The 2018 Dilemma: Digital VS Direct Mail Marketing

March 30, 2018 • Posted by DM20

“Which option is the best for my business?”

We are bombarded by marketing messages at all times during the day.  In fact, the average person receives about 2900 marketing messages per day (Source: including billboards, radio ads, online ads, social media ads, etc. You don’t realize it, but you as an individual are being inundated with messages all day long.

Considering that nowadays people have to go through life trying to ignore thousands upon thousands of useless marketing messages, the modern marketer’s job is to deliver the right message, at the right time, and last but not least, using the right CHANNEL.

Only when mastering all of these, will you be able to get the marketing point across.

Think about it from your client’s perspective:

Nailing all of the above can be difficult, especially if their budget for marketing testing is limited. (Which is the reality in most cases unless they’re a major corporation such as Coca-Cola or McDonald’s)

That’s when your client begins the guessing game:

“Should I attempt digital marketing or keep using traditional marketing?”

To answer their question, we can look into some facts about digital marketing:

-Facebook has over 2 Billion Users World Wide. (So, therefore, I guarantee you that, your audience is somewhere in there.)

-65% of consumers say a digital experience changed their opinion about a brand. (Source:

-People spend about 6 hours per day on the Internet. (Source:

Sounds exciting, right?

Not so fast!

Now it’s time for us to look into direct mail marketing facts:

-Even though direct mail has a higher cost than some digital channels, it also has a higher response rate, thus lowering the cost per acquisition of direct mail and making it competitive with digital: 5.3% vs 0.9% (Source: USPS)

-87% of Millennials like receiving direct mail. (Source: USPS)

-More than 92% of direct mail gets opened. (Source: USPS)

Huh, now you see why it is such a difficult choice for your client to make when it comes to choosing between direct and digital.

But do your clients need to make a choice?

What if you could make the best out of those channels so that your clients can reach their target market on multiple channels?


That’s where the real success is.

Here’s the deal:

Omni-channel marketing is what your client SHOULD be looking at.

Consider that it takes about 18-20 touchpoints to reach someone for the first time in this busy world we live in today.

Then 80% of sales are made between the 8th and the 12th contact once they actually notice you.

The best way to get there is by combining superpowers and getting the most out of both channels.

If doing this sounds overwhelming, remember that we’re here to help.

Keep in mind your clients are always thinking about where to spend most of their marketing budget (digital or direct), so you want to be prepared to offer both- not just one.

If you would like to learn more about how to integrate digital marketing into your direct mail marketing business, please visit to schedule a free demo.