5 Ways to Keep the Revenue Coming in Despite Supply Chain Woes

May 9, 2022 • Posted by DM20

Targeted digital-only campaigns by address.

Digital campaigns are NOT a replacement for the printed piece by any means but if supply chain issues prevent you from mailing on time or on schedule this can be a viable interim solution.  The main goal of a targeted digital-only campaign is to drive traffic to a website or landing page or even a phone call or chat. These campaigns are less expensive than traditional marketing campaigns because they can be created and distributed without printing or mailing any material. Just take your clients mailing list as a targeted list for a digital campaign.  You can target digitally with just an address.  To better target append name, phone or email and improve reach.  On most advertising platforms you can expand the audience with a look-a-like list that adds more people with similar tastes and demographics to your mailing list. If familiar with Google or FB advertising platforms the above can easily be performed in house. Otherwise any digital agency or even DirectMail2.0 can help with this.


Start collecting leads for a future direct mail re-targeting campaign for your customers.

It is now possible to build a mailing list of people who visit your website.  This is done by placing a specialized pixel like LEADMatch from DirectMail2.0 on your clients site.  Depending on your clients traffic to their site you can build quite a sizable mailing list in weeks.  Usually these mailing lists will include some analytical data on what each visitor did while on the site, specifically things like what pages were most visited or where time was spent.  Using this granular data you can create hyper targeted mailing lists with specific offers that match the visitors behavior on the website. The pricing is inexpensive. In most cases under 15-20 cents per mailing address with all the behavioral information data for each visitor to properly target them. 


Have local business marketing and networking events/open house at your plant.

A great way to market your business is by providing a personal touch and showing that you care about your customers and community. Hosting local business events is a great way to connect and build relationships. There are many ways to host an event, but the most successful ones usually involve interactive activity. Activities can range from education, Q&A sessions, or even product demos. For example, you can have a business event open house or hold a business seminar to teach members of the local community how they can better use direct mail.  Food and drink ALWAYS attract people!   Consider partnering with a neighboring business or inviting other sponsors to pay for food and drink!


Capture additional revenue streams from existing customers.

The cost of acquiring new customers is something to be aware of- it’s 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than maintain an existing one.  Do a quick survey of customers and competitors to see if there are other services you can add and pitch to your existing clients. You can also use a pixel like LEADMatch from DirectMail2.0 to see what other products or services existing clients are interested in or looking at on your website. Offer discounts and other benefits to new prospects and repeat customers. Encourage them to buy in bulk, then get paid upfront with a deposit of 10-15% of the total amount. This will help you keep the cash flowing and your business running strong.


Use postal promotions to help clients save money on postage.

With postage rates going up this summer are you pitching and aware of the postal discounts? The U.S Postal Service has a new promotion calendar and it’s designed for marketing, printing, and mailing customers. Here are the categories where postage discounts apply:

  • Tactile, Sensory, & Interactive Mailpiece Engagement Promotion
  • Emerging & Advanced Technology Promotion
  • Earned Value Promotion
  • Personalized Color Transpromo Promotion
  • Informed Delivery Promotion
  • Mobile Shopping Promotion

Go to https://www.usps.com/business/promotions-incentives.htm for all the discounts and see how you can make them work for you.

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Republished from NPSOA Magazine