s that message over and over again I think we use in one of our other slides the average person gets 10
000 marketing messages a day I mean there’s no way that your brain can even track or or acknowledge seeing 10 000
messages a day so the only way that message is going to get through is to be hit that same person too day after day
after day when everyone else gives up that’s what makes your branding so important because it’s still Bloom at that point they see the same color
scheme the same message multiple times a day even without them realizing they’re saying oh now I recognize that product
next time they see it just keep showing up correct and there’s so many variables that come into play when in the buying
decision you know I may not be ready to buy I’m interested maybe the first through three times I get hit with your
marketing message maybe financially it doesn’t work for me right now but maybe on the ninth time that serendipitous
moments occurred where I’ve talked to the decision maker financially it makes sense you know I have an immediate need now and you’re right front and center as
opposed to your competitors and I engage in business with you and and that’s what we’re trying to create here absolutely
can I just make guys if you want to ask a question please use the Q a I’m typing
responses but I think they’re only going to the panelists here so if you have a question or you’d like a common address
we’re going to hopefully leave a few minutes at the end for that so please use the Q a we’re already John Cassidy
says using the M 2.0 has allowed me to help my clients hit their leads 12 16
times in 30 days fantastic we’ll pay you later for that I’m not John Cassidy yeah
next slide please uh attention grabbing imagery you know
you’ve got a split second to get somebody’s attention so if you use imagery to grab someone attention it’s
going to lure them in and give an opportunity for them to actually read your marketing message next slide please
and now I’m going to toss it over to Adam I mean we’ve got you have seven minutes according to our scheduled time
so we can kind of go through these quickly you know I don’t hark onto it a lot of it is you know on the creative
side so these are slides you can kind of you know read on your own time so just so we can get through the whole uh
program but uh just the first one just you know things like psychology of color you know we go back to all branding
having good color scheme um you know there’s certain colors that appeal to people I don’t know if you can see what
we’re all wearing but we’re all wearing the same kind of yellow we did not do that on purpose but if you see on the chart it says like
friendly uh optimism so hopefully we have we all had the same mindset of the optimism for today
all right next slide uh avoid stock images
Stock Images
um just real quick you know you you want to have your your target audience connect uh with your message so if if
you’re using an obvious stock image something they can’t really relate to um you know you’re probably not going to
convert as much we’ll kind of just run through these but you can look at these on your next
um same with the personalization you know ads with faces something you relate to if you know if I if I see Morgan’s
face she’s using this product you know I can put myself in her shoes where you know I could see myself using you know
that same product as well yeah I think about 91 percent higher when
Face in
you’re utilizing face in in a marketing message as opposed to just a stock image
so it’s pretty profound and powerful people like to buy from humans more than they like to buy from Brands yes
absolutely and you know just being able to connect on a an emotional level
um really really a lot of it is all about personalization so it’s all it comes back down to understanding your
audience you know what what is the product you’re selling how can you connect with you know your potential
buyer emotionally logically because that message that you send to them will resonate you know a lot better if you
understand yourself what you’re selling and what who your target audience is true and one of the emotions that really
gets me to act is fear like you know those little like only one left like
they’re probably lying they get me every time I’m like oh my God there’s only one pair of those shoes left oh I better buy
them now you know it’s fomo is real well is this card is this scarcity and here’s the thing you don’t have to feel like
you’re lying to people because you’re so passionate about your products that you know they’re gonna sell out like it’s
you really believe in that everybody’s gonna buy them so because of that you use that in your marketing hey I got a
limited supply of this this is the way it is I’ve also seen it as a tactic where they do it kind of falsely but and
say Hey you know it’s in their checkout there’s only three left but there’s not really yeah they play logically yeah
there’s actually some soft software on e-commerce Platforms in oh yeah it has these fake little machines that tell you
how many are left yep and that’s the way it is Amazon actually has real numbers though Amazon will treat will keep track
of your inventory so when Amazon says like seven left there’s seven left on the seller’s inventory that’s that’s a
fact but most use it as a gimmick yeah anyway please
Call to Actions
strategies that you can use to improve your ads for sure yep um just just like we talked about this
consistency of messaging you know call to actions it should be relevant um what was really cool is just going
one step further about call to actions you know your call to actions can only be so important if your
conversion page isn’t set up as well so the so something that was cool was last week when we came here for the walk
through uh the first thing that Manuel took us to was his web guy who showed us two of his uh lead form uh pages when he
had us fill out the pages uh where it was just so you know our name and our in our email address but the cool thing
about it is he had a frequency of the emails that would be delivered so you could do one day seven days a month
every day the cool part of that is it gave me control and when I’m a buyer or
am I interested I like to be in control so being able to have that option of you know one day three day seven days you
know I’m telling him how much he can email me instead of you know me just giving him my email address and you know
him sending it out every day so I thought that was really cool I’m a little bit hurt though I wanted you to select seven days
I do got a lot of value to give out but it’s a good point yeah I also
I also postcard with an offer and I get to the website and there’s nothing
nothing about that offer nothing about the the marketing message and I am not going to take the time to go through
that website to look for when I land on that page it should be front and center right there what I got to that page to
do you know so absolutely consistent you know messaging across all the way to destination URL is so important
absolutely next slide please it’s tough
so ad placement this just gives some example of you know different ways you can correctly place your ad
um so for example you know Facebook has the desktop news feed and stuff but then you go to like Instagram where it has
you know the Instagram stories and the Instagram news feed you want to make sure that your ads are you know properly
formatted for each placement just so it’s placed just so it’s being displayed you know it’s optimal you know as
possible so that’s just a little tidbit there well it’s a big one people sometimes don’t realize that Facebook is
not just Facebook Facebook is Facebook feed Facebook Stories Facebook reels messenger Facebook desktop all those
things right messenger Instagram is not your Instagram it’s Instagram post stories reels Etc so there’s all these
different opportunities there are different pieces of real estate in this world that you have the ability to select if you’re running Facebook ads or
you can hire somebody like direct mail and they’ll run the ads for you guys or us right and we do that absolutely we do
that um if you feel you know you have the ability to do so this is this is an opportunity it really is and I’ll talk
about that more in my section but again the uh the the subject of marketing it’s it’s one of those things that never ends
and you can always find Opportunities if you if you just open up your eyes and look yeah there’s no one-size-fits all
in marketing definitely not that’s right next slide please I just wanted to just break in I know we’re at the cutoff
point we will go over time for anyone who wants to stay on anyone that does have to leave we do like to keep our
things punctual on time you will get a copy of this uh recording as well as the
deck so as long as you registered for it with your email address we will send out that recording in the deck probably what
well 24 48 hours so if you have to leave us it’s fine you will get a copy I’m
answering some of the comments or the questions in the Q a uh if anything is specific that’s here I will bring it up
live after the next section so go ahead and keep posting those questions even if you’ve gone we will answer them them or
I will respond to them personally I would like to say that I have gone through many challenges in my business Journey
the biggest and most difficult thing that I’ve gone through in my life that I still have not resolved is ending a
webinar on time I promise you I still have not conquered that area I start on
time usually today I was two minutes late usually I take it personal and I start on time I still have not figured
out how to talk just enough so I can end on time so any of that’s my audience
here they’re not shocked by what you just said Brad all right they kind of expected I will say we’re more punctual
but you know what this is your house we’re doing it your way and if everybody wants to stay on we’re here with you all
right let’s keep going all right next slide please right so we have intersecting interests
Segment Audiences
uh so this is something where you know we’re going back to segmenting our audiences
um the example here is you know Dr Pepper is doing a campaign but specifically for you know college
football fans so you’re creating your audience and your all your creatives based on you know
those audiences overlapping each other so it kind of just goes to you know knowing your audience knowing your
target audience and having the correct creatives to you know deliver your message to them
great stuff Dr Pepper not to because he’s with Dr Berg two very different subjects not a real
doctor Dr Pepper isn’t it next slide please
Engagement Period
and uh so video is king of content um Facebook I believe uh has a 20 higher
uh click-through rate on on any video or not even just click through but engagement period you know like uh
Manuel’s saying you know even if the person doesn’t necessarily click on the video to convert but having those likes
those comments those engagements just makes your you know your creatives perform a lot better because that’s what
the Facebook algorithm you know prefers you know the engagements
second largest search platform on the web it’s 100 video you know and and that’s powerful and and Manuel’s proven
how successful you can be in that realm also and it’s also important to make sure that you have you get your message across in you know five to ten seconds
you know no one’s gonna sit there and watch a video for 45 they might they usually leave it on by accident if
they’re watching it that long but you know realistically if your video needs to be under 30 seconds and your initial
message needs to come across in the first five to ten seconds so they know exactly what you’re communicating and I
would say that depends on what you’re trying to accomplish right because if you’re doing an advertising campaign
absolutely if you’re just doing a branding you want to get content out there well a lot of these content Kings
the ones that are amazing at it they hold attention for 10 12 minutes eight minutes half an hour but they’re they’re
not really selling something it’s not a marketing campaign but to Adam’s point when you’re talking about a marketing
campaign the shorter the video the better that’s the way it is if you’re trying to get people to perform an
action go to a website click on a link they want to fill out a form you want to
get them to convert then the shorter the better that’s absolutely effective absolutely next slide please
cool all right is that me now yeah
okay great so I’m gonna um basically go for this very fast because we already used uh our hour and
I want to value your time because you were promised an hour correct that’s what it was supposed to be so I’m gonna
go for it really quick this I was telling uh some of the guys in here that basically these nine steps each and
every one of them are a webinar on its own right because because they’re that important I have accomplished a lot of
success over my years I I still pinch myself sometimes like wow it’s been amazing to go down this journey and I
had to go back in time you know in my case some of you guys not don’t know my story haven’t even seen me before you
don’t even know who the heck I am that’s fine I’m so I’m getting myself out there and getting known but I come from a
background that was very dark criminality drug addiction bankruptcy all kinds of problems bankruptcy twice
one of them with my family going bankrupt and then later on myself again it’s been a disaster right from my life
maybe a decade ago things started going in a different direction probably driven
by a motivation to provide for my family at that point at that point it was not
just me I look at my kids and I’m like um I’m the one that that determines whether
they’re going to do well or not I got to provide for these guys and that led to me looking for opportunities no career
no background no degrees no University nothing just a lot of problems the first 30 years of my life so the last 10 years
have been a dream but I put the energy I didn’t get lucky uh
there’s a quote from a philosopher uh Seneca he says what does it mean to get
lucky it’s preparation means opportunity when that happens then you get lucky uh
that’s what happened to me I got prepared I got introduced to Opportunities and um I got lucky along
the way so as I build all the success right now we’re currently doing I have
my own brand that does close to 50 million dollars a year in Revenue I I have my own agency that is two times Inc
5000 on re we’re doing great I get to work with some of the best clients in the world we do over 200 million dollars
in Revenue a year and we do that every single year and it’s amazing
I had to think about how did I get here so I can actually give people the advice for them to be able to travel a similar
Road even though they might be outside the system how did I get myself to this position and I and I came up with nine
steps the formula all right so I’m gonna just you guys I wanted to give you guys the intro to why these nine steps these
are my nine steps uh I didn’t take it from anybody I looked back to before I
was um winning in life losing across the boards to when I
started winning and what got me to where I’m at today in this incredible dream that I’m living right now every single
day having hundreds of employees amazing what got me there so I’m going to tell you guys the nine steps and you guys can
watch this replay you can make notes of it and see how you can apply all these
nine steps for yourself so you can hopefully get some success or take
yourself to the next level because a lot of you guys are already very successful right so how do you take yourself to the next level I can tell you that I’m doing
this these nine steps I’m doing it it’s an active thing it’s Evergreen it’s always something that I can apply to
myself to my life to the people around me and it’s highly recommended for all of you guys to implement this on
yourself so let’s break them down Jimmy next slide so number one determine your superpower
like I said we can do a whole webinar on this when I talk about determinate superpower it means what is the ability
that your brand your business has to influence the lives of other people in
my case I’m a marketer I sleep marketing I breathe it I eat it I don’t do
anything else about marketing and it has helped me accomplish success so my ability to help other people understand
marketing is my superpower take something that might be complicated Adam has a similar ability right and we’re
teaching people how to do marketing that’s my superpower I already got that Crystal Clear I have other superpowers
like I know how to build a team I know how to like help people Etc but marketing is the number one thing you
got to have that crystal clear and I can tell you one thing if you’re a business
and you have products or Services you have a superpower you might not have
accepted it but you have it because otherwise your business would not be able to sell you sell products and
services based on your direct in proportion ability to influence the lives of people some way shape or form
somehow your products that you’re selling are going to make somebody else better somehow that’s your superpower
and you have information that you can use to keep on feeding to people and giving them value so figuring that as
the number one thing will help you with everything your marketing is going to help you with your content it’s going to
help you with your all of it once you really understand who you are and how you can help people next one
you guys want to interrupt interrupt me at any time all right because I know I still got a motor cover I’m gonna interrupt you on number two but go ahead
and all right so number two create social media channels everywhere for your brand so this one over here for me
is very important because I believe in 2022 we are living through an
opportunity and that opportunity is something that in the 1990s or even the early 2000s did not exist which is the
ability to press buttons on this thing called the cell phone device and Reach people without having to pay a penny
that did not exist 20 years ago and because we have that right now I can let you know officially right now in the
books on the record that this opportunity will get really crowded there is no other era
in which you can create channels with millions of followers in a couple of months than what we’re living on right
now you can say that it’s been lasting for about 12 years right since the Advent of YouTube Facebook all these
platforms but for a few years he was kind of dead because organic reach had died and everybody was talking about oh
organic reach now you got to pay to play It’s All Dead well it’s back in action Facebook reels Instagram reels Tick Tock
the battle for attention YouTube shorts all these things are absolutely on fire and because they’re on fire you have the
ability to keep more money in your pocket leverage your superpower to get attention and generate more Revenue
right so now when you’re doing postcard campaigns when you’re using Direct Mail 2.0 services or my services you’re
you’re maybe communicating to people that already have seen your value and these people that have seen your value already believe in you and that makes
your results dramatically better because they trust you these social media platforms allow
you to build trust with people and because of that your offers perform
better I know you want to interrupt well it kind of goes into your next few things and it’s something that I’ve
learned recently I mean I go back to the Myspace days and even AOL before that but one of the things I noticed is you
know I invested all this time in my my space when 20 years ago or whenever it came out and then all of a sudden
Facebook popped up like oh my God I got to create all this content again and I gotta post it here and then all of a sudden Twitter comes out and then
another one and you’re just I took it personally of now I got to recreate this content and I’m like no
I’m gonna wait until there’s one where everybody goes well guess what it ain’t
gonna happen yes if you really want to be out there you got to post it everywhere now there are software tools
to help you do that and use them but you have to be everywhere just like when
going back to the late 90s when few people were starting to put up websites and someone you know people are calling you oh you need a website you need a
website ah nobody goes to the websites nobody uses them guess what you everybody’s got a website now everyone’s
gonna need a tick tock a Facebook a YouTube uh whatever it is you’re gonna need it until it’s gone so get over it
and start posting widely absolutely it is the opportunity next slide Jimmy I
think it’s part of the same one actually go back number three post your content everywhere so it goes
in line with that so it’s not only create the channel so I’m just giving you guys a sequence of actions right like I hate Tick Tock I don’t really
like it who cares if you like it or not your audience is in it all right exactly your opinion of it doesn’t matter I can
tell you my father never used Instagram in his entire life he never used like Facebook you know YouTube yeah he had me
like for for us to uh to use a platform but personally it is a tool that you
want to use to reach your audience that’s all it is so you’re like or dislike is not part of this equation you
got to just use it all right so you get your content ready and post it everywhere and post it as much as
possible next one number four
so this one says work towards posting in large quantities without sacrificing quality and I can tell you guys without
going too deep into this because otherwise we could talk about this all day long uh our formula for helping
these powerhouses I like to call them content unicorns like Dr Burke they’re very unique Dr Berg makes 28 videos a
month let’s say 30 one per day historically that is his number that’s what he does one a day one video a day
but if you go in social media you’re going to think about well Dr Burke is making thousands of videos a month
he’s not we take his primary content we call that primary content that’s what it
is six eight minute videos 10 12 minute videos he posts on YouTube and from there we do the magic you take that
content that he posts on YouTube and we turn them into a thousand pieces of content it’s a lot but you got a lot of
platforms you got Facebook reels Facebook Stories Facebook feed Instagram
feed Instagram stories Instagram reels you got YouTube shorts you got YouTube Community if you guys didn’t know that’s
actually a placement um Tick Tock and all these different places that you can communicate
different adjustments to the formats and all these other things and you can turn your primary content with a good editor
or a mediocre one doesn’t have to be a special one these people are available right now there’s people out there
looking for opportunities to work we live in a world right now which is pretty much United because of this thing
called the internet so if you guys wanted to hire people in the Philippines if you guys wanted to hire people in Mexico if you guys wanted to hire people
anywhere to be your editors to help you execute on Disney just go ahead and hire them and you pay them what the country
is usually used to getting paid so there’s opportunities in that area
massive opportunities in that area for you to post so I have a question for you um so with the emergence of you know
Tick Tock and YouTube shorts over the you know last couple years how do you feel like you’re you’re the length of
your content has you know evolved to you know kind of go with the how the
industry has much a much shorter you know attention span so on YouTube people are still consuming content by the
boatloads all right you got to recognize that YouTube is is a different animal on its own YouTube is a learning platform
there is no more qualified audience in the universe than somebody that consumes your content on YouTube that is your
best audience because these people consume full horizontal videos they’re
there for example going back to Dr Burke what are they there to learn why are they there to learn to Dr Burke how to
lose weight with a ketogenic diet how to lose weight with the ketogenic diet so they want information they’re getting
free courses courses before YouTube used to be sold for a lot of money now you just go to YouTube to learn everything
everything so people that are on YouTube are consuming content I can tell you something that again this is a very deep
subject good question Adam but it’s not really Apples to Apples that’s why I Believe YouTube is the single most
important platform similar to everything else because YouTube also lives permanently it is Evergreen people can
keep on finding you over and over again Facebook Instagram Tick Tock it all disappears in a
it goes away never to be found again so you cannot put them next to each other Facebook Instagram LinkedIn needed all
these platforms should be flowing energy towards your main media organization
which is YouTube we have the ability to create our own channels right now of distribution of content and messages
that’s what YouTube is so people like Dr Berg I can tell you just getting a little bit more practical about it
we don’t post YouTube shorts on Dr Berg’s Channel we tried it and it completely crashed
our numbers we found out that the algorithm when you start doing this hopefully they change it soon when you
start posting too many shorts will suppress your reach of your main content
so on the big channels we don’t do it on the small channels that are still catching fire we triple down on YouTube
shorts because YouTube shorts right now are the easiest way to grow subscribers one minute long one minute one minute
long now tick tocks are doing up to three minutes now actually up to 10 minutes
some accounts yep which is crazy they’re doing up to 10 minute full videos now they’ve evolved people are not consuming
the content on Tick Tock like that but they’re trying Instagram is now doing a minute and a half and Facebook is now
doing a minute I I have a question from someone in the audience what do you recommend any type of software that will
Mass post these things to multiple sites I know hubspot’s one what what do you use or what do you recommend so uh this
one is going to cost you a direct mail to 2.0 campaign worth minimum of fifty thousand dollars all
right uh you gotta get you gotta commit and I’ll give you this tip all right all right I don’t know that they’re gonna
commit but no I mean obviously there’s professional like Enterprise type products and then there’s consumer or
small business type products I’m assuming you’re probably using some kind of Enterprise type Jimmy what is it called
reposter.io reposter dot IO you can just check I’ll
type that in check with uh Jorge he’s the one that introduced us to it recently apparently you can go into that
place and if if it’s a wrong link I’ll correct it to you guys in a minute but you can go into that place connect your
accounts and you can schedule across the board all these things and there’s there’s some opportunities there’s some
some stuff that you can do with it good it might be repurpose dot IO I’ll confirm in a second just check it
repurpose whatever rehoster re-poster or repurpose we’ll
come from in a second but there are tools like that for for scheduling at scale we we’ve been using Agora pulse
for a long time and that allows us to schedule across the board the the things like reels were
still not available for posting so we actually have to go directly on the platforms if you go to Creator Studio on
Facebook you know create a studio you can post Wheels Facebook Wheels there you can now post Instagram reels yet so
for us to post Instagram reels we have to go to the instagram.com platform on the website or on the mobile device but
if you want to create a machine of content you want to go there did you find it I didn’t I mean it’s not it’s
not resolving I’m answering another question okay I’m answering questions Jimmy’s going to find it for us in a
second um is it a repurpose dot IO or uh we’ll find out in a second uh what it
is but apparently it’s really cool and we just discovered recently for posting things so let’s keep moving Jamie next
slide okay I think we’ll skip five go back one
okay yeah it’s a different color engage with your audience so this is important
if you’re quitting campaigns that are producing interaction and people are commenting and asking
questions and they’re showing life it is repurpose.io repurpose dot IX is
the name of the website all right so check that out guys so you can make your
lives easier one post can go into many different places from that place
so um engage with your audience is simply Community Management if you’re getting Instagram DMS if you’re getting messages
of messenger if you’re getting post uh comments if you’re getting interaction you want to make sure that you show up
there and you make your brand feel present and I don’t know if you want to add something to that Adam but I believe
that when the brand shows up I get more trust over that brand because they’re absolutely and even on uh you know if
you ever go on the Facebook page of a company it will it will pop up and say this company usually responds in three
to five minutes so if a company doesn’t respond for you know a day or two you know you’re less likely to even message
them in the first place so we live in a world of instant gratification absolutely and people want to feel
important so it’s all about servicing your your company through your marketing very important that’s right all right
Jimmy next slide okay good so rapid fire here boost
organic reached by investing a little in advertising so we talked about posting large quantities of content
so ideally like you want to get up depending on how big your unicorn superpower is right to provide value and
to educate and to inspire and to entertain whatever that may be if you look at somebody like us our natural Sim
brand WE Post over 3000 times a month we post a lot so we get a lot of Engagement and
we have a team of moderators of 25 people that are answering comments all day long because it’s pretty intense we got a lot of value
what I do to reach people that are not being reached with Organic is
that I take my best performing post and I give them some energy and that is applicable to tick tock it’s applicable
to Facebook it’s applicable to Instagram and even to YouTube and you can actually take your content the one that the
audience already showed that they liked because you’re posting it all those numbers are available you go to the
Facebook Creator Studio you go to the analytics and you’ll so you’ll see how the posts are performing and the ones
that get the most reach and the most engagement that’s your survey data right there that’s them telling you that they
want to hear more from that so you take that particular content first of all use it to inspire yourself for more content
second of all you can put some money behind it so you can reach new people all right reach new people to Target so
that’s a good one and number seven is start building audiences this one is uh obviously I am a firm believer in being
able to sell products and services to people that know who I am I hate direct marketing to people that don’t have a
clue who I am I like to build these people up you know if you guys under Direct Mail uh industry you know it’s
not just one campaign you got to do it over and over and over and over again right so in the world of advertising the
beautiful thing about these social media platforms is they allow you to build audiences as you run your content on
Facebook organically or on Instagram or on YouTube or even Tick Tock now the platform is actually evolving quite fast
they’re actually plagiarizing Facebook and the business manager have you seen have you seen it
objectives campaigns ad sets all of it it’s amazing they’re going down the same
route but you can build audiences so if you have a good Tick Tock profile and you’re getting reach those people can
actually be retargeted with offers so building audiences is an essential step on this journey because people that
actually have seen you before are more likely to convert and you’re advertising money is more
better better invested right Jimmy okay and then number eight is generating
leads start generating leads at that point You’re Building audiences right you have people that are seeing your content you’re interacting with them
you’re building a community and at that point you can start generating campaigns to bring people into your world
prospects like that free offer that you went over that’s a great lead magnet right there people come in and they
connect with you and now you have an email and you have a phone number which I I’d like to make sure that you guys
know then you need to make sure that when you’re generating prospects you are acquiring phone numbers right now
because phone numbers aren’t being opened at 95 text messages are being open at 95 and emails are still at a 20
range and they’re more likely not to be seen than a text
message so when you’re acquiring prospects always always always include the ability to capture a person’s phone
number and have them opt in to text message Communications so when you’re providing all this value and you’re
going down this nine steps over here and now you’re getting gener ready to bring them in you’re going to give them a free
offer or some kind of like introductory service or and some kind of like free
analysis or or something to bring them into your world you get the phone number and you get an email and then you got to
make sure that you keep on nurturing these people and get them excited about your brand all right one more
number nine number nine start advertising to audiences that know who you are so here we take that those email
lists we get those audiences that are consuming their content and now we take our campaigns and we start putting them
in front of them and basically you’re talking about they already know who you are you’re they call that retargeting
you can call it remarketing you’re putting a message again in front of somebody that already has seen you before and that’s where the real money
comes in and that’s the where the real world come the real growth comes in for an organization all right excellent
Manuel thank can you put up the last slide just so that we’ve got that on the recording
um no no I think you got it the thank you slide basically you know obviously we
want to make it known how to contact us or Manuel obviously we we want to hear
from you more we want to see if we can help you so please contact us we will put this out but most of all I want to
thank everybody in this panel Manuel we have a gorgeous Studio here thank you for sharing it with us thank you so much
knowledge is amazing and uh I think that we can all learn a lot from each other so thanks everyone on there we had a
great group of people most of them stuck around through the whole thing so thank you again and uh everybody have a
great week have a great week all right good to execute now time to execute