5 AI Hacks to Crush Your Competition with John Munsell

September 1, 2023 • Posted by Michelle

Remember when digital photography threatened to destroy Kodak’s business model? Despite inventing the first digital camera in 1975, Kodak dismissed it as a fad. They thought people would always want to print photos. We all know how that ended.

Today, AI poses a similar threat to printers like you. While AI can automate repetitive tasks and generate new ideas, it also enables massive e-commerce giants to offer print-on-demand services with insane efficiency. So how do you compete? By harnessing AI yourself.

Join DirectMail2.0 as we present our monthly installment of industry relevant content to help you succeed. “5 AI Hacks You Can Use Right Now to Crush Your Competition” features AI Marketing Strategist John Munsell who will walk you through 5 strategic ways you can use AI to:

– Write high-converting marketing copy in minutes

– Personalize and optimize your direct mail campaigns

– Boost creativity for design and content

– Identify and nurture high-quality leads

– Create tailored, compelling proposals

In other words, win more business, become more efficient, and significantly boost your profit margins. John will show you the advanced technique he and his team have developed that has increased their speed and efficiency by over 600% while dramatically improving results for their clients.

He’ll also share real examples and success stories from businesses like yours that are already leveraging AI to increase sales and profits.

Plus, DirectMail2.0 CEO/Co-Founder Brad Kugler will discuss DM20.ai, the industry-first predictive analytics platform to improve omnichannel marketing results through machine learning.

Don’t let AI disrupt you. Use it to disrupt your competition first.

so thanks to everybody who’s come I’ll start with a little introduction so at least we’re moving the ball forward I am

Brad Kugler the CEO and co-founder of direct mail 2.0 you know as some of you

have probably been here before we like to do monthly webinars on sort of Cutting Edge topics everybody is always

hearing what’s in the news or what’s raising to the top in terms of you know the the the the buzzwords that

are going around the sound bites the video bytes so you know one of my things I like to do is kind of discover more

about it see if it’s applicable or how I can use it or how I can educate or even entertain people to get them to

understand what’s what’s new and what’s coming around the bed so what I’ve done here is I’ve invited a

I guess you can say a long time friend I’ve known you John for what over 20 some years 20 yeah close to 30 years oh

yeah so so when you lived in Tampa and uh I was getting into selling

VHS and DVDs e-commerce wise and and you guys were helping us build an e-commerce

site back in the late 90s I think right right but uh before the web Was Won yes

yeah again trying to stay Cutting Edge and get in there but um

John kind of breaks the mold I mean I’m an older guy and I guess you can call him a middle-aged guy as well and and he

is extremely technology Savvy has always been on The Cutting Edge and I’ve

attended a couple of his webinars on the power of AI and how to actually use it for day-to-day tasks and I was blown

away with the Simplicity and how direct and articulate he communicated on the

subject so I basically asked him to sort of Take the Lead here and and run this

this webinar to show you guys how you can use AI right now today to improve

your own business all right we’ve all maybe try to chat GPT and asked it a few funky questions and had a off cuff

conversation but he takes it many steps further and actually shows you how to

either monetize or improve efficiency in your business from using these tools

before I did that I wanted to just take a few minutes I’ve put together a few educational slides some of you guys this

may be a little bit esoteric or pedantic and it’s a little boring but a lot of us

don’t really know some of the basis of what is this Ai and what are we doing so I wanted to just kind of take a few

minutes to go over that and John please if I’m off base or I haven’t said anything that makes 100 a sense or you

please correct me all right because I have no problem I have a newbie at this myself no worries all right so so

basically you have these two buzzwords AI which stands for artificial intelligence and ml which stands for

machine learning and these are the things that create I mean a computer is

not smart on its own it’s only smart to what you’ve taught it to do but the New Vision on this is that you can teach it

to continue teaching Itself by what you’re feeding it so the more data and

the more questions and the feedback it gets it can actually correct itself mistakes or learn from what it’s already

been given so two some here are some basic uses that are actually happening

every day with AI or machine language um I I used a service actually last month

called pre-nuvo pre-nuvo is a is a uh a full body MRI and what they do is

you spend an hour and a half inside this thing it takes 3 800 pictures of inside your body and through AI because you

don’t want to have a cardiologist looking at these 3 800 pictures for the next two weeks the AI has been trained

to spot things that may be an abnormalty and once it’s spotted a few dozen things

you you still rely on the Radiologists to make the final diagnosis but what the

AI has done is it’s looked at all these pictures very quickly and it’s come up with a few things that require some

human input um I can tell you more about that service but it’s called prenuvo.com it’s very

interesting and that’s a whole separate conversation uh AIS can predict the failure of

equipments and Manufacturing lines based on stress points and and usage uh obviously we’ve all been party to

fraudulent flags and our credit card or banking usage I’m sure there’s no person

in this plan if it has a credit card that hasn’t gotten a text or a phone call asking if this was a fraudulent uh

charge or not the nice thing is is that it learns from those inputs so it knows

your spending power or your spending habits and it will adjust based on that

um obviously some things that we do know where AI has been pretty good is what

Netflix recommends I don’t know if you’d use Tick Tock but I think it’s one of the most sticky most personalized AI

pieces of code that I’ve ever seen okay I’m not a huge social media guy probably

more than most but that Ai and Tick Tock shows you and learns exactly what you

like and it curates that your feed to what it knows you’re interested in and

it learns fast so that’s impressive um bigger companies are using it to to

predict on uh cost cutting measures or where there’s excesses or shortages in

companies and and the big thing here is that you know it’s becoming a financial

Powerhouse so this this AI is not going away either learn it or get run over by

it it’s the way I see it um these are some case studies and some

research I know John you you may have had some later data my date is a couple years old and and I won’t read these out

to you but one of the things that stuck out to me is this last point 75 of those

surveyed say cognitive technologies will transform their business in three years or less all right so that means

three-fourths of everybody here their entire business will be transformed

that’s a big word in three years or less so whatever you’re doing now is a

day-to-day or how your business operates in terms of internal processes will most likely be affected in the next three

years so if that’s the case it’d be who’s every one of us to learn something about this technology and what

its use is on all right so again I’m going back to teaching myself and when I study for a

webinar I I dig in and I learn and you know I like to learn and there’s essentially two kinds of AR there’s

narrow Ai and and I’ll read it to you narrowing eyes a collection of technologies that rely on algorithms

programming responses to stimulate intelligence generally with a focus on a specific task like an Alexa or a Siri

you ask it questions it decodes what you said and it gives you some sort of a

response all right and like the other thing I I told you too and then there’s a general intelligence okay general

intelligence is something that is open up to almost anything like you can ask chat GPT about almost anything and it

will come back with some sort of a I don’t want to say a perfect response but a sequitur response and when I say

sequitur it’s relational to what’s being talked about in other words if you ask

Chachi PT you know how’s the weather today it doesn’t tell you about a type of car it it is it will respond in like

to what you’re asking whether it’s correct 100 of the time that is an entirely different debate that we can

have there’s a very good book called crossing the chasm which I read and John I’m sure

you’ve heard of this book as well I’ve read it anybody involved in technology there’s an adoption curve when I say

adoption curve when new technology comes out certain people mostly like John and

Then followed by guys like me are are considered the innovators and the early adopters I I would you know and if I’ve

got you wrong I would put John here at the two and a half percent of innovators in this type of technology I would call

myself one of the 13.5 early adopters would you agree with that

uh I mean I’m not sure where you are but I’m definitely uh one of the really

early adopters I’m a I’m one of the 13 oh yeah and then it kind of rolls out

and I would still say most of the world is still in that early adopter stage we

have not crossed into this early majority by any sense of the face

um if you want to correlate this to some older technology like um

buying online if you go back to when John and I first met 20 plus years ago

it was only early adopters or innovators that actually purchased online it was

people were still afraid to put their credit cards in they were afraid to trust these web interfaces that that

delivered something to your house in so many days it wasn’t really well used but

now we’re we’re definitely in the bottom end of that e-commerce buying curve I would say that anybody who’s not doing

it now is a laggard would you agree with that yeah yeah for sure I mean asking us may

not be the right one because we’re we’re towards the entry of that uh Chasm

uh the other thing is is you know where did the challenges come this is where I’m going to try to relate it to your

businesses all right so what are the points that are barriers to the adoption

of this and this this slide will give you an example of that obviously the

skill level or the I don’t even call it the skill level because I don’t know that the skill level is the barrier it’s

it’s the willingness for the user to learn and understand what this technology is this is not something that

is so esoteric that the average man in the street cannot learn it all right John will prove that to you today that

it’s not a difficult thing to use now like anything else there’s expert users

and there’s entry level users but everybody can use this technology if they can speak or type

um the fear of it you know people are our fear of change and the unknown so they they tend to just shy away from it

I I couldn’t I won’t name numerous members of my family who won’t touch this stuff just because they have a fear

of it and what what it will do or end the world or some of this stuff uh that is not my viewpoint but that is a

Viewpoint shared by many you know where you start and who do you contact well where do you start start by teaching

yourself who do you contact contact guys like John you know who’s got a firm handle on this and some experience

by the way if there’s questions please put them into the chat I will

um be answering those or forwarding them as we go up but I’ll finish this little Preamble before that

okay so the next slide this is this is uh I don’t want to get too deep into this because AI is like a large subject

uh if you talk about a a large industry like printing or marketing it’s so

diverse and so deep and at so many levels that there’s you know how can you really be an expert at

exactly one thing this thing called AI will will mimic that there will be so many sectors and so many niches within

this that it’s hard for some one person to call them in itself a true expert across every possible scenario

if anybody wants these slides we will send them with a copy of this by the way as well

um what’s the future here I’m I’m showing some economic uh

valuations in terms of the value of some of these things that are coming down the

pike you know and where this technology will influence your day-to-day life some

of this is pretty obvious some of this we’ve only just began to scratch the

service and I’m guaranteeing there will be uses that have not even been thought of yet all right uh I once heard

somebody talk and I’m trying to remember who it was that by the time our grandchildren well depending how old you

are your great-grandchildren are able to drive they will ask questions of us

older generation that will basically say did you guys actually drive cars because

the thought is that we will just get into a car or a pod or whatever it is

and it will take us to our destination there will be no need to actually drive a car I fully believe that that will

happen and I I believe it’ll happen in our lifetimes all right and it’ll become

so commonplace that our grandchildren our great-grandchildren will wonder why

we ever drive drove cars would you agree with that John I mean that was something that I think it’s

possible but I’m hoping I’ll be dead by then because I like driving I do too and of course you’ll still be able to drive

a car but it’ll be kind of like why why drive like right how often do you see

manual transmissions anymore even in the the most fancy cars that are sports

driven cars the computers do a much more efficient and better job at shifting

gears than any human can do so uh you have to actually request a manual

transmission in some of the most fancy cars these days you can’t even get it in some of you makes and models

so we’ll see um this is sort of a lead-in or a segue as we move more into chat GPT and and

what is it and and why is it valuable all right so first thing 100 million

users in five days this thing got okay that that I believe that still is a record you

know when when Instagram came out with their threads and they automatically basically signed up 100 million people

in one day I don’t know if that counts because if you had a Instagram account and you clicked a button you

automatically became a user of threads I was one of those I’ve never opened the application yet but I’m considered one

of those users so I would I would still give that award to Chachi PT

um I immediately got the paid version and after playing around with it and we built our own little API to the back end

of our intranet in the company so that everybody can use it here and hopefully get familiar with it but I’m a Believer

in it um I’m gonna I’m Gonna Save the most of this slide here for uh

John’s little chat but you know in in one final thing these are the different

lists of AI platforms that are kind of the most

used or most common I keep this on a little tab next to my desk so that if I

have it just as a tool to know who to go to or what uh platform to go to if it’s

a specific thing because it’s these these different AI platforms get more and more specialized there will be

better ones for specific tasks so again John if you want to comment on any of

your experience any of these I think I’ve only used two or three of them yeah I’ve used almost every one of those

the only one I haven’t used is framer and baby AGI those are the only two I

haven’t used but I’ve I’ve played around with all of them I I take it back llama two I haven’t played around with that

it’s Facebook’s thing I’m I don’t know not a fan but uh some of these we’re

going to go through today in blistering speed so yeah great it’s all good stuff

oh let me see is there is there I’m gonna stop the uh share for a second

here I want to see if there’s any questions or anything that should be gone over before

anything in the chat where did my chat go I don’t know but there is nothing in

it on my answer I think you’re all right there was but it’s gone now but okay all right no problem John I am turning

it over to you and all right sir I will jump in if I find the chat and there’s any questions all right that’d be great

all right so I am now sharing my screen and I’m going to be swiping through a

whole lot of stuff so um the first thing I wanted to do is just kind of uh frame this up well first

of all uh Brad and I as he mentioned we go way back now I uh for the last 25

years have had a software development company which gradually turned into a digital marketing agency and I sold the

agency part off last year to become essentially an AI consultment coach for

for marketers and for businesses that are trying to leverage AI to grow their businesses and to improve processes and

especially to improve results when it comes to marketing and sales so some of the things that I thought

were really interesting in terms of statistics and I’ll try to go through those uh but I kind of call this the

state of AI so it’s they’re simpler stats than what uh Brad just went through but the interesting thing is

businesses leveraging AI have seen a 61 reduction in costs and a 53 increase in

Revenue that’s according to McKinsey and that’s a pretty new stat so this is all 2023 stuff for the most part 84 percent

of marketing organizations are currently implementing or expanding AI this year

and companies that use AI for sales were able to increase their leads by more than 50 percent reduce call Time by 60

to 70 percent and reduce cost or realize cost reductions of 40 to 60 percent

that’s big impact and then three out of four c-suite Executives believe that if they don’t

scale AI in the next five years they risk going out of business and that you

know when Brad was showing you that trailing edge of the late adopters the

the late adopters here in my business risk really truly going out of business so this thing is moving faster than

anything I’ve ever witnessed and so you have to get on board and you have to really do it quickly I know I talked

that uh at the beginning that I was going to give you five actionable AI strategies I’m going to try to squeeze

in seven and we’ll see how many we can actually demonstrate so I’m gonna try to go

through all seven of these and show you some of the tools that you can use if I have time I’ll swipe through all

this and show you how some of these things work um so first you want to be able to use

it to accelerate and improve direct response copywriting so in order to to

develop a conversion and let’s just talk about if if most of the audience are

printers and you’re helping your your clients print things and they they want some sort of response back for it you’re

going to need to learn how to write direct response copywriting style if you’re doing direct mail if you’re doing

email if you’re trying to generate leads for your own business direct responses is what you need because in today’s

world most people and it’s way over 86 percent now or they’re going to have their first

interaction with you online right even if they got something in the mail from you their next move is to try to avoid a

salesperson so they’re going to go to your website they’re going to do something and that website or that

material that you direct mailed needs to speak to them like your best sales

person would so it needs to feel like a conversation and that’s where you have to become a student of direct response

copywriting here’s the problem though 90 of the stuff that’s written out there

is not direct response copywriting and that means that all the AI tools out

there essentially have been schooled or educated on all of the copy that’s out

there so ninety percent of what is in there is wrong when it comes to direct response copywriting so that means you

need to know how to spot it and use it so out of all these tools chat GPT

Claude copy.ai Jasper they’re they’re plenty of others

Claude I really like I like the way it writes copy you still need to tweak a little

bit but it writes pretty good copy if you know how to do the right prompts in chat GPT you can get it to write good

copy as well all right so before we kind of dive into

some of these things there’s one other thing that you really need to know and

this is another one of those hacks this is why I’m saying I got seven of these things but what you really need is you

need to create a scalable prompting system which means you know a lot of

people you can go on YouTube you can go anywhere and you can just see all these little prompts that people write

those are what I would call beginner props those aren’t scalable inside of your organization

so somebody will just write a big old question and then the next thing you know they threw that one away and they

have a new use case and it’s similar so they have to write the prompt all over again finesse and try to figure it out

that’s not scalable so what I do is and I’ll I’ll see if I

can fan through this real quick holler at me if you are seeing my my screen

still right I’m swiping

you see the prompt database now Brad okay good just want to make sure okay so this is how we store all of our

prompts and if you’ve never used notion of the good news notion is free of

course there are paid versions We have a paid version a team version so we share it inside the organization

but what we do is we’ll write all of our prompts down here and we’ll sift through

them you know we organize them um I think I have some kind of a search

going on here yeah so this makes it really easy to really get after the

prompts so you test it you refine it and you can see here we have different stages in fact we even have a view where

we can go through uh and you can see it in a production schedule so you can see

all the prompts that we are working on or that we actually have published but once they’re published and they’re

useful like for instance this one this is where we’ll have a meeting like this one and

we’ll have an AI tool that records the meeting and you’ve probably seen a bunch of those there’s fathom and there’s meet

geek and there’s uh otter and fireflies we tested them all out

which is the best I’m curious because I I’ve been considering one of those yeah

well we did a whole um AI Roundtable on that last week and I

put probably 60 hours in analyzing all that and they’re all uh they all have

pros and cons I use fathom I I like it

um it’s none of them are really super accurate and that was the problem but

um we’ll take the transcript and we’ll use this prompt now there are two things

to to creating a pro a scalable prompt one is we call it stack prompt and

prompting okay so I want to have these variables up here that I can swap in and

out so if I have a new problem that I’m trying to solve I don’t want to have to write all this stuff all over again I

just want to have it paste it and swap out stuff so if I’m writing for somebody else else I’m going to swap out the name

over there if I want a different style like I’m writing an email it needs to be a little less formal I can swap out some

of these things so like I could crank up the humor level if I want or I can crank it down and then what I’m going to do is

just so because it’s I think other people may have the same questions as me when you say you create the variable

this let’s pick any one of these that are in the in between the the bars

um the first one author is it’s that variable a known variable by I’m

assuming chat GPT that knows that or you’re creating that variable to sign

I’m creating this chat GPT knows the I have we have a prompt inside of here

that actually solves for these so I can take a piece of copy I can analyze it

and say how is this written and it will give me all of these and so it’ll plug

in what degree that analyzation right is that about what stuff we wrote okay yeah

it’s stuff we wrote um so this is this is literally a prompt that we created right now if you were to go to something

like copy AI or Jasper AI you can’t really use a lot of this because they already have it kind of built in which

is why I like chat GPT because it it doesn’t have as many walls as the other ones so I’ll use it to fine tune what I

want but this is the actual meat of the prompt here where we’re actually telling it to analyze the transcript and then I

want it to pull out any recommendations of requests that were made by anybody we have a follow-up

prompt where it’ll actually create a to-do list and an email and the email that goes out is a different you know

tone or style depending upon who’s sending out the email so when I’m finished with a meeting

my uh executive assistant Kelly she will take the transcript process it and then

she’ll send out emails to everybody that says here’s what was discussed here’s here are the action items and here’s

what you do now some of these tools like fireflies tries to accomplish that

inside of it with its own AI the problem is if the transcript isn’t perfect then

the to-do list isn’t going to be perfect so we we like to go in and clean it up but this process of what we call Stacked

prompt prompting and variable prompting really speeds things up so now anybody

in my organization can go down here like for instance if we’re going to do a competitive

analysis uh for one of our clients we have a seven step process I don’t want to have to do that all over again right

and I don’t want all of our team guessing so they just know what the process is you know and the first step

of the process is this where we’re starting to solve for you know who’s the

niche who’s the Avatar what are their fears their mistaken beliefs and all that stuff so we want to understand who

that is and we paste in their URL and it’ll read you know we could paste

in a number of URLs and it’ll actually pull all that data down this is all using chat GPT but you can see up here

in the prop Library we said okay you got to use web pilot and SEO uh core AI

those are the two plugins that are required to make this thing work so hopefully you can see why building a

prompt database is really critical to you scaling as an organization and using

AI all right now um let me go into the other one so if you

want to boost your your results from direct mail or from email there’s

several AI tools that will help you do that um I don’t know have you ever heard of line.ai this is the first time I’m

hearing of it now so you know okay well so if I if I create uh if I take line

and line will actually look up somebody’s profile inside of LinkedIn

look for something that’s that’s current relevant or interesting and that will

you you use that code in your opening line in your email or in direct mail and

it’ll say like since I went to LSU I get a lot easier it goes hey John see you

went to Yellow LSU go Tigers right so it’s an icebreaker but it’s all

driven by Ai and it’s pretty cool you know so there are a couple other tools that do the same thing but if you’re

trying to get better responses one of the best things that you can do is establish some level of Rapport at the

opening line right and it makes sense and then when you’re looking at using something like Direct Mail 2.0 right if

if somebody else is printing it and that’s going out there and now somebody’s reading the opening line you

know Brad’s company tracks it all from a direct mail standpoint like we would want to be looking at it from an email

standpoint so there’s a lot of fascinating tools you can use to get better results from your campaigns now

Brad I don’t know whether you want to step in and talk about it real quick but uh I want to give you the time I mean

okay they’ve heard enough from from me and our dm2o and I’m sure if they have questions they can ask us we’ll find it

all right we’ll keep rolling yeah rolling yeah okay the other thing is is

just you know one of the things that drives me nuts when I’m putting a

presentation like this together or anything else is the artwork I am not a graphic designer all right so I if I

were going to do this last year I would have spent hours going through some of

these photo libraries like one two three RF or Adobe images I’d be going hours

and hours just trying to match images with the topics of the slides but with

AI I can go and actually create them so this particular image behind this was created using mid-journey and Photoshop

and I’m gonna show you just actually how it was constructed too so this this was

the mid-journey prompt that created this image okay a light bulb symbolizing

creativity the center which is an icon now that sounds pretty like you probably

especially when it gets into the composition it’s shot with a Nikon d850 it’s got an f-stop of 1.8 a

resolution of 40 you know blah blah blah you think I know that stuff no

I use chat GPT to generate that so there’s a plug-in in chat GPT called

photorealistic and I just turn it on I go hey give me some ideas I tell jet GPT

and it’s a it’s another one of our prompts in the library which is called the image uh generator based on an idea

I plug that prompt in it comes up with the idea it writes this prompt I paste

it into mid Journey it creates this image then I go over here to photoshop and I’ll have to show you the step by

step on this whoops hang on a second um yeah this is where he shows us he’s like a

jack of all trades here he’s got that man AI prompt engineer he’s got the

Photoshop digital Graphics I’m gonna try to zoom this up just so that you can see

and it probably got it a little bit too high whoops

okay so you can see that it’s just a light bulb right but when you look at it

it I didn’t it I I told it to make it at 16×9 but I wanted this to be a banner

inside of our uh community and it needed to be longer than that okay so then what

I did was I used this little function in Photoshop called generative fill and I said look I just need you to fill

in the background oh actually let me show you what I did I had to create this

this uh brain all right and let me see if it uh hopefully I guess it

won’t um I won’t quite say it it used to tell me

what the prompt was but it it’s not saying it but anyway I just told it I said instead of that filament I I

circled this area and I said replace it with a a brain that looks ai-ish and it

did it it just totally did it and then I had it fill in the sides you know just

using generative fill and it created that I’m like damn that’s really cool you know so

that’s pretty slick all right so then um you can use other tools like whoops

like in video and I won’t walk you through that because we’re going to run out of time but in video is fascinating

I actually took a a friend of mine who has a printing company in New Orleans I copied and pasted the About Us section

and something about Direct Mail uh printing on there and I pasted it

into in video and three minutes later it created a two-minute YouTube short

with real video clips it and and uh it

wrote its own script which was really pretty good and I had it use an uh AI

voice and most of the time you know it sounds crappy but it literally said you

want a Southern accent I’m like yeah they’re in New Orleans boom well it picked footage from New Orleans it put footage from printing shops it picked uh

photos of you know envelopes and stuff wrote a really good script and the voice

I was like it actually sounded like somebody narrated it so

I thought it was really cool now I’ve heard it can be buggy if you ever use it but it was a great tool three minutes I

had a YouTube short that’s amazing yeah it is Steve because uh go ahead I’m

sorry I was gonna say I’ve got a couple of questions one was somebody asking I’m curious where do you find all of these

tools plugins and websites how do you stay current is there is there one or two places that you would recommend that

us Layman check into once in a while to sort of stay current on this stuff well

trying to stay current with plugins is nuts I mean when we started looking at plug-ins they were like 40 of them now

they’re over 800 I think you know last number I heard was six to eight hundred so

um I know that chat GPT it will eventually make it so that it’s better

you can search now which is cool you used to not be able to search so you just go up there and you type in a

keyhole our back Keyhole listen to me I just read the text talk about a rabbit hole yes it is but

you you go in there yeah and Bob Miller’s right endless time digging around exactly

um but I’m like I was looking for something specific like I was going to do some research on something so I just

keyed in some uh stuff on Research or statistics and boom it tells me all the plugins to use if I was going to use

videos boom it would tell me now there are other tools in there that will actually find an AI for you uh that’s

it’s a they’re two of them that I know of and you’d literally just enable those

plugins and you say okay find me some AI tools that’ll do X

it’ll do it now the only thing I will tell you is the this is clearly an affiliate program so they’ve got

affiliate arrangements with everything that they’ll find and some of these are some no-name tools but it’s how I found

steve.ai and this uh which was kind of interesting so Steve does animation so

instead of it being a video Steve will write its own script and it’ll create animation and it’s cool

um Vizsla uh it Vista will take a blog post I can give it the URL of a blog

post and Vista will turn around and make a video out of it with a script and everything it’s amazing and we did that

in one of our round tables I see Bob’s Bob’s hyping me up Bob got my hype man with me

um but yeah we did it in the middle of one of the round tables uh and I’ll show you how you can get access to all those

replays uh if you want to munch we’ll take a video and it’ll crop it up like

if you have a 30 minute video like maybe this if you had the transcript or not the transcript but you had the video

feed of this you could throw it into Munch and Munch will use AI to try to find one minute or two minute segments

that you can turn into Tick Tock videos into compress it cuts and put all the titles on it I just want to double plug

that because anybody that needs to be prevalent these days has to be on social

media and to be on social media and not have to hire a content manager a tool

like munch I mean could save you tens of thousands of dollars for creating this content

I’ve never used it but I guarantee you this is one I’m gonna go and and try right away if you have the right

original video it’ll do a good job if if you don’t it’s a little sus you know but

uh hey they’re only going to get better is the way I I see it so I’m I’m a fan

um now the other thing you want to look at is how do you fine tune your lead quality right so there are tools out

there that’ll help you do that apollo.io is one of the ones that we use

and I’ll give you a for instance on Apollo let me see if I can actually pull it up yeah here we go in Apollo you just

go search for people it’ll find you know anybody that you want over here and I had a situation

where I wanted to buy some software from somebody and another buddy of mine said I I don’t

know how to reach them you know and I didn’t want to wait because they they make you wait and go have a a call right

so they can hook you and sell you and I’m like dude I I I want to have it today I don’t want to have to go wait a

week to go visit a sales guy who’s gonna I so so I’ve just used this to look up

the owner I got a cell phone out here and I called him on his cell phone and

he’s like yeah sure I’ll set you up I can set you up today I’m like cool and it was cool because what the software

generated I had already pre-sold to somebody uh five days later so I needed

to have access to it right away so it really worked now they have this new thing over here called buying intent and

what it does is like if you were to say I I’m I’m looking for somebody who is looking for digital marketing services

this theoretically will look at it and say they are currently exhibiting buying

intent so is it similar to seamless yes um I was just going to ask oh yeah yes

um so but this buyer’s intent um here’s the thing I I haven’t found it accurate or useful yet because I’m I’m a little

maybe too narrow like if if I were uh looking if I were looking for

um a car dealership right I would want to find people who are exhibiting Behavior to buy uh a car right

um yeah sort of similar to zoom zoom is a much broader Apollo is really uh the majority of their stuff comes straight

out of of LinkedIn but it’s all cool stuff all right so now swinging back

here woodpecker uh is another one but woodpecker is is now beta testing a new

feature which is actually really cool what it’ll do is in and there’s several

uh tools that’ll do it out here but woodpecker from the beta that I have seen does it better than anybody I’ve

seen and it will take a clip of you Brad where you could just say uh you could

record yourself saying hey I went through your website I understand a lot about your business I I know that we can

help you do X Y or Z better right but the first part of it is just where you

go hey you know so and so right and then you can green screen it so behind you

you might have uh the picture of their website or whatever well all it’s going to do is use Ai and it’s

going to take your database and it’ll it’ll have you saying hey John hey Michelle hey uh Bob hey Jeff uh hey

whatever and your lips will move at the right uh thing to actually say

that person’s name no matter how weird the name is and it really does a good job so that’s a new tool that they’re

they’re coming out like I said I’ve seen others but this one allows you to do it at scale so you literally could just

just email out and somebody’s going to see a little clip of you going hey John you know and maybe something in the

background that makes them go oh he is looking at my website that’s crazy right um these two are chat Bots all right

hello tars live person there’s several others they’re AI based chat Bots

um I have a friend who’s actually what you’re going to find with these chat Bots is they’re going to have to Niche down and I have a friend who’s actually

creating a chat bot specifically for uh Ophthalmology clinics okay so that’s

really narrow and some of these I I they just need a little bit more education in

my opinion because what I see it’s not much better than the old press

one for this press two for that you know if they haven’t built the right decision tree you end up with I’m sorry I didn’t under understand the question so they’re

going to get better um there’s in my view there’s still a little golf left on these so

then you can use chat GPT and other tools to help you craft winning proposals now in

our round table and I think you know Bob my height man he could probably tell you which one it was I think it was like

three or four ago and so you you can hop in and catch the replay but at the end of it my buddy uh who has the printing

company in New Orleans uh he had sent me I asked him I said hey um Paul I got

this customer and here’s what I need here’s the database give me just

ballpark it so I can get into the budget for next year what it would cost to do direct mail for all this stuff

he sends me this reply there was a stack thing all these different variables and

uh stuff and I was like oh man I can’t read this so I just took the whole thing shoved it

into chat GPT and turned on the code interpreter if you if you’re familiar with how that works but I turned on code

interpreter and I told chat EPT can you just put this in the table so I understand it it put it in the table and

I’m like okay cool can you make it into a spreadsheet that I can download boom I downloaded the spreadsheet and then I

started looking at it I was like you know the average um

sale uh if we’re going to do this is thirty five hundred dollars

so I then went to chat GPT and I said if the average sale is is thirty five

hundred dollars and I want you to calculate an Roi for me on this proposal

and it starts going through all these gyrations and it calculated the ROI and so in uh you know in the show you’ll see

I I told Paul I was like Paul you should be using this to sell

right I shouldn’t have to use it to buy from you but if you turn around and you use chat GPT to tell somebody what the

ROI would be now all of a sudden they’re like oh this is actually believable

right and so there’s a whole lot that you can do with that I I’m a huge fan of using it to make

your prospects life easier but what it forces you to do is understand your

prospects pains and problems better right and I just happen to know since this is my client I know what the pains

and problems are and I know what their average uh deal size is I know what the lifetime value of a customer is I know

what their current cost to acquire a customer is so I just gave it to chat GPT and I said now tell me what the ROI

is whole different ballgame all right um and then of course this is where it

gets really tricky now I haven’t played with any of these tools but I looked at them and they look like they’re pretty

amazing so customer analytics for instance pecan.ai

and help you understand if you and this is what we’re going to be using for one of my clients

if you’re client is buying product X there’s a

high likelihood that they will also buy products Y and Z you know so that is

really helpful right if I could analyze in this particular client has like uh two three thousand customers and they do

on a 20 000 transactions a year that’s a lot of data this would be a perfect tool

because what we’re trying to do is say in this data is there gold right is there a type of

customer that we should be targeting where we could really do better but we we don’t know because it’s just one

little customer out of all of them right supply chain an analytics yes sir I so

obviously all of these things require some sort of input or some sort of tie-in to the uh users database in order

to analyze this data so as an example with the customer Analytics I’m assuming that you have to feed it

some data where and how do you get this data into pcon to get the output that is

so valuable yeah um I that’s a good question because I haven’t used it but my assumption would be there’s an API

that you’re just going to tie in so they can pull the data if not I know that you

can export in most systems which is what we’re going to try to do the thing that I I want to make sure of and pecan it

seems to have laid my fears to rest is I want to make sure that when I put that data in there it’s not available for the

rest of the world and it’s not going to educate their AI on our secret sauce

right so that’s what I want to make sure that I can operate inside of a closed system when I give it tight data like

that right and throughput.world I thought was really fascinating you know I don’t know whether you’re familiar

with it but it will anticipate problems in the supply chain based on weather patterns

based on any number of things so it’s pretty fascinating if you really

rely on a lot from your supply chain right if you’re doing a whole lot like

right now if you look at Brad’s window you’ll see a hurricane approaching that

could mess up somebody’s supply chain right and business automation

uipath.com has some really cool stuff too highly recommend you checking it out but yes we will uh I’ll give you the

slide deck as well when we’re finished so um now that we’re kind of coming to the

close I I didn’t want to at least give you these these links because I know Bob has been talking about it if you want to

get access to our replays you can also become part of the uh the round table if

you want if you just go to bazooka.com replays then you can request access to

it you’ll you’ll get into the community and you’ll be able to see all of the um

all of the replays in there we’re preparing the prompt database the thing that I showed you way over here

yeah the notion base so what we’re doing is we’re preparing this uh you know

manner that we can give to people so there’ll be a free version and there’ll be a paid version as well because we

have thousands of hours in this Beast uh but that’s really helpful for people so

if you want to have access to that when it’s ready hopefully it’ll be ready next week you can just go to bazooka.com

prompts and fill that out so either way of the uh either way you can do that and

Jim Stewart um how do you connect with me um let’s uh let’s say well you go to

bazooka.com and fill out one of the contact forms or let’s see I don’t know

if I type anything in here it’ll go to everybody right you have to select a pull down the little thing and make sure

it says everyone and it will go to everyone but John why don’t you tell people I mean how do you make money how

what do you do for people and do you do you engage in Consulting agreements Bob

even knows how to contact

he’s worth the paycheck today you know I wish he was on my payroll

uh so what is it that you do and what services do you provide since there’s already people asking yeah so well what

I do is I work with businesses to help them Implement AI in their marketing and

sales efforts right so that’s what I try to do I try to help them learn how to scale learn how to use it to innovate

learn how to use it to Market better so that’s essentially what I do so I also

act as a fractional CMO for companies but right now I’m at capacity for that so I’m really I have more room on the

coaching side which is why I recommend that you join the the round table so if

you want to communicate with us inside the round table that would be the best way to

reach me I think would you consider yourself I mean you hear these new job titles that are or

industry services that are coming on the market as prompt engineers and AI

interface sort of technicians is that something you would label yourself in

some way or not well not in the truest sense because a prompt engineer is going to be somebody who’s

actually working um using the API

that gets really technical but if if you’re what you’re trying to do as a true

prompt Engineers you’re trying to take your software and you’re trying to integrate it with an AI and have that

thing go across I’m I’m more of a prompt uh strategist but I’m a prompt engineer

from the front end because that’s you know you saw how complicated some of these prompts are that’s what I do and I

help businesses create really customize and scalable prompts internally because

I know most businesses don’t have the tool set to work on the back end using an API but they have people who could

use the front end right so that’s what I I help them do uh I’m just trying to throw out examples

here of what what I would say most of the people on this call are are in the

commercial printing industry or um in terms of talking to them they’re always trying you know a printer is

essentially a manufacturer they are actually producing a physical good and delivering it to Market

um what what would be some immediate if you ever had any experience doing working in manufacturing in terms of

assisting efficiency or in that aspect or is that well so

um speaking of printing uh when I’m cut my teeth in a print shop in college I

ran a Heidelberg whirly bird uh for for those who know what that is so I ran a

Letterpress machine for uh four years so I was in there back in the day when the

uh there was actually a position called typesetter and uh and they were doing

pay stubs and all those other stuff that well there’s separations right that’s right before color steps go

oh my gosh yeah so um I haven’t since I’m primarily

marketing I haven’t actually worked with a business to try to analyze all that

stuff and analyze workflows and try to streamline that so that’s not my you

know uh my bailiwig as it were but what I do know is how printers you know make

money need to generate leads and need to impress upon their clients how they can do that creativity because like

sometimes you know you get your boot you get your artwork and all that stuff from an agency but a lot of times somebody

just comes in and works with you directly and says okay I need y’all to do the Creative well that’s where AI

could really help because sometimes look from a guy who’s not an artist I can

tell you uh AI created every one of the images that you saw on this presentation

so every single one of them was done by mid-journey where the the prompt was

either something I thought of but ninety percent of them were prompts that I you know prompted chat GPT to Think Through

so like if I took uh one of these slides and I just I literally posted in it uh

doing give me a give me some suggestions for maximizing profitability with AI

and so it was like okay here are three suggestions you know and I did it for the other ones as well so anyway it like

this thing I said uh make a futuristic boardroom table a round one okay comes

up with that so anyway that’s the kind of stuff and I’ll tell you why that even saves money is because if you go

well you shouldn’t be doing this but I know people do it you just steal an image from Google and somebody else’s copyrighted image it could be a problem

uh if you go to a stock image company and and search for that image you have to pay a fee in most cases but if an AI

creates it from a prompt it is royalty free as far as I know and no copyright

am I correct in that statement um some of them are telling you you can’t use it for business purposes now

you have to look at the fine print like for instance one two three rf.com has an

AI image generator as soon as suspect you know it’s not really ready for prime time it does some interesting things but

it’s not nearly the quality of mid-journey but when you create it it tells you okay you can use this but but

you can’t use it for business purposes yeah that’s good to know I mean that’s

that’s helpful yeah so well and now they I think the feds just laid down the law

that said you can’t own the copyrights of an AI generated image

which is interesting you know uh because like when you know you look at that

little light bulb that I created using a combination of things I kind of like that I think it’s pretty cool

but I imagine somebody will you know it’ll I’ll see it somewhere else one day right or or somebody can vary it by a

few pixels and then is it really yeah yeah exactly I’m using Photoshop like I

I took a picture of my backyard for one of these episodes and I could take a picture of the backyard and I could

remove chairs that are in the way I can swap out plants I can put flowers on bushes and I could put a a raft in the

middle of the swimming pool through all through Photoshop and it looks amazing

with Photoshop or where it’s it’s the new one it’s the it’s the beta version of a Photoshop that you I think is what

do they call it they call it Firefly or something like that anyway if you can get it it’s it’s amazing it’s really

really cool and you just tell it to remove stuff I literally highlighted kind of like the backdrop because my

neighbor is is adding on to his house there’s a whole lot of construction then there’s my fence I just kind of

highlighted around I said make it a beach scene all of a sudden I was like I want to have a beach view so it’s pretty

cool that’s fantastic so you know I want to be respectful for everybody’s time

we’ve got about two minutes on our our predetermined hour so uh I want to see

if there’s any last questions I want to make sure that everybody knows that we will send around recording of this it

will include John stack and my deck and

um obviously I encourage anybody to reach out to John uh his his email and contact

information will be forwarded to you as well and take advantage of this time and

don’t fall behind don’t be a laggard all right and learn something here I I was

very I mean we could have gone on all afternoon you know but uh obviously we can’t so

um thank you very much if I could have actually uh if I could have gone in there and actually typed some of this out to spit it out your your head would

explode I know I’ve seen you do it and I understand we’re short for time but it’s

it’s important that everybody stays at least aware of this technology that it’s out there I know that it could be a bit

overwhelming to learn it and use it immediately but stay connected stay

aware and if you want to take advantage of this please reach out and contact John John I I appreciate it very much

and uh I think so all right thank you let everybody go and have enjoy the rest

of your day while us Floridians go and uh all right guys bye-bye take care thanks