The 5 Services You Need To Offer To Stay On Top Of Mailing Trends For 2018

April 13, 2018 • Posted by DM20

While many marketers are busy trying to figure out how to stand out using digital marketing alone, you and I already know that the best way to make an impact is by advertising both online AND offline simultaneously.


It shouldn’t be. These are all exciting changes that you can start implementing in your company today.

Take a look at the hottest services that your clients will be asking for in 2018.

1.Mail Tracking

Mail Tracking allows your client to know when their mail will be hitting mailboxes.

And is such a valuable feature:

Not only does it allow your client to prepare for the influx of calls, but it will enable them to actively engage with the campaign by letting them know when their mail is projected to hit, when it did, etc.

Your client wants to be involved in the process and feel like they’re in control of the marketing campaign. (which is one of the reasons that online marketing is so prevalent as it allows advertisers to track their campaign results in real time.)

Having this service available for your clients is crucial to succeeding in 2018 as a mail house.

2.Call Tracking

This is another one that’ll help your client know that they are in control of their marketing campaign. Allow your clients to know EXACTLY who calls as a direct result of their mailing campaigns.

3.Online Follow-Up

What happens after someone is interested in a postcard?

Nowadays, people will immediately visit the advertised website.

According to Google Analytics, 96% of people will leave a website after visiting for the first time without taking any sort of action.

And here is where the beauty of digital marketing kicks in:

Online Follow-Up allows your client to advertise to their prospect across the entire Google Network until they’re ready to re-visit the website and make a purchase.

4.Social Media Follow-Up

Similarly to Online Follow-Up, this feature allows your client to get the prospect back to their website by advertising both on Facebook AND Instagram.

5. SocialMatch

Repetition is the key to any successful marketing campaign.

Did you know that it takes about 18 times to reach a person for the first time?

What if you could speed up this process so that they’re ready to reach out to you immediately after the mail hits?

Well, now you can.

SocialMatch allows your client to start advertising online to their mailing list even before the mail hits so that by the time it does, your client already feels familiar with their marketing and is prepared to take action.

Remember that in this day and age, you’ll only win if you’re able to offer your clients everything they need to succeed with their marketing campaigns in both online and offline worlds.

Would you like to start offering these services to your clients?

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