More Marketers Moving Money Into Direct Mail

July 14, 2022 • Posted by DM20

As social media and digital advertising grew, many people thought direct mail would drop off. After all, marketing mail had become plagued with the moniker of “junk mail” and was historically expensive to produce and tricky to target. Digital ads could be easily tracked to leads and ROI.

Yet, this shiny new modern method of marketing quickly reached the point of digital fatigue. We are simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of emails, texts, notifications, and online ads we see every day.

Research shows that more than half of consumers want direct mail from brands that interest them. 70% say these physical engagements are more personal than online interactions. And they are five to nine times more likely to respond to direct mail than any other marketing channel.

So, do marketers now revert to the old “spray and pray” approach of blindly sending pieces of direct mail to everyone with a mailbox? No! Direct mail has evolved! It can now be integrated with digital technology for targeting, tracking, enhancing, and personalization.

Marketing leaders are hopping back on the direct mail train, with 54% increasing their spend in 2022 and 69% planning to spend even more next year.

“Direct mail is a tactic that enables marketers to engage their core audiences across the entire buyer journey – from initial top-of-funnel awareness to ongoing customer success,” said PFL, the Livingston, MT-based printing/fulfillment company that commissioned the study. “This includes from early product or service discovery (72%) to the point of conversion (63%), and through customer engagement and enrichment (54%) to foster deeper brand relationships and encourage customer advocacy.”

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