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DirectMail2.0 makes direct mail the most effective form of advertising by integrating it with cutting-edge technology.

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Updated 7/1/2024

Get Real Time Direct Mail Attribution!

Tie interaction back to your mailing list with 100% certainty in real time! Easily export or API the data directly to a CRM to enter into a marketing drip campaign! Have your sales team start following up on those you know are interested based on their engagements! We know mail works, now we can prove it!

About Us

What is DirectMail2.0?

DirectMail2.0 is a marketing-based solution designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign while enhancing the results through the integration of digital platforms. Our marketing platform is designed as an Omnichannel Marketing approach. Turn a single mail piece impression into multiple repetitive impressions to the same audience across multiple platforms. 80% of conversions, sales, donations, or in political "the vote" occur between the 8th and the 12th touch. DirectMail2.0 delivers between 8 and 32 impressions per piece, bringing prospects into the contact margins where conversion takes place to drive a lift in response on your direct mail campaign. 

Lift direct mail response rates 23-46% for pennies per mail piece.


Want to learn “The Keys to Success of Omnichannel Marketing for ROI?”

Download our free white paper which includes a step-by-step guide to an optimized omnichannel marketing plan!

Our Services

15 Technologies: 4 Bundled Platforms to Choose From


Match Facebook and Instagram accounts to the mailing list to deliver social ads to feeds before, during, and after the mailer hits.

Mail Tracking

Know exactly when a mail campaign hits mailboxes, export delivery lists, and receive non-scan data down to the individual mail piece.

Informed Delivery®

Through Informed Delivery® integration, add an additional touchpoint and full color clickable ad through the USPS’s daily mail preview sent via email. Receive a list of who on the mailing list received the email, opened it, and clicked on the ad to show campaign attribution.

QR Codes

Maximize engagement with static or personalized QR Codes. Increase and track the response to mail through our custom reporting dashboard to see various types of scan data including who scanned.

Call & Text Tracking

Track campaign effectiveness by recording every call/text that comes in as a result of the mail campaign, with contact information of respondents when available. Engage prospects and drive incremental conversions by delivering coupons and URLs via SMS from the same call/text tracking number.

Online Follow-Up

Re-engage website visitors who left without converting by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on the Google Display Network.

Social Media Follow-Up

Re-engage website visitors who left without converting by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

YouTube Ads

Capture attention and cut through the clutter with dynamic video instream ads. Serve video ads before users play their favorite YouTube videos to engage the audience.


Demand Gen

Serve video and image ads across Google feed environments including Google Discover, YouTube, Shorts, and Gmail.


Receive a list of anonymous website visitors and direct mail recipients who went to the website that includes contact information and what actions they took to build 9-18% response mailing lists and prove direct mail campaign attribution.

Social Media Geotargeting

Display ads through Facebook and Instagram to direct mail recipients, lookalike and affinity audiences geographically based on the mailing list target areas, keywords and keyphrases, and search/browsing history.

Google Geotargeting

Display ads in the Google Display Network to direct mail recipients, lookalike and affinity audiences geographically based on the mailing list target areas, keywords and keyphrases, and search/browsing history.

Addressable Geo

Geofence the residential or business address of mail recipients to serve ads through the display network to all devices at the address. Track conversions to the website with our sophisticated pixel technology or by foot traffic in stores or commerce locations through device pings.

Email Notifications

Send up to two emails to the mail recipient (before delivery and after delivery), drawing attention to the mail piece. Direct the recipient to click on the mail piece image in the email and visit the website. This raises impressions and engagements to improve campaign results!

Landing Pages

Add Landing Pages to any campaign! These single-page microsites can be standalone or used with our QR Codes, at either the job level or per list. Direct the mail recipient to visit these custom, dynamic landing pages to view more information and/or complete a form. Capture leads and attribution data to track and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI and conversion!

Our Trusted Partners


Partner Feedback

Our trusted partners share their success in using the DirectMail2.0 platform for their client's direct mail campaigns. Our platform works and the end result is happy partners, happy clients, and good results.

With the DirectMail2.0 management portal, you can set up new client campaigns in less than 10 minutes and access their results in real time. Its intuitive, user-friendly design makes it easy to review and manage your clients’ campaigns.



Your customers can see their results in real time via the DirectMail2.0 dashboard where they can track their ROI and attribution on their campaigns and export reports. This also eliminates unnecessary calls to your representatives. Since clients who use DirectMail2.0 get a better response, they reorder 70% more often than those who use traditional direct mail!