Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Call us at 800-956-4129, email us at or simply fill out the form below! We’ll be happy to provide a FREE live demonstration to show you how it works.

Once you sign on, you can offer DirectMail2.0 to your clients within 48 hours. We’ll give you high-resolution marketing materials that you can use to promote the service to your clients with your branding, six hours of interactive sales training and unlimited sales and technical support.

What is DirectMail2.0?

DirectMail2.0 is a marketing automation platform that is designed to seamlessly track the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns while enhancing overall results through omnichannel marketing with the integration of digital platforms. You fulfill your clients’ direct mail order as usual, and we do the rest.

DirectMail2.0 provides 14 different technologies through various conveniently bundled packages:

  • SocialMatch
  • Mail Tracking
  • QR Codes
  • Informed Delivery
  • Call & Text Tracking
  • Online Follow-up
  • Social Media Follow-up
  • LEADMatch
  • YouTube Ads
  • Discovery Ads
  • Google Geotargeting
  • Social Media Geotargeting
  • Addressable Geo
  • Email Notifications

With the DirectMail2.0 management portal, you can set up new client campaigns in less than 10 minutes and access their results in real time. Its intuitive, user-friendly design makes it easy to review and manage your clients’ campaigns.

Your customers can see their results in real time via the DirectMail2.0 dashboard, which helps them feel more in control of their campaigns and eliminates unnecessary calls to your representatives. And since clients who use DirectMail2.0 get a better response, they reorder 70% more often than those who use traditional direct mail!

Do my clients need a Google account to use DirectMail2.0?

Nope! We set up everything for them. All they need is a business website or landing page to get started. Then they just need a computer with internet access to be able to log in to the client dashboard and see exactly how their campaigns are performing.

Can I customize the dashboard with my own branding?

Absolutely. When your clients access their results via the DirectMail2.0 dashboard, it looks as though they are dealing directly with YOUR business. They never know another company is involved.


How does DirectMail2.0 track mailings?

DirectMail2.0 integrates with USPS Informed Visibility via API. You simply add the barcode to your client’s mail piece and their dashboard is updated with the mail tracking data. This helps your client prepare for the influx of new calls and have peace of mind that what they are paying for is being delivered.


How does DirectMail2.0 track online responses?

Through our sophisticated pixel technologies. Call 800-956-4129 or email to receive a demo to learn more.

How much does it cost to offer DirectMail2.0?

We have several options to fit any partner. Call 800-956-4129 and speak with one of our Business Development reps to see what option is right for you!


What do I need to change to accommodate DirectMail2.0?

Nothing! You design and deliver your clients’ materials as usual, and leave the rest to us. When you sign up to deliver DirectMail2.0 we’ll provide you with everything you need:

  • Editable, high-resolution marketing materials
  • Unlimited sales and tech support
  • A trained salesperson to teach your staff how to sell an integrated campaign to your clients

We DO recommend adding DirectMail2.0 to your website so your new and existing clients know about it — we provide you with all the copy and graphics, so it’s easy!

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