Direct Mail Retargeting by Morgan DiGiorgio for Southern Area PCCs

September 11, 2023 • Posted by Michelle

Morgan DiGiorgio, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for DirectMail2.0, talks about marketing solutions that drive results with her presentation on Direct Mail Retargeting for the Southern Area Postal Customer Councils. This broad marketing strategy utilizes technology to identify website visitors and then retarget them with direct mail. She also discusses the United States Postal Service’s current promotion which begins in September and how this strategy utilizes specific promos.


I am Robert Road of the southwest Florida PCC I also work with Tampa Bay sunos PCC and uh directly with Morgan uh

gives me great pleasure to introduce our guest speaker today Morgan g d Giorgio

uh now Morgan is a senior vice president of sales and marketing for Direct Mail 2.0 and that specializes in direct mail

digital integration and the utilization of technologies that increase Direct Mail response rates and drive return on

investment for marketing spend she has 18 years of professional experience in

various business sectors and is a subject matter expert for Marketing Solutions that drive results please help

me welcome from the Tampa Bay Sun Coast PCC Morgan

dorio thank you Robert so much what a wonderful event where so many great

groups can come together uh and joined us today I’m really excited to be here uh and have the opportunity to talk

about a subject that I’m extremely passionate about and that is the utilization of technology to deploy

effective marketing campaigns utilizing my favorite marketing channel Direct Mail so we are going to talk today or I

am going to talk about direct mail retargeting and also uh the new brand new

USPS 5% Direct Mail retargeting uh postal promotion so I

will talk a little bit about that today as well so first things first just to

talk about the foundation of it all and the average business uses more than four

different marketing channels uh in their marketing efforts so they’re either utilizing one of these two different

types of strategies the first one is an omni Channel marketing strategy and this is where we start with the customer and

we are delivering a consistent seamless experience across all channels now I’m

sure that you are all very familiar with the USPS informed delivery and that is a

very good example of the utilization of an omni Channel marketing strategy we have a direct mail piece we are

displaying the exact same message that’s going out on the mail piece through that informed delivery campaign prior to that

mail recipient receiving that mail in their mailbox and then we also embed that full color ride along that looks

just like the mail piece underneath so seamless consistent experience that is Omni Channel marketing the second type

of marketing strategy is something called multi-channel marketing and this starts with the business and we are

delivering different marketing messages through different channels to the end user of course The Branding is similar

we’re branding marketing for the organization but the offers may not be the same uh and the schematics and

everything about that creative probably looks different as it’s being deployed through different channels and in a lot

of times to different audiences so when we have uh our marketing strategy being

deployed uh when people respond to marketing they go online MIT did a study

and they found that about 90% of consumers when they respond to marketing are going to go online and I don’t need

a study to know that because I know that that is how I respond to marketing and I’m sure that everybody on uh the call

today can identify with that someone tells you about a new product or service you see a social media ad you receive a

direct mail piece you see a billboard if you are interested or you respond to that marketing channel you’re going to

go online you want to learn a little bit more about that product or service or about that company which is fantastic

that means that our marketing strategy is working it is driving that initial conversion and driving that Prospect to

the website the challenge is that according to Google analytics which

Google analytics is something that can be placed on a website and track website activity

96% of the website visitors that were driven by the marketing uh through that

initial conversion leave they leave without taking an action they don’t buy anything they don’t fill out a form they

don’t tell you that they’re there they don’t tell you that they have an interest they came to your website and

they leave so where do they go when they leave well consumers typically will go

to a competitor’s website we want to be a Savvy buyer and we have access to a

ton of information in today’s day and age so I know for me personally if I have an interest in a product or service

I’m going to look at a a couple different companies that have a similar product or service I want to see what

their reputation looks like I want to read reviews I want to ensure that they’re reputable and that they have

good customer service or what is their return policy I I personally could spend

quite a bit of time even just on Amazon looking at the same product through a couple of different Sellers and reading

the reviews right so very important we’re spending a lot of money through

our Market marketing campaigns to drive these initial conversions but we have 96% of those people that showed that

interest leaving and they’re going to competitors websites so we need a strategy so that we can get back in

front of them and earn their business so who are these website visitors well we

have exhibit a this is a casual browser this is somebody that is probably never going to buy they’re just on your

website casually browsing don’t really have any any serious interest then we have exhibit B this is an undecided

consumer they are interested they’re on the website but they’re just not ready to purchase right now then we have

Exhibit C that is an active Shopper ready to buy cash in hand right now and they convert that is your 4% that

converts right away so who we want to focus on

um is uh the undecided consumers right the 96% of the website visitors that

leave without taking taking an action so what do we do how do we get them back

well most businesses utilize digital retargeting to re-engage their website visitors and I’m sure that we have all

been a product of digital retargeting you go to a website uh you look at that

pair of shoes or your on Home Depot’s website looking at that new grill you know before Labor Day and next thing you

know as you’re browsing the internet you start seeing a picture of that item all over the Internet maybe you see it in

your social social media news feed as you’re scrolling you’re on you know the CNN or The Weather Channel website and

you see a picture of that item that is digital retargeting you are being retargeted through the digital marketing

ecosystem and we we all experience this on a daily basis I know at least I do so

most businesses have that incorporated into their marketing strategy but did you know that you can do a very similar

type of marketing approach with Direct Mail so Direct Mail retargeting is when we

send a custom direct mail piece to website visitors based on the actions that they took on the website so now I’m

looking at that pair of shoes or I’m looking at that new grill and next thing I know 244872 hours later I have a postcard in

my mailbox with a picture of that item and a really phenomenal offer that’s going to push me over the edge to come

back and make that purchase and 47% of marketing respondents report that were

targeted Direct Mail increase conversion rates which I’m not surprised because

Direct Mail is an extremely effective form of marketing so this is actually

some data from the United States Postal Service okay there was a webinar that they put on a couple of months ago when

they were starting to talk about their direct mail retargeting promo uh seven out of 10 online carts are abandoned

equating to about $18 billion doll in sales left hanging that is a lot of

Revenue being left on the table I don’t know if we have any mailers uh on on our

call today but I am sure that you have clients that would love an opportunity

to use an effective marketing strategy to tap in and convert some of this $18

billion dollar that is being left on the table and think about all the additional

value that we can be adding for our clients uh and have extremely happy customer customers that are utilizing an

effective form of marketing to drive additional Revenue into their organizations so digital media and

Direct Mail together is garnering around 39% more attention than digital only

campaigns so there’s a lot of reasons for that and I I will talk a little bit more about that in just a minute so wow

direct meil targeting how does this work how do I send a direct mail piece to

someone that was on on my website with a picture of that item that they were looking at well there is very

sophisticated some might call a little bit creepy but sophisticated technology

that is out there um that gives us the ability to De anonymize a website visitor and grab information about them

and the actions that they took on a website so a couple of different data

sets are pulled here with this technology when someone goes to a website there are different things that

we can pull about them to identify who they are and the first thing that we look at is their IP address so what IP

address are they pinging off of and who is that IP address affiliated with now this is a kind of a broad and general uh

data point and it’s not always the most accurate because an IP address can change every time that you reboot your

modem that IP address changes but in general it’s a very good first level

data set to De anonymize that website visitor so we want to look a few layers further after that IP address

verification so then we want to look into the device ID so what device am I

utilizing on the website is my work computer is that registered to me is it a home PC is it my cell phone that’s

definitely registered to me uh but what if it’s not what if I’m on my husband’s

phone plan for some reason it’s registered to him well then we can look into the cookies on the device now some

people I don’t know they have kind of a LoveHate relationship with cookies me personally I love cookies I enable

cookies for convenience sake and I will give you a couple of reasons why and you probably do the same so I hate to have

to put in my personal information my first name last name address phone number email every time I go to buy

something I don’t want to have to do that every single time so I enable cookies on my devices for convenience

sake so that I can just pop in and start typing Morgan and all everything autop

populates my name address phone number boom there you go that is a cookie and guess what that cookie encapsulates my

name my address my phone number my email address all of this data about me um my

phone knows pretty much everything about me it knows how many steps I take in a day it knows where I go um it knows that

I go to the office four to five days a week and if get into my car in the morning and there was an accident a

little uh notification might pop up and it might say heavy traffic an additional 25 minutes to XYZ destination because my

phone knows my behavior those are cookies right so a lot of us enable

those for convenience sake so this technology takes all of the data that’s garnered from that IP device ID cookies

on the device geolocational factors where is the device being utilized and in how many instances and for how long

like for example uh you know Direct Mail 2.0 address we can see oh she’s at 600

Cleveland Street Monday through fi Friday during the hours of 8 A.M and 4 and she’s at you know whatever Lagoon

Drive on mostly Saturday and Sunday so this technology can clearly identify what is probably my residential address

okay so that is how we gather the information about these website visitors now we do have a technology uh that

utilizes uh all of these different types of ways to identify a website visitor and I want to keep this purely

educational but I just want to talk a little bit about how uh our technology Works to give you a little bit of mass

as to how we can utilize this technology to deploy effective Direct Mail targeting campaigns so what we’re really

doing here in in the identification of those website visitors is we are

building a mailing list and we’re not just building any mailing list we are building one of the most effective

mailing lists that there are so on average around 65% of marketing is who

you are marketing to right that’s why if I’m going to um deploy a direct mail

campaign for the customer the first thing that I want to acquire for them is a rock solid list right and I want to

make sure that I’m marketing to the right people I’m not going to send a direct mail piece uh for a dog product

to people that don’t own a dog right and so utilizing technology like this we can

identify the people that are literally raising their hand and telling you I am interested right now I am on your

website and I am telling you that I am interested and that specifically I am an on these product pages and this is

specifically what I am interested in now in addition to being able to grab a 95%

accurate residential address for a website visitor you can see the pages that they visited so you know in

particular what they were interested in so now when you send them a direct mail piece to that 95% accurate residential

address you can incorporate a picture of that product or service that they were

specifically looking at and there’s a lot of other data that you can grab as well in terms of their actions taken on

the website for example I can see when did they come to the website last how

many pages did they view how much time did they spend on those pages how many times did they come back to the website

so let’s say that I want to put together an extremely targeted Direct Mail campaign and I want to trim all of the

fat off of this list and I want to utilize my marketing dollars to target the people that are the most plausible

going to convert well I probably only want to Market to the people that spent the most amount of time on the website

or who came back to the website uh the most times right so those are the the

people that are the most most likely to convert and so this is all of the data that we can grab to put together

extremely targeted and personalized Direct Mail campaigns um and what I can

tell you is that on average we see around a 9 to an 18% response rate when

lists that are created from technology like this are mailed to and that’s an

astronomical statistic for a direct modil response rate I mean you ask any client what their average response rate

to mail is if they have the ability to effectively track it and they’re going to tell you on average probably about 1%

so if you can get around a 9 to an 18% response rate on a direct mail campaign

I mean you’re knocking your client socks off now why are we able to achieve a

response rate like that when we utilize Direct Mail we targeting and the answer is because it is the Silver Bullet of

marketing you are marketing to the right people at the right place at the right

time with the right message and a good offer and call to action based on all of

the information that you have the ability to acquire about them through the utilization of

technology so 81% of consumers want Brands to know

them and understand when to approach them and when not to so sometimes uh you

know people might tell me that oh you know I don’t want to bother my customers with retargeting them or you know by

displaying a lot of messages to them or people actually prefer to be marketed to in that way absolutely I want to be

marketed to with a good offer about a product or service that I’m interested in or that I already have a need for why

would I not want to receive an offer for 15 20% off for a new Leo that I have to

buy for my daughter for her gymnastics competition in a month anyway why would I not want to be Mar marketed to about

products and services that I have a need for if I know that my air conditioning is on its way out and I’m going to have

to make a heavy investment of 5 to 10 grand and my online activity is showing that I’m interested in air conditionings

right now why would I not want to be shown the best latest and greatest offers out there for something that I

have a need for so this technology is giving us the ability to get right in

front of people with a marketing message that they are telling us that they’re interested in right so we can Market to

people in a way that they want us to and you know I said I was going to talk a

little bit about why the injection of direct mail is so important and it’s

this right here so on average a consumer is seeing anywhere between four to

10,000 marketing messages a day now sometimes the statistic is just even a little bit overwhelming for me to digest

but when they’re talking about this they’re talking about digital ads Direct Mail logos on t-shirts Billboards email

I mean we are seeing branding and messaging all over the place whether it’s on a pen a coffee cup there’s

marketing messages everywhere so we are inundated with marketing messages and a

lot of things are getting lost in this marketing ecosystem and in the digital

marketing ad space but when we can inject a tangible direct mailpiece into

our marketing strategy and do something different and stand out in someone’s mailbox you’re making an impression so

the injection of mail in a marketing campaign is a is an extremely effective marketing strategy and there’s so many

reasons for that I mean we know the power of mail we live breathe and eat this every day I’m I’m a huge advocate

just going around talking about the power of mail and how it takes less cognitive effort to process a marketing

message you know when I go out to my mailbox and I grab my mail I look at it

all before I make the decision to maybe discard something or decide if I’m not interested in that when I wake up in the

morning and I open an email inbox and there’s all this stuff that I have no interest in and I just delete it all I

never received the marketing message on the email that I deleted but I received

the marketing message on the mail piece that I decide that I’m not interested in

right so Direct Mail is just such a powerful and effective Channel um and

injecting that into our marketing strategy is just so so effective um so

data pending I talked a little bit about some of the information that we can grab

um from people online uh also oh you know I wanted to say that uh if

anybody’s interested in having the ability to pull business data from

technology like this you absolutely can do that as well so I talked about how technology out there can give us

information on uh a personal or an indivi on a person or an individual getting that 95% accurate residential

address but the technology also can give you business data so you can get company

name uh you know a bunch of contacts at that organization their phone numbers their emails their LinkedIn URLs now me

personally I feel that grabbing the residential data about the prospect at

the business is also an extremely effective marketing strategy now uh with

marketing uh there’s no perfect science so I would say hey why don’t you run a test and see

which one works best for you but I guess just to give you an example let’s say that Morgan at Direct

Mail 2.0 goes on ABC mailer’s website and because I need a direct mail campaign done for our office and I leave

that website you might get direct mail 2.0 my contact information Brads a

couple of our sales reps but you will specifically know that it was me Morgan

de Georgia that was on your website that had an interest in that Direct Mail campaign but if you pulled my

residential information you would know that it was me and you could send me a

direct mail piece directly to my personal mailbox with a really good offer and probably make a very good

impression on me because I can assure you I most likely looked at four or five other competitors or their organizations

deciding upon who I I want to give my business to right so you can make an impression on me now if you send it to

direct Mill 2.0 there’s a good possibility that it may make it to me or it may not it may not make it past the

gatekeeper may not make it to my desk so but you can get both you can get

residential or you can get business information okay that’s enough of that little tangent now back to data pending

so I told you about the information that you can get from that technology but there are ways that we can even further

uh personalize our our Direct Mail retargeting strategy by using data

append so you have a postal address you have information about that website

visitor what they looked at their actions taken on the website but maybe you want to append other data for a

couple of different reasons uh maybe you are a luxury real estate company and you

pull all of the information about the people that were on your website but before you send them this very expensive

luxurious direct mail package trying to coer them into listing their

multi-million dollar home with you um or utilizing you as a luxury real estate

agent to find their new home you might want to append some additional data like do they own a single family home what is

their income information so that you can be sure that you’re investing your marketing dollars and mailing to the

right people and maybe not just somebody that’s on the website daydreaming about when they win the lottery uh and

printing out a picture of something something to put on their vision board right so there’s a lot of ways that we can improve uh the targeting and uh not

just targeting but even personalization of our Direct Mail we’re targeting by appending other data about that

individual you know maybe I’m a uh a car dealership and I want to append vehicles in the home and I want to put a picture

of their car on their direct mail piece and say hi I would like to buy your car come on in right um and this is so

important because nearly 80% of consumers are more likely to do business

with a company that is offering a personalized experience 78% of consumers will only

engage in offers if they have been personalized to their previous engagements with a brand so that could

mean their previous engagements from a marketing perspective like what I’ve been talking about here what they’ve

been looking at on their website or that might be based on past purchases with theany company I may want a coupon for

something that I purchase from you frequently right so they’re previous engagements and the mere fact that even

if you just put a name on a printed mail piece that can increase response rates by as much as

135% so this is an example of a direct mail retargeting postcard okay says hi

Jay we know you’re a sneakerhead and we got you it doesn’t say hey Jay uh we’re

creepers we know you were on our website and we want you to come back and buy our Sneakers but you can see that they

utilize personalization here so they appended his name to the address they

know in particular that he was interested in the new collection so they’re giving him 15% off of the new

collection um and they they’ve got a picture of the shoes right there like if I’m looking at a pair of shoes online

and uh I say oh my God you know I better up if another box shows up at my house my husband’s going to file for a divorce

I don’t need these you know but something might pop up and say wait 10% off if you buy these now and I’m like

10% isn’t worth it and I leave but maybe a couple days later I get a mail piece

that says 20% off and free shipping if I buy two and now I think you know what

I’m going to come back and make that purchase and so that is just a good example of direct M targeting right

there so let’s talk a little bit about the four

stages of direct mail targeting so first stage is the awareness stage this is

someone that is just casually browsing they’re probably not really looking to

make a purchase this is you know an undecided consumer this is they’re just kind of starting that that buying

Journey right they’re looking at the homepage maybe some category level pages but they’re not drilling down into

specific products or services so when we were Target them with mail we want to

include a very broad message just general about the company and the brand product Services um but something that’s

relevant then we have prospects and consumers that are in the actual

consideration stage they have come back to the website multiple times at least

just more than one they’re viewing the same Pages they’re looking at the same products multiple times they have a

strong interest and that’s the direct M targeting piece should speak specifically to what they were browsing

with a compelling offer they keep coming back they just need a little something

extra to push them over that finish line and drive them in to convert then we have the purchase stage

and this is an actual abandoned shopping cart or abandoned form and and this is

the strongest purchase intense single that you you could have I’ve actually added it to my car but for some reason

or another I didn’t convert and so you need to send them an actual picture of

whatever was in their shopping part with a really compelling offer and encourage them to come back and make that

purchase last stage is the Loyalty stage now what I’m talking about here is

grabbing the information about your existing customers and I can’t tell you how many times a client will ask me

Morgan why would I want the information about my customers I don’t need their contact information I know who my

customers are I I have their information I don’t need any information on them which is true you do have your customers

contact information and it’s a general statement but 80% of sales come from 20%

of our customers and so maybe you have your customers contact information and

you know that they always buy product a from you but what you don’t know is that

they keep coming to your site and that they are interested in products b c d and e so if you just automatically

eliminate wanting any information about your existing customers you may be leaving a lot of Revenue on the table

there by not tapping into that information that can help you increase your revenue streams um by grabbing

additional revenue from your existing customers and this is the best way to do that you already have a relationship

with your customers they already trust you you you already they’re already making purchases with you and so should

be uh some of your lowest lying fruit and so an example of this might be a

bank for instance right so we have people that come to a bank website that are just logging in and checking their

bank account balance on payday every week right but we definitely don’t want to Market to people that are just going

to the website to check their bank account balance but if I’m a bank I definitely want to know if my existing

banking customers are coming to my website and they are looking at a home equity line of credit page or a car loan

website or the CD website and so if you automatically just erase your existing

customers you may be losing out on a ton of additional revenue and and you do have the ability with this technology to

just track certain pages on your website so for example maybe I don’t track the page that people are logging in to to

grab their uh their bank account balances maybe I only track the home equity line of credit page and I I just

find out who those people are and then I append additional data about them do they own a single family home what is

their income information and I pre-qualify them before I invest in marketing dollars to re-engage them with

a direct mail Keys okay so now I just want to show you

the power of a direct mail retargeting strategy now I’m not going to disclose

who this company is but you may know just by looking at uh the picture here on the postcard but

this company in particular does have one of those ads that pops up if you go to

leave the site if you put their their portable blender in the shopping cart and you leave something will pop up and

offer you 10% off if you can if you abandon then you will receive a postcard

with 15% off within 72 hours and just by employing that strategy they were able

to to achieve a 15.14% response rate from direct M

retargeting and a 12.83% conversion rate from Return

visitors that is astronomical for direct mail that is so much additional Revenue

that this company utilized just by employing a direct M targeting

strategy now this is a church uh they’re a nonprofit and I just want to talk

about how they use this technology to increase their donor P so in order to

boost revenue for a nonprofit We have to consistently be increasing our donor

pull and not to be morbid but in nonprofit people pass away uh you know

we’re always asking the the prospective donors the same ones over and over again

to support our cause and so an effective strategy you can put uh the the pixel

there’s a pixel that goes on a website that is where we have the ability to aggre all the data about the website

visitor and put it on the ways to get involved or the how to give pages and

then you can identify people that have an interest in contributing to the cause and you can send them a direct mail

piece and request uh that they contribute uh to that to that nonprofit

organization uh and this organization in particular was able to generate

6,780 firsttime donors just by using that that pi pixel and placing it on the

the ways to get involved uh pages on their site last one now this was a university

so this is for higher education and they had the pixel firing on their website

sitewide they wanted to track everybody that came to the website and their web activity because they wanted to know uh

are they interested in financial aid like most universities they had multiple different undergrad programs whether

it’s business nursing legal whatever it might be and so they had the opportunity

to identify the website visitor but also knew what program in particular they

were interested in so they could send them a direct mail piece regarding that particular undergraduate program and

they were able to achieve an astronomical 25% response rate just from

using direct member targeting and that is just phenomenal because the higher education space is super competitive so

if if I have clients that are in higher education or I am a higher education client I I would be using technology

like this so that I could ensure that I am getting ahead of the curve on my

competitors and capturing that business

so the USPS 5% retargeting promotion

this is a brand new promotion that is being offered by USPS this year it just

started a couple of days ago on September 1st this is going to run all

the way through November 30th this is also already pre-approved for next year

also so start to get interest with your clients I mean who doesn’t want to

utilize an extremely effective marketing strategy get a 9 to a 25% response rate on Direct Mail and get a 5% postage

discount while you’re doing it I mean that sounds like a win-win to me but I don’t know maybe no one’s asking me but

I think it sounds like a pretty good deal so just by utilizing h a technology

like this where there’s a pixel that goes on a website you identify the website visitor and that website visitor

is being retargeted with mail and they qualify for that 5% postage discount now

couple of caveats with this uh promotion uh this is only eligible for

first class mail and only eligible for a first class mail

postcard okay so no letters in Flats no periodicals can’t get creative with it

first class mail uh postcard also USPS has approved two uh eligible SS so when

the mailing list is processed you need to uh process the mailing list with one of these two eligible STS here 498 or

499 any other STS utiliz will not qualify uh when you submit your your

postage statement through USPS so how does this work how do I take advantage of this well first thing you have to do

is you have to register for the direct M or targeting promotion in the Gateway next thing you have to do is you have to

register for the promotion in the mailing promotions portal from there you

are going to submit a service request record for the retargeting promotion in the mailing promotions portal and you

are going to include an ATT attchment of the approval letter from USPS for the

technology being used so whatever technology that you are using make sure

that you reach out to USPS and you get an approval letter for that technology if anybody on the call today is using a

technology provider you know please get with me I’m happy to point you in the right direction of how they can get uh

their approval letter from USPS uh in my opinion the more that we can be

utilizing effective technology like this and use more mail I don’t care whose technology it is it the more the better

so happy to help anybody that that needs to be pointed in the right direction um

and then you’re going to include uh an attachment just a PDF of the representative sample of the postcard

mailing that the client will be using for that promotional period once that uh sample mailing is approved it only has

to be approved one time and you are good for the rest of the promotional period

Then the postage statements will be submitted electronically claiming the discount code

RG of course you want to just make sure that you retain uh a hard copy for your records just in case never know uh and

just one little uh extra tidbit that I I’d like to slide in here too you know

seeing as how this is only eligible for first class mail I and and typically these Direct

Mail were targeting mailing lists tend to be on the smaller side or they’re more targeted I I think that it might be

prudent to look into using the direct M targeting promotion within a combined or

a comingled mailing just to add on even some additional cost savings there for

yourself uh or to be passed along to your

customers so that is it from me today uh I really appreciate the opportunity to

kind of get on here and geek out about uh technology and direct m targeting as you can see I’m very excited about it so

I really thank you guys for having me on if anybody has any more questions about this or how this works I’m happy to help

in any way I can you can reach me uh uh by scanning that QR code or email me

there or uh call that phone number there on the slide so thank

you thank you Morgan that was amazing a lot of information and I’m sure

beneficial to all of our industry Partners here um my name is jannis LAM

and I am part of the Miami dve County PCC and I will actually do um questions

if you have any questions please feel free to um write them in the chat box or unmute yourself um and you can ask um

Morgan yourself so checking here on our okay on

the questions I have one it says I think these strategies would work well with expanding participation with postal

customer counsels as well is there a difference a different approach to a customer that you want to purchase an

item and a customer that you want to be engaged and join a group a group like the postal customer

Council it’s really the same strategy and I think that it just depends upon

what you’re trying to achieve there’s different ways that we can set up the pixel on your website to grab the

information about the people that you’re trying to Target so if you were trying to boost membership for the PCC then I

would suggest that we put the pixel on the pages on your website where people are starting to inquire about membership

right so how do I join or I I’d have to look at the website but there’s effective strategy that we can use there

that we can grab the information about certain people or maybe you happen to be running a marketing campaign that’s

trying to boost new membership so we want to put the pixel on the page where you are driving people to so that we can

grab their information and reach back out to them and try to just push them over in actually joining uh and and

getting that membership so um yeah and then like I said before you can decide

whether you want the residential information or their business information I recommend their their

residential just go right to the source that would be my recommendation

but um happy to talk out the strategy with you a little further if you want to reach out to me

personally defitely that is definitely good information okay another question

we have here how do you feel about keeping Alexa on always listening is that a program that uses direct um

Direct Mail retargeting yeah so uh you know we were

exploring the Alexa Alexa and and Google Voice uh integration with Direct Mail uh

but that’s something a little bit different so how do I feel about Alexa being always on I’m actually just kind of immune to it I I’m just not one of

those people that it really bothers I and it’s just kind of funny because I could be having a conversation about

something and next thing you know oh I’m seeing ads for it on my phone or you know whatever I’m just immune to it I

work in marketing so nothing really surprises me anymore you’re probably asking the wrong

person I I I just don’t it doesn’t bother me it doesn’t bother me at all but there are other people that are like

to be a lot more private and it’s just a little too invasive for them so it’s

personal preference but you can’t use that for direct M targeting currently right now

but I like the idea and and that’s really kind of taking it one step further it’s something to look

into and there you go okay I have another question here have you noticed

consumers are now anticipating a discount if they Place something in their cart and then leave purposely

triggering it to receive uh those discounts no think so no I don’t I don’t

know that that’s something that people strategize I mean there might be a few people out there that do that but not

all businesses necessarily employ that type of a strategy so I don’t know I

mean it’s hard to say I can tell you that I do receive a lot of those offers okay and most of the

time I bite so I have to say I have to admit I’m one

of those um okay the other one I have here is do you feel that this targeting

strategy works better with certain age groups opposed to others no not necessarily and if you look at the data

out there I firstly I just think that there’s a huge misconception still in today’s uh time and space that Direct

Mail is only effective for maybe like an age demographic or or certain demographics but if you look at the data

direct male uh is a phenomenal channel that has a very high response rate

across all age groups and we’re seeing even more engagement even through the younger demographics including the

Millennials um so I I think it’s just an effective marketing strategy in general

by employing successful marketing tactics whether that’s Omni Channel delivering the exact same message uh

with a cohesive strategy between digital marketing and direct mail um and then of course just using personalization and

targeted messaging a good offer and a great call to action and it’s just effective marketing regardless of the

each group right I think that is it does

anybody want to unmute themselves for any questions that they’ve thought of I I did have a question uh Morgan and it

was really about when you were talking about cookies this was earlier on in your presentation I always am weary

about enabling cookies and I feel I don’t know I don’t know why I just always had that maybe it’s a misconception but can you know when you

do enable it and you do provide it automatically um populates your information I mean is that information

like able to be um seen by other businesses or other people or you know

that’s what I’m always weary of um with the with hacker real quick question before I

answer your question Sherin do you have an Alexa at home I

do I’m just kidding so when when I just want to make sure that I under oh Dora

was wondering the same thing so I just want to make sure sure that I’m understanding the question so when

you’re asking if other people can see that information do you mean outside the scope of the company that is using

technology no so it’s in there’s a pixel that is placed on that customer’s

website and all the information is aggregated and stored on this pixel and

then it is pulled down into a reporting type format so it’s housed and stored on

AWS servers and it’s secure and within that customer’s website and within the pixel so it’s not something that’s

publicly shared or available to anyone else it’s just whomever is using that

targeting or tracking technology so when you’re using your device like your phone and it says

enable cookies for whatever um it’s only

that particular site that you’re on that can access that well there’s a lot of

other marketing technology out there that actually can grab information like that for example there’s something

called the bid space and so there are tons of marketers that are always buying

for uh Prime marketing real estate out there whether that’s on a mobile app

that’s on your phone or on Facebook or whatever that is and there is technology

through the vid space that is identifying an aggregating the information about that bid space that is

available through certain devices okay so yes in some in that regard outside of

the scope of what we’re talking about here information can be available yes

got you okay that’s why I’m always kind of weary about it but I feel okay but that answers my question yeah yes and

some people are right it’s a personal preference and and there’s a lot of you know that there’s just simple things to

shwin like even like enabling GPS on your phone so another part bid space

like they know where this device is I’m worried about that too well you’re gonna have to go off the

grid Sherin hat yeah right good

question and there was a com there’s a lot of comments on great presentation uh awesome presentation Kudos Kudos uh also

I think it’s Roy Walker from out of Oklahoma I believe PCC I just wanted to know if he can get this presentation I

know we recorded it so is this a presentation available and I actually said he could probably reach out to you

directly if you wanted to do a presentation for any of the other pieces

absolutely no I’m happy to share the presentation I’m happy to do a presentation or any any way that it can

be helpful or spread this educational information anytime that we can get uh interest in using more mail I am

happy yeah if you want to leave your uh contact info uh maybe your email in the chat box so people can pick that up that

would be a great thing and uh anybody that would like to reach out to Morgan she is available to do presentations for

your PCC as well and we do thank you my pleasure thank you for having

me any other questions from anybody

else okay if there’s no other questions I’d like to introduce sh Salas of the

northeast Florida PCC to present our certificate of appreciation to Morgan

that is right and yeah great presentation uh Morgan such a dynamic speaker we had the pleasure of meeting

uh Morgan in person at our PCC last year during uh our national PCC day when she did a workshop on direct mail um um

during one of our workshops for PCC day and also was invited for a breakfast that we had on marketing to the

Millennials and and uh we we couldn’t get the sound system going on that but uh we do appreciate your support Morgan

uh as we do for the southern area postal customer councils and here is a certificate for your appreciate for our

appreciation to you uh for presenting direct mail retargeting to the southern area pcc’s during our September joint

webinar uh thank you so much for supporting the southern area of pccc’s in our efforts to educate Network and

assist our industry and postal leaders so uh we appreciate you so much thanks

for your time and and commitment thank you