Morgan DiGiorgio on Think Factory Podcast

March 12, 2024 • Posted by Michelle

Explore the intersection of technology and traditional marketing with Morgan DiGiorgio, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at DirectMail2.0, in this engaging podcast episode. Delve into the fascinating world of direct mail campaigns and discover how DirectMail2.0, a martech company, integrates up to 14 different technologies to enhance the effectiveness of print marketing. From tracking mail and showing attribution to boosting response rates, learn how the podcast’s guest emphasizes the crucial role of direct mail in creating lasting impressions, especially for mature adults, and explores the synergy between digital and physical marketing channels in today’s evolving landscape. Join the conversation to gain insights into the future of direct mail and its pivotal role in creating meaningful relationships, trust, and ROI in the marketing ecosystem.

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Morgan DiGiorgio is a polished and influential sales and marketing executive renowned for consistently surpassing ambitious sales targets, launching successful products, and fostering impactful partnerships. With a track record of driving maximum company profitability, Morgan is a proven leader and mentor, excelling in steering improvement projects and optimizing internal operations to build and guide top-performing teams. Widely recognized as a sought-after speaker for industry events, Morgan brings persuasive communication skills and industry expertise to keynote opportunities.

In addition to her corporate leadership, Morgan is an adept real estate investor, operating as a sole proprietor since April 2018. In just seven months, she mastered the intricacies of the real estate industry, obtaining a Real Estate License while simultaneously building and leading a team of 11 real estate agents. Morgan’s skills in negotiation, contract oversight, and marketing efforts showcase her versatility in successfully managing real estate investments and related opportunities.

Currently serving as the Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at DirectMail2.0, Morgan oversees sales divisions, playing a pivotal role in coordinating marketing efforts. In this capacity, she has demonstrated her ability to create, build, and train multiple divisions for various sales efforts, including reseller inside and outside sales teams. Morgan’s role extends to delivering compelling presentations to large audiences, participating in conferences and trade shows, and contributing to the development and improvement of the company’s product offering platform. Her commitment to building lucrative relationships with partners and clients underscores her strategic approach to business development and client satisfaction.

DirectMail2.0 is a leading marketing solution that seamlessly tracks direct mail campaigns and elevates overall results through omnichannel marketing, utilizing 13 distinct digital technologies within one user-friendly platform. Originating as an innovative product incubated within a prominent print and mail company, the platform garnered immediate acclaim when introduced to the broader market in late 2015. With ongoing enhancements led by experienced CEO Brad Kugler and a team of industry experts, DirectMail2.0 has swiftly evolved into a standalone entity, serving hundreds of printer/mailers nationwide and delivering tens of thousands of successful campaigns, propelling its mission to integrate seamlessly into every direct mail marketing endeavor in the United States.

Chris: I’m your host, Chris Santomassimo, and I’m from OGC Solutions. And with me today is Morgan DiGiorgio from DirectMail2.0. Welcome to the podcast.

Morgan: Hey, Chris, thanks for having me. Happy to be here.

Chris: And the listeners can’t see it, but your camera just turned back on, so we’re good to go.

Morgan: Having technology mishap here, huh?

Chris: Yeah, probably one of the reasons we do a podcast instead of a video podcast, right. Just to make it easy. So for folks that are familiar with the podcast, they’re going to see a number of recordings from professionals in not only printing, but especially in the direct mail print space. One of the reasons that we’ve done a few is that, you know, I find it really interesting, this whole dynamic in connection between technology and that more traditional method of marketing. But what I think is the most intriguing really is that connection to the technology side of what makes print really, really cool and interesting. And then also companies like DirectMail2.0 that can help businesses by using technology foster their growth. So I would love to learn a little bit more about DirectMail2.0 and some of the things that you do for printers in the mail space.

Morgan: Sure. Yeah. I mean, that’s exactly what we do. We are a martech company. We integrate up to 14 different technologies into direct mail campaigns to make them more effective. Doing a couple of different things, either one seamlessly or tracking the mail, showing attribution, but two, and most importantly, lifting and boosting the response to mail. So DirectMail2.0 our sole purpose is to make direct mail the most effective form of marketing by integrating it with cutting edge technology. And from a print mailers perspective, partnering with DirectMail2.0 or having an opportunity to be a reseller really gives them the ability to add a lot more value to their clients direct mail campaigns at something that is a unique selling proposition for them. It will set them apart from other print mailers in the industry, and they’re doing something above and beyond just putting ink on paper. And if I just think about all of the challenges that we’ve been experiencing and absorbing in this this industry over the last few years. One being postage increases twice a year. A customer is consistently paying more for exactly the same product. So for a mailer to be able to come in and really add more value for their direct mail customers, get them a better result. It’s a lot more sticky and and it’s really, really valuable for them.

Chris: Well, to your point about, you know, the cost of it, I think just to be fair to the to the direct mail printers, isn’t it true that a direct mail piece has got a much more lasting impact and, as you said, stickiness than an email or a text message or something like that?

Morgan: 100%. I mean, I am a huge advocate for direct mail. First and foremost, direct mail, in my opinion, is the most powerful marketing channel that there is. And there’s so much statistical data that backs it up. So you don’t have to just take my word for it, you know, go out there and do a little bit of research and you will see that marketing experts from all around because so much statistical data about the power of direct mail and it’s tangible it has high brand recalled activate centers in the brain for a long lasting impression. It stays in the household much longer. A digital ad is, you know, a second in someone’s mind. It’s there and it’s gone. And I think about my personal experience too, like emails were inundated with emails. When I wake up in the morning, I’m just delete, delete, delete. I don’t see the marketing message that was on that email that I deleted. It’s gone. When I go out to my mailbox and I get a mailbox, I see the impression before I make a decision to discard it or maybe put it in that saying, Hey, listen, you know, this is something I want to look into. If it’s a really great offer and something I’m very interested, of course I take action right away.

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