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How It
What is DirectMail2.0?
DirectMail2.0 is an add-on service to a direct mail campaign that offers mail tracking, call tracking and Google follow-up ads to any of your clients' campaigns.
How Much Revenue Does it Generate?
Clients are charged per piece for this add-on service and you can estimate additional revenues for your print or advertising business of 1-7 cents per piece over what you are currently charging. This means that if you are currently selling 50 million mail pieces per year, the additional revenue will be between $500,000 and $3.5M for your business depending on the size of each individual campaign you are selling.
What is Involved in White Labeling DirectMail2.0?
Starting to sell DirectMail2.0 is a simple process. First, your portal is created, which is customized with your logo. Next, we work with your team to roll out training and marketing to your existing customers. The entire process is already created. You just benefit from the additional revenue.
Why Should I Become an Authorized Partner for DirectMail2.0?
DirectMail2.0 combines direct mail with the raw power of Google and Facebook retargeting to get users a better return on their investment. Instead of just utilizing traditional direct mail, which we all know works, DirectMail2.0 tracks mail, tracks and records phone responses, tracks online responses and automatically follows up with online leads. Each of these aspects are essential to the maximum success of a campaign. Do you have access to get all of these services individually? The answer is yes. However, DirectMail2.0 is the only software that brings everything together under one integrated dashboard system. So why reinvent the wheel? We have tested it, perfected it, and it has been proven to work! We did it first and we do it best. So stay ahead of the curve and join our growing team of Authorized DirectMail2.0 Partners.
OK, I get how it works, now how do I sell it?
Great question! Once you become an Authorized Partner, our team at DirectMail2.0 will work with you on developing a strategy to roll this out to your sales team. We have proven marketing pieces and resources that you will have unlimited access to. We also have an amazing sales training program. DirectMail2.0 is an extremely profitable addon for your sales reps to sell. We all know the saying, "money talks". Increased average order size means higher commissions. Don't worry, your people will want to sell this product and we're here to help make sure that happens!