Increase Donations on Non-Profit Mailings & Save with Postage Discounts

September 9, 2022 • Posted by DM20

How to Make Sure You Are Delivering the Best Results for Your Non-Profit Clients

We typically associate the use of advertising strategies with for-profit companies, but the Non-Profits, 501(c)(3)s, and Foundations need effective marketing campaigns just as much, if not more and the most charitable season for donations is upon us. Printers can appeal to non-profit organizations right now, especially with the use of postage discounts on mail campaigns and prospective donor identification technology.

An astonishing $2.7 billion was donated to American non-profits by 35 million people on GivingTuesday in 2021. It’s among the few days of the year where people are actively seeking causes to support, rather than the other way around. This is a great opportunity to rally the community and engage supporters ahead of this year’s event which will be November 29th.

The key is to ensure the relationship with supporters is experiential rather than transactional. Beware of donor fatigue! People want lots of ways to show support for the causes they care about, and on GivingTuesday, the vast majority of people also take some other action besides giving dollars. Providing multiple touch points, messages and opportunities to show support helps make organizations relevant and inspiring.

Help your clients get creative on how to participate in GivingTuesday, whether it’s hosting a food drive, toy drive, fall festival, golf outing, raffle, volunteer recruitment event, or even collaborating with other local groups. The type of event they choose will largely depend on their target audience. A meaningful conversation is hard to start, let alone continue if you don’t know whom you’re talking to; what is their age, employment, motivations, hobbies, communication preferences?

According to the most recent edition of the Blackbaud Institute Charitable Giving Report, mail is still the most popular way to reach donors for causes and organizations of all kinds. In 2020, 12.9% of fundraising came from online donations, according to the study data. That means 87% of money is raised from offline channels – like mail.

Targeted mailing lists help non-profits find new supporters that fit the organization’s ideal demographics. Leverage the power of prospective donor identification technology to track and record exactly who visited a website and showed an interest in specific causes, even if they didn’t take any actions on the site. Receive the physical addresses of those website visitors to create a personalized direct mail retargeting campaign. It only requires one pixel placement on the site.

Direct mail can be a powerful driving force for acquiring, upgrading, and keeping donors and members, but combining mail with online channels delivers the consistency and repetition that is essential for modern marketing. Not only will your non-profit clients receive better results, but they can receive a 4% postage discount by using Informed Delivery ads.

USPS provides postage incentives for technology that makes the direct mail marketing channel more effective. The Informed Delivery promotion is double the discount from last year and runs through December 31st. Encourage your clients to have their mail piece accompanied by a full-color, clickable ad within the Informed Delivery email preview sent by the USPS as part of their omni-channel campaign and take advantage of the 4% postage discount.

For-profit businesses can save with this discount as well, while also launching a GivingTuesday campaign to build trust and goodwill with the community as part of this global day of generosity. Raise funds on behalf of a cause your company cares about, coordinate a drive of specific goods at your storefront, organize a staff visit to elderly neighbors who may live alone or need help with errands; the possibilities are endless and the effect will be profound.

Consumers want to support brands who give to others and do their part to make their community a better place. Join the millions around the world in giving back, spreading kindness, and showing how together we can be a force for good.

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