Postage Discounts…Waste of Time?

April 18, 2022 • Posted by DM20

5 Reasons they are NOT and you should take advantage of them!

We’ve all heard about postage discounts and the 2% the USPS is giving us off postage rates. First thought is “Big deal! 2%?? Who do they think they are? Apple?!” (As we know, Apple almost never has a sale! When they finally do, discounts are in the single digits!). The truth is, Apple’s Black Friday sales are one of the biggest revenue producers in retail. Period.

Even though the immediate reaction is “Who cares?” I believe we should care deeply and take every advantage that is offered in this area for the following 5 reasons:

  • A penny saved, is a penny Pennies = Profits. No really, 1 cent. This is what you are saving on a typical 1st class stamp. This adds up. Obviously, there is an economy of scale here, but whether you are doing 5000 or 5,000,000 pieces, those numbers add up. Buy a coffee or a new piece of equipment. Let those pennies fall right to the bottom line.
  • Get new customers! Many printers pocket the profits, others pass them. This is a great way to win with customers from printers who are not passing it along to the You now have a tiny margin to use to win that bid! Go out and get it and perhaps keep that customer for life in doing so. You must give before you receive.
  • Embrace new Services & Change and disruption is inevitable. Some of us embrace it and some of us not so much. This is that ever so gentle nudge to keep us from going over the precipice of extinction in an age-old industry. This forces us to keep innovating, finding new things the clients will try, love and hopefully repeat… not to mention perhaps finding a better mousetrap.
  • It’s really not that We each know all too well how verbose and over-complicated the USPS can be in their documentation, explanations and speed at which they move. This is truly not the case here. There are dozens of partners and vendors who have streamlined this process. It literally takes minutes to get your promotion applied and realized with actual dollars saved! Search out those veteran, pre-approved partners.
  • Just because you should! There is some duty and responsibility that we support the USPS and their programs because we need them. We need them to succeed, stay relevant and continue to ensure they improve their own processes and abilities into the I am sure most would agree we have the biggest postal and logistics system on earth, and we need to stay that way. Participating to the fullest is the best way to ensure it continues to be so.

Shameless plug… Directmail2.0 is one of those pre-approved technology vendors who facilitate your emerging and advanced technology discounts within minutes.

We have been doing this for 4 years now and are about as close to one gets in terms of experts in this area. We have pre-qualifying technology programs and a seamless process to submit your discount paperwork as part of our patent-pending direct mail marketing platform. We have helped our partners get their discount paperwork approved in as little as 2-3 minutes when using our platform.

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Republished from NPSOA Magazine, April 2021