Deliver the Win With Digitally Enhanced Political Mail Campaigns

September 27, 2023 • Posted by Michelle

Direct mail delivers results for political campaigns. Looking to improve the effectiveness? Get political campaigns seen by everyone, everywhere, in the mailbox and in 11 digital technology channels. Turn one direct mail piece into 8-16 impressions with a voter!

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SPECIAL GUEST PRESENTER: Jim Richard, USPS National Political Mail Strategist, will discuss USPS initiatives for improvement to political mail campaigns. (USPS presence at webinar is not an endorsement of any products or services presented.)


welcome everybody to our webinar uh my name is Morgan Giorgio I am the senior

vice president sales and marketing for Direct Mail 2.0 a little bit about Direct Mail 2.0 are our sole purpose and

goal is to make Direct Mail the most effective form of marketing by integrating it with Cutting Edge technology we do have a 14 technology

platform that integrates into direct mail to add value in a couple of different ways one to seamlessly track

the mail show attribution provide reporting but most importantly we layer on an omni Channel marketing strategy so

that we can lift the responsive mail over just a traditional ink on paper method today we’re going to talk about a

very specific marketing product that we have called a political power up so just

for the political mail space and I’m very excited to have a special guest with us today his name is Jim Richard

and he is the national lead political meal strategist from the United States Postal Service and he is going to be

giving us a lot of knowledge and insight on the whole Foundation of it all and that’s just how we can strategically put

together effective political mail campaigns and talk about a lot of the resources that he has to offer and that

he can provide anybody that’s in this space Jim if you want to go ahead and just give us a quick intro

thank you Morgan so I love political mail and certainly I don’t know about you but political seems to be all year

long now so everywhere where you look you’re constantly hearing something that’s politically politically charged

or people want to speak to it so um this is going to be a great year and already

has been for political mail so I look forward to this call yeah I mean you were saying that in the midterms your

mail volume was up exponentially over the last election right

yeah so yep well I am excited uh anybody uh what

we’re going to do is we’re going to try to get through all of our content so if anyone has any questions as we’re going through please just go ahead pop them

into the chat and when we get through all of our content the end we’ll have a q a okay so let’s go ahead and get into

it Jim is going to kick us off and then from there um we’ll get into some of best practices

and strategic marketing strategy for political mail campaigns

so um what we’re looking at here is actually a study from the state of

direct mail by law so it was a great one that came out and we’re going to appreciate that you talked about the

multi-channel or the Omni Channel approach because even though we’re going to be specializing or focusing on political mail today there is no way

that I would say um mail only the more ways you can reach

constituents or voters the better I mean because we’re all folks that like to be marketed and communicate with different

channels and in their study they showed that 66 percent

um of companies that were advertising with multiple channels had a 60 66

percent higher return and Direct Mail yielded as 74 highest Roi when using those in a

campaign and you improve your um Channel performance 84 of the time

when you’re combining mail into that media mix so political mail is a good opportunity to exponentially

get better results in your campaign so we can go to our next one

so you talked about the the growth in political mail you can see as we were

looking at the midterm elections which had recently passed we saw 44 increase

in our political mail Revenue so that was great for us um we really enjoyed that and it really

showed that uh political marketers saw the value of mail and you could see our volume increased as well almost 3.9

billion pieces we are trending that way as well now as we’re moving into the course presidential season

so next slide so what I love about political mail is

throughout the voter Journey there is a lot of different places that political mail can fit so everywhere from trying

to make your um potential voters aware that you’re running to get that interest all the way to getting them out to vote

and then amplifying your message by having folks share you know messages with like-minded voters they may think

could swing the election so some examples of that are on the next slide where if we take the awareness and

interest stage so from our growing impact of direct mail that was our white paper study done in 2023

um when you’re considering creative what we notice is

it’s an opportunity to use mail to really introduce who you are which part

of you may be affiliated with and you could use things like QR codes

um to connect that messaging to some of your digital channels um you know so like your party

affiliation some of your quick bios those kind of things are important in the early stages of communicating who

you are you’ll see on this nail piece right here one of the things we also suggest is if you’re going to use a QR

code and here’s a trivia question most people don’t understand what QR means it

actually stands for quick response so if you want a quick response from the folks you’re sending this to use a QR code so

try not to put it on the address side because it potentially could cost some processing issues so here’s a great

example of Win For America it’s just a quick here I am um and these are the things you want to

think about me as you move further in the voters Journey they want to become

like educated and they need to start evaluating who the different candidates are they

may be considering so on the next slide is how a male piece might look where you talk about some of those issues that you

as a candidate or if you’re a political action committee those type things what it is you are promoting or trying to get

the message out you know here’s an example of a candidate who’s going after you know better schools and communities

who doesn’t want that you know certainly a lot of hot button issues about you know parental rights in schools

political Hot Topics I’m not going to go there but if you’re a candidate that stands one side or the other talk to

them tell them what you care about and from a creative perspective you want to include imagery or personalization

things that look like the person that you’re sending it to so for instance in

this example Jane Doe she cares about the school so the image down on the bottom right where it’s elect Jane Doe

um has parents parents that would be concerned about those type things if this were a piece and maybe it was

Hispanic related issues great use imagery use things that favor Hispanics

as well as you know male female different age groups which we’ll get

into later in some of the demographics but again great opportunity to start

showing your messaging in ways that resonate with your voters and then the

last example is hey I can educate them all day long and let them know I exist but if I can’t get them to The Ballot

Box which would be the get out the vote strategy on the next slide

um you got to tell me when to vote how to vote what does it look like I have not voted on Election Day in probably 11

years now I am an early voter so whenever I get mail pieces during that

window of early voting just before it that goes on my refrigerator I’ve got one that you know I’ll keep by the

dinner table to remind me you better schedule this you need to get out there for early voting so I really appreciate

mail being a part of that mix as a matter of fact you can see post-election research shows that Direct Mail was the

favored format for that type information again if it’s going to be vote by mail those type things voters really

appreciate some form of instruction on how to do it properly when to send it how to order it all that good stuff so

political mail can be a great piece to add to that mix

so if we go on to the next slide you know yes about what kind of

Elections do we work on um you know myself and other we’ll call it political male strategist with the

Postal Service you know we kind of advise we guide we suggest things and we work at all levels from the federal

state to the local level um for me I’ve never seen more engagement

at the local level than I ever have been I know and uh for example in

2022 my local school board election eight weeks before election day I had

received 10 mail pieces from just one school board candidate which is crazy

but by 2023 I had received 21 from that same candidate so mail pays off and it’s

just amazing that at the local level politics are so front and center now I mean I don’t know

about you but everyone I have around me in my neighborhood in my local community they care about local matters so not

only obviously is a presidential election so important but even at the local level the elections matter so

real quick Jim did you happen to see any other type of advertising for that

candidate that you received the 21 mail pieces for and did you receive any mail

for the opposing political candidates so good question I saw yard signs

um I did get a few um emails and out of the 21 pieces 18 were from that local candidate and three

were from what I would consider the competition so it was it was interesting and I mean I laid them out and not just

not just because I’m in political mail but it mattered to me so I would compare where their stances were were they being

vague or were they you know being delivered on where they stand so

um it was interesting in that regards sure

and on the next slide so we talked about what we work on who

can we help so we can actually work with the candidates and the campaigns as you do as well you know in my local election

there were outside spending groups um you know I would look on the mail

piece and I would see a political action committee hundreds of miles away from my

local school board election I’m like that is crazy but we can work with outside spinning groups because some of

them have interest in those type of elections of course our political action committees and valid initiatives seems

like every election there is some ballot initiative that is out there and

political mail is a great way to position you know where you would like to see some of those ballot initiatives

go absolutely and our next slide

so we threw some statistics at you but one great place that we’ve captured it all

because even you know you’ll be sharing some of these stats from different studies that we’ve done is our website and this is a website that we set up so that anything

political mail related any studies that we’ve done any thoughts or content

um like this one right here is one of our recent ones maybe still so you can

see it so it’s the um what we call the campaign handbook and what this one does

is like for example um voter mindsets so we have different

stats and things that relate to different types of Voters those that maybe wait till later in the cycle to

vote the early voters the issue voters um you know again the demographic those things that make a difference so this

campaign handbook is going to give you some great examples of how you could use mail at various places in the campaign

in addition to some of those Direct Mail samples that we looked at there are

other great examples in there as well that you could utilize so you’ll definitely want to visit the website and that

physical book that I just showed you is front and center on the main page so if

you would like to get a physical copy of that be sure to go on our website and order it we’ll have it sent to you and

if you want to reach out to someone like myself or my counterparts we would be glad to assist you in that political

mail conversation yeah there’s I think on our next slide

oh I didn’t was there something else you’re gonna go too well I I I actually just

just like that Jim sent that book over to me was it yesterday and I was like

wow it was like chock full of so much valuable content just from you know

Inception to strategic initiatives just I mean it has everything you need and

when you go right on the deliver the win website it’s the very first resource that’s at the top and it’s brand new it

wasn’t up there like a couple weeks ago when I was just uh looking for it and then they’ve got tons of additional white paper collateral

um and then if you need any assistance on how to implement that you know with a client or within a political mail

campaign then Jim and his team uh are readily available and now Jim your team just so they understand no they’re uh

they work with people depending upon different regions is that the way that it works or

actually um we actually now have I’ll say political mail Folks at every District

in the postal service so we can reach everybody okay fantastic you guys are

really upping your game over there that’s good I like it yes we are all right so and if they wanted to get in

contact with somebody the best way to do that is just directly through you or uh on the deliver the win website

yeah either or and I know at the end of the presentation my contact email is there so if you want to reach out to me

directly I can certainly connect connect you with the appropriate folks all right

fantastic Jim thanks so much I really appreciate it stick around and know that we’re going to have uh probably

questions at the end so um now uh that was a really fantastic

foundation that Jim laid out for us there and he has so much insight to tap

into so anybody interested in breaking into this space or expanding upon their

existing political meal revenue or that’s looking to improve their strategy with their clients him and his team are

a phenomenal resource for you guys to tap into it’s something that’s readily available there so take advantage of it

you know now what I want to get into really is all of the opportunity that is out there and available to anybody that

is in the print or mail space or in the marketing space industry experts are projecting that the 2024 political ad

spend will hit about 10.2 billion in dollars which is about a 13 increase

over the nine billion that was spent in 2020 and you can see from the statistical data that Jim was showing

that a large portion of this increase in spend is being attributed to mail and that’s because of the efficacy in mail

and it’s ever more important though that we are employing the right strategic

initiatives in terms of our marketing campaigns in the political space because the struggle for voter attention is real

guys the spending is increasing dramatically but it is the the performance in some of these uh

different marketing ecosystems or through some of these challenges uh channels unfortunately is decreasing so

it’s ever more important that we are employing the appropriate marketing strategy that is going to yield the best

results and we want to always be adding more value for our customers so what maybe was working you know a couple of

years ago for your political meal clients may not be as effective today okay and that goes for their mail

strategy that goes for their digital strategy and what I want to talk about today is utilizing something that’s

really the best of both worlds or the perfect marriage between offline and online that we know is going to drive

very high results not only in the political mail space but if you’re using the direct mail marketing channel in

general but it all really starts with the power of mail now when I talk about

an omnichannel marketing campaign one of the reasons why omnichannel marketing campaigns through Direct Mail 2.0 were

so effective is because we are harnessing the power that is driven by direct mail now

why is direct mail so important in the political mail space well um unfortunately politicians don’t have

a very strong reputation for being extremely trustworthy unfortunately it’s just not something that they’re just not

really perceived as being trustworthy most of the time and there’s been so much chatter around how trustworthy are

ads in the digital marketing space or is there censorship or who was putting these ads out and most Americans believe

that male is more factual than any other form of political advertising and above

and beyond that it yields a very high response rate and it it packs a very

powerful punch right it’s tangible there’s very high brand recall we know

that when someone goes out to their mailbox they’re going to get the marketing message even if they decide to

discard it and if that message were repeated through digital channels after the fact it’s going to impinge and it’s

going to stand out in this crowd and the Sea of marketing messages that people are seeing on a daily basis now nearly

half of Consultants around 47 percent believe that Direct Mail was the most effective type of political advertising

for educating potential voters and among political Consultants with expertise in

direct mail that number actually jumps up to 70 percent so two and three Americans trust Direct Mail First all

sources so it’s imperative that you have direct mail in a political meal strategy

or in your political marketing efforts in some way shape or form I’m going to talk about how we start with mail and we

end with mail to deliver the best results but mail should definitely be a

part of a political marketing strategy now the other thing about Direct Mail is

that it’s not only effective at building trust but it also helps reinforce other forms of political advertising now why

is that well let’s think about how people respond to marketing if I get a direct mail piece or I’m having some

type of an interest in a political candidate maybe I see a social media ad the next thing that I’m going to do is

I’m going to go online I want to learn more about this political candidate I want to see what their stance are on

other issues um and and I’m going to respond to that direct mail piece by

going online and now I have an opportunity to re-engage those prospective voters through the digital

marketing ecosystem and 48 of Americans say that the mail they received actually drove them to search online for more

information and it does reinforce the information that

um they are seeing on TV or online so we know that Direct Mail is an extremely trustworthy marketing channel so we know

that we’re also going to be putting some budge it into the digital ad space so ensuring that we inject direct mail into

our digital marketing strategy is extremely imperative as well because it’s just going to reinforce whatever it

is that they’re seeing online and when you have a direct mail campaign it’s going to help Drive online and drive

higher traction for your digital marketing campaigns as well now campaign managers themselves even

recognize the value of pairing direct mail with other campaign channels and this was a quote from a republican

consultant that said that you actually have to be very smart you have to integrate your direct mail with other

tactics and and making sure that they are syncing up their direct mail with their digital campaigns because this is

what is shown to be the most effective and drive the highest results and what I

want to talk about today is an opportunity where you can tap into an 11

technology platform that is giving you the best of both worlds that’s giving you that offline and online and is going

to strategically deliver the highest results possible when paired with a

political mail campaign so we have a product that’s called political power up it’s an omnichannel marketing Solution

that’s going to seamlessly track the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign campaign while driving an increase in

results over just a traditional Standalone Direct Mail campaign team through cross-channel promotion on

digital platforms now I just want to note that this political power-up is not in

any way shape or form a replacement for your current digital marketing strategy we would encourage you to continue with

your digital marketing strategy uh that is driving a significant amount of value

the political power up or any time that you are integrating omnichannel into your direct mail campaigns is a male

Centric marketing tactic where we are seeking to boost the results of your direct mail campaign and make your

direct mail more effective than it already is now we are going to integrate 11

Technologies into a direct mail campaign to deliver 8 to 16 Impressions per meal

piece now on average when we drive these 8 to 16 Impressions you’re going to achieve about a 23 to 46 percent lift in

response over just a traditional Standalone Direct Mail campaign now probably one of the most lucrative

things about this platform is that you can drive all of this additional value for only a few pennies per meal piece so

very inexpensive as well now why would we want to drive 8 to 16 Impressions per

Mill piece why do we pick that number well because it’s directly in alignment with best practices for marketing one

thing’s for sure is that we know that the power of repetition is what works that’s why uh that school board

candidate sent Jim 21 pieces of direct mail because repetition is what works in

marketing regardless of the marketing channel but when you can harness the powerful impact active direct mail and

repeat that impression inexpensively through digital channels you bring yourself into a win-win type of scenario

where you can significantly impact that response to that direct mail piece marketing rule of sevens get in front of

your your marketing prospects at least seven times to drive a conversion eighty percent some statistical data out there

shows 80 percent of sales conversions donations in political the vote are made

between the 8th and the 12th contact so with this program or let’s say that you

just decide to go layer on omnichannel marketing onto your direct mail campaigns yourselves these

are the contact margins that you want to get these prospects up into to drive a

conversion okay so a lot of these tactics here or two that I’m talking about in the political power up product

you know these are strategies that you can also be employing right so if you

have a political male client these are some best practices that you can be talking with them about and and seeing

if they are strategically driving the highest response for their mail through the integration of some of these

Technologies now above and beyond driving a lift in response to mail through the integration of omnichannel

strategy we also have a dashboard if you are a print or meal provider you will have the ability to have a dashboard

where you can manage all of your clients campaigns and your clients will have the ability to log into a client-facing

dashboard and see the results of their direct mail campaigns the integrated digital they can see key performance

indicators and Export reports and have access to all of that at their fingertips so that they know how well

their marketing dollars are working for them and they can drill down into some of the data about the technologies that

are layered onto their mail campaigns now the first thing that we want to do or what is an effective strategy is to

enhance your meal with social media and what we do through this first channel is we take that actual mailing list and we

find the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the people on the mailing list and we

start serving up as to them for a couple days before the meal shows up in the mailbox so we’re priming that pump we’re

starting to warm them up to that marketing message for the candidate then they get that physical tangible mail

piece in the mailbox reinforcing the social ads and then for several days after we’re going to show them social

ads to further reinforce the mail piece that they receive from there we’re going

to provide peace of mind that what your client paid for is being delivered they

have the ability to see the data that’s pulled in from USPS informed visibility see the percentage of their meal that’s

delivered they can see where the meal is you know in the mail stream and when

it’s projected to be delivered and then they can get that delivery confirmation and very granularly all the way down to

the individual Direct Mail recipient QR codes so Jim was talking about the

utilization of QR codes in mail and QR codes is is a great strategy especially for political mail for a couple of

different reasons one it’s going to help lift the response to the mail campaigns because people like to scan QR codes

there’s tons of statistical data out there on the efficacy of QR codes we’ve all been pushing this now for quite some

time and in addition to that there’s a tracking reporting and attribution feature to it so you can see the number

of scans if you want to you can use personalized QR codes and you can actually see the individual that scan

that QR code and let’s not forget depending upon what time of year it is USPS also has a postal promotion which

is uh under the mobile shopping promotion so through the utilization of QR codes your clients can also tap into

a three percent postage discount and a couple of the Technologies I’ll talk about today actually have a postage a

postal of which is just imperative you know the cost of postage keeps going up the cost of everything keeps going up so

anytime that we can add more value and then pass along some postal savings to the customers it’s definitely a win-win

USPS informed delivery um this is probably my favorite thing that USPS has has ever done to date um

you know this is a true definition of omni Channel we are we are providing an online ad uh and giving an opportunity

for somebody to uh convert to an offline channel so everyone signed up for this

technology in the morning they get an email it shows them uh scanned images of

all the mail that they’re going to have in their mailbox there’s a full color clickable ad that can be clicked on so

that they can respond go over to the candidate’s website continue that Journey learn more about that political

candidate and then once someone gets to the website now we have an opportunity to continue to follow up with them

through our other digital channels now informed delivery has some astronomical

statistics and my favorite statistic is that it has an average open rate of around 67 percent

now mail with email is a very common tactic in the political mail space and

it’s also very effective uh email alone for cold prospecting doesn’t deliver the best results but email paired with mail

does well you’re never going to get a 67 open rate on an email campaign so I

would highly suggest that you inject an informed delivery piece into your meal campaigns and you can also take

advantage of a four percent postage discount depending upon what time of the

year that that you’re mailing in now you can also if you have a candidate

that is is really into attribution you can pull a report that will actually show them the first name last name

address of whomever on the mailing list actually received the email opened it and clicked on the ad

Now call and text tracking is an attribution tool this is not very common

um necessarily uh in in the voter space but for fundraising this is a fantastic

tool um you or your clients could use a call tracking number so that you can track

the contact information of every single person that’s calling into this number you can show attribution to the mail and

you can also have a call to action on the mail piece where you could say text donate now to this number to receive

something in return you know maybe that’s a link to enroll in email marketing a link to make a donation and

then you can capture all of the data about the people that are converting by

call or text and uh in political meal campaigns grabbing any amount of data

that you can about any of the prospects that are engaging is highly highly valuable for these political candidates

and their campaign managers um now another really effective way to

enhance your mail campaigns is through something that we call District targeting this is where we’re going to

display ads throughout the Google Display Network through Facebook through Instagram to the people on the mailing

list but we are also going to cast a much wider net digitally and Target

prospective voters through certain congressional district codes and we are going to Target uh them based on

demographics that are in alignment with the audience that you are mailing to so

um Congressional voting district codes they run kind of wanky and so this gives us the best opportunity to Target the

Right audience and enhance the people on the mailing list you don’t necessarily want to blast your ads out to a City a

state but we want to actually Target those specific congressional district codes

another great uh tactic to enhance your mail is to get in front of the meal recipients through YouTube ads so

harnessing the power of video is is extremely valuable we get a very high

response rate on video over a still ad um so you know sending a mail piece to

the mailbox and then serving up a quick little personable uh video ad about that

political candidate who they are and why they should be voted for is extremely valuable at driving the response and

delivering a win on voting day now we also enhance the mail campaigns

with Discovery ads and this is a three for one one is the YouTube homepage uh

two uh our Discovery ads and that’s if you’re on your mobile device and you

were logged into your Gmail those are the odds that appear right below the Google Toolbar right so really

good ad placement here um you know Google is the the first most visited site on the web YouTube is the

second most visited site on the web uh and then also we display ads through Gmail now Google Discovery is actually

changing this technology over to something called demand gen so in

November there will be no more Discovery it will be called demand gen but with

that comes some additional value where you will also have the ability to tap into video and shorts here and display

these ads to your mail audience through these channels so um there will definitely be an

enhancement to that starting in November now let’s think about how everybody responds

to marketing I get a mail piece in my mailbox I’m seeing these ads on social I’m seeing them on YouTube Gmail uh

through Google through these channels when I respond to them I am going to go online I want to learn more about this

political candidate I want to determine if their stance on social issues is in alignment with something that should

earn my vote and so when I go to their website to garter more information I now

am going to pick up a pixel and we have an opportunity to follow them around with ads get back in front of them in as

many instances as we possibly can and divert their attention away from the other marketing efforts of the other

candidates in the space that are vying for their vote as well so mail is a

significant driver of that initial response and then we have the ability to follow up with them through digital and

get back in front of them in as many instances as possible and you know Jim made note of something earlier too when

you were talking about um the different channels and how people have different preferences right so and

I think I even saw some statistical data about that through some of the white papers that USPS has put out but you

know depending upon their demographic or um you know varying factors about the

prospective voter they want to learn more about political candidates through different channels they prefer to

convert through other channels and so giving them all these additional opportunities to engage for these other

channels is extremely effective right but we know the power of mail starting

with mail and injecting male throughout these campaigns is so imperative to

driving success um so lead match is the last tool in

this political power up product and then I’m going to talk about a couple of other things but

work today in today’s time in space or I’m seeing that marketers are wanting

to be more targeted with their mailing right so who should I be marketing to well let’s say that you are running a

digital marketing campaign they’re all going to go to your website too when they respond but they may not fill out a

form or you know let you know that they’re interested or that they were on your website there’s also going to be

just other people that are out there that you know might be a swing voter or someone that’s on the fence about who

they’re going to vote for and they happen to go to the candidate’s website to learn more about them and now with a

technology like lead match we have the ability to de-anonymize a website visitor find out

who they are give the contact information for these people tell you

what activity they’re taking on the website so what social stances are they

looking at what interests do they have on these websites and build you a

mailing list of people that you can Market you that you know have a specific

interest in potentially uh you know voting for you on voting day right so

now you have the ability to uh put your marketing budget into a mail campaign of

people that you know has some type of Interest right and again like I said they may be on the fence so it’s even

more imperative to get back in front of those people with your marketing message to try to ensure the vote converted

voting debt right now also something that’s really really important is personalization okay and there’s

there’s so much research out there about how personalization improves the

responsiveness of male and the efficacy of marketing campaigns and giving you the ability to actually Market to them

about these social issues or stances that they have an interest in is enabling you to do that add their name

to the postcard right personalize it and as as many facets as you possibly can

and drive a very high response rate um not to mention that if you are running digital marketing campaigns this

is a way for you to further increase the conversion of your digital marketing campaigns by using the power of direct

mail okay so Direct Mail retargeting is a very successful tactic at improving

conversions Above and Beyond digital retargeting that a lot of people are using and

USPS has a postal promotion for a five percent postage discount for direct mail

retargeting and our lead match technology actually does have a special approval from USPS

um so we can get you an approval letter if you’re using this technology you get approved one time through the uh mobile

shopping for uh Mobile promotions portal and that’s it you’re free to use this

talk now the other part of this technology is the attribution piece so

we’re spending a significant amount of marketing dollars to send out mail and

so marketers have a heavy interest in who is actually responding right so when

one of the direct mail recipients goes to the website we have the ability to know who they are and say hey we

identified a thousand people on your website out of those thousand people 250

of them were on your mail campaign and here is who they are and these these are

the actions they took on your website as well so finally getting true attribution

to a mail campaign very powerful

um so that’s that’s a political power product but there’s some other technologies that you can utilize to

enhance direct mail that are extremely powerful and effective now one of those Technologies is something that we use

called addressable geofencing and this is where we can draw a virtual boundary

around a residence so you’re mailing to a residence we actually have the ability to identify every single device known to

be within that virtual boundary and display ads to every single device within that household this is not IP

based targeting there are 54 billion different data sets being digested on a daily basis to capture the true

identification of every single device known to be within the virtual boundary but within that residence that you’re

mailing to so that you can send mail and serve up ads to every single device

within those households so true one-to-one marketing uh and true one-to-one enhancement to your director

mail campaigns really powerful stuff and you can also have an offline conversion

Zone like let’s say for example you want to draw a conversion Zone around a voting Precinct any of the prospective

voters that received the mail and the digital ads walks in there it will ping their device and then you can actually

show that they they they converted and they voted now you won’t know who they voted for but if you would like to know

that they actually voted you can dig into that information as well or we can

even curate a list of people that are affiliated with a certain political party have certain interests or

demographics and we can serve up ads to the devices of those individuals and

then use the lead match pixel to capture those people and build a mailing list so that you can funnel those into your

direct mail campaigns as well um also something that is currently

being used right now by a few of our partners but is not actively available is email so I was talking before when I

was uh about the faculty of informed delivery and how meal with email is a very good tactic in the political mail

space we do have an email technology that will be rolling out in just a couple of weeks

um like I said a couple of partners are using it of course we have to go through somewhat of a testing phase but you will

have the ability to harness within our platform uh sending out an email prior

to the mail being delivered and sending out an email after the mail being delivered and it’s just a phenomenal way

to enhance a political mail campaign yeah so let’s talk a little bit about

political ad content restrictions uh in the mail space really there’s not any

type of a restriction and so you know Jim was saying hey I don’t really want to touch on some of these issues that

they might be uh marketing about but some of these issues are pretty wild and

there’s just no opportunity for them to be communicated through certain channels

like Google and Facebook just are not going to allow it there’s just certain things that you cannot Market through

platforms like Google or Facebook now you can Market those issues through

Direct Mail there’s really no restrictions uh on the direct mail campaign you can also Market those

issues through informed delivery and then um it also in addition addressable

geofencing so the addressable geofencing doesn’t have any restrictions uh really

in terms of the type of uh content or imagery or any of these social issues

um but you know with Google or Facebook you can definitely use those platforms but you have to be more cautious about

the message so you might want to have the imagery look the same as the male piece but we’re not going to be as wild

you know through those channels that the campaigns will just get shut down unfortunately okay

um so real quick I just want to go over a case study now a really successful

tactic that I see a lot of our partners employing are uh chasing the ballot so

they’re chasing the ballot uh marketing campaigns and um this was one of those

campaigns it was about 95 000 pieces they delivered about 600 000 Impressions

uh which is about a about seven times uh The Impressions that they would have

delivered over a direct mail campaign the candidate won the election with 50

almost 59 of the votes so really really really close race right so if you think

about uh another political candidate in the space that might just be doing mail

and you have a client that’s doing mail and digital it might just be that

strategy that pushes them over the edge and and delivers that win for them and this candidate actually did attribute

the victory to the program um and was pushing it to the state and

National levels going forward so very successful strategy and we do run these

campaigns on some very large mailings as well this one was about 600 000

delivering almost three million impressions they have three times the

engagement rate over just a traditional mail campaign three times the response just by adding the digital enhancement

seven times standard engagement rate on social media and we capture 35

000 addresses from the website so that they could use those leads to funnel

into their mail campaigns so you know print mailers you want more Revenue you

know the lead match pixels a great way to build mailing lists so that you guys can put more mail into the mail Stream

So and we’re marketing to the right people right and the candidates are going to get a good response from that

and good conversions especially if we’re marketing to those those swing voters

um you know I I also just want to talk about the time sensitivity issue because I do have a couple of sales reps in this

space they have political male clients and they’re like oh my gosh you know I just don’t know that I can add this Omni

Channel onto my direct mail campaigns they turn and burn too fast and so it’s all about planning right you know once

you get a code on the site and you get Facebook permissions the first time you’re done I mean it’s not like your

political candidate’s only going to mail one time you know before election time right so there’s going to be a little

bit of planning there and sometimes we have to put a little bit more effort in if we want to add more value for our

clients so you know just try to be open-minded and know that yes there is a little bit more planning here but once

that planning is done you just upload a mailing list and you keep on going also

there are technologies that don’t require putting a code on the site and things like that like the addressable

Geo there’s no cookies there’s no code that needs to be put on site there’s no Facebook permissions that have to be

acquired um so you know just if you’re looking to add more value for your customers you

communicate right communicate with us talk with your clients about their strategy and and what they’re trying to

accomplish and most of the time um you know definitely we would have a solution where we can deliver what they

need uh without as much preparation I will tell you this sometimes it is challenging full transparency to get

informed delivery on a mailing um because you have to have at least that 24-hour window for USPS to add that

inform delivery so sometimes the campaign might have to go out without the informed delivery but if you’re

looking to tap into that that four percent postage discount you’re going to need to give yourself a

little bit more time on that so but yes uh definitely time sensitive mailing so

a little bit of preparation required there to deploy these types of campaigns but you know definitely worth it guys

you know adding a lot of value and really helping uh deliver the most uh high response strategic Direct Mail

campaigns we can in this space okay all right

um so that is a pretty good overall strategy on omnichannel integration into

Direct Mail campaigns and some of the technologies that we have available here at Direct Mail 2.0 uh really thankful

Jim for joining us today um here is Jim’s contact information

um and anybody that’s interested in learning more about omnichannel enhancement for Direct Mail campaigns or

more about our political power product you can scan that QR code there or you

can email us at sales let me go ahead and hop over here and

see if we have any questions oh Jim said as of September 16th we have

58.5 million informed delivery users with a natural sound National saturation

rate of almost 31 that’s strong right so and growing I mean I remember when it

when uh you were just doing the little beta testing over in like the Pennsylvania

area so um that’s definitely a strong saturation

for sure um how much time is required to set up a Dartmouth 2.0 campaign

if the list changes for every mailing does that require a new setup so really

you can set up a direct mail 2.0 campaign in 10 minutes so just need a mailing list and a few pieces of

creative and we need to know um the client’s website so

uh really just a couple of minutes and if the mailing list changes after each

uh mailing it does not require a new setup you can just upload a new mailing list into the campaign now I don’t know

the answer to this uh I think the answer is yes uh Jim does

election law require a postcard to have info about who paid for the advertising

I’ll have to get back to you on that because I don’t want it to speak yeah so I I know we do I I’m uh yeah I’m sure I

think that you do but Wayne make a note here and we’ll get back to you on that

um you definitely have to disclose who is marketing um in some of the digital campaigns

um but we’ll find out about mail um Josh London said you can find a zip

code breakdown of informed delivery users here yes that’s a really good tool so if you want to see saturation by ZIP

code you can use uh that URL there and kind of get an idea of the type of saturation uh clay wholesale go ahead

Jim that’s gonna say and Josh is on my team and so like for example in my ZIP code the saturation rate is 42 percent

and one thing on that informed delivery is when I receive it and let’s say it is

a political ad I could share that ad with other folks so I can connect

certain social media feeds and I can share that out but also I can set a reminder because maybe in addition to

the physical mail piece I can tell it remind me on early voting day to go out

and vote so those are some great enhancements that we’ve made to the inform delivery as well yeah those are

newer too I don’t know um if a lot of people know about that but there’s definitely some new

enhancements hey you have any information I you know they’ve been talking about it for years but I saw

some evidence some some more information about uh that there might finally be a

release of B2B informed delivery do you have any information on that Jim

um yes it’s coming it’s being beta tested and so you know we’re really setting up the dashboard

and the back end to that but you know what will be nice about it is it’s a place that the business can uh even if

they ship with us too can connect all of that together in the informed delivery feeds so it’s actually uh

um about ready to launch and I think you guys will really like it uh when it hits oh yeah well I know it’s been a

challenging thing the the turnover is so high you know in businesses and there’s

just been a lot of other challenges but it looked like they were getting pretty close to having a a final product on it

um so that’s exciting um somebody asked uh how long the informed delivery discount runs so the

program for informed delivery discount is August 1st through December 31st

um and it’s usually those same those same times I the calendar came out for next year and it’s the same times next

year as well too okay and that directional retargeting promotion runs until uh November 30th and that also is

an approved promotion for next year uh we will definitely verify for you Wayne

about uh if you have to disclose who pay for the advertising but someone else on the webinar here Clay Hall said that you

do have to disclose who who paid for the advertising but we’ll um we’ll confirm that for you

okay all right um well I don’t see any other questions uh I I really appreciate you joining us

today Jim uh very much appreciated and uh if oh is there another question we’ll

see oh so Josh put the postal uh promotions calendar in there for us thank you Josh

um but we will be reaching out to you also to let you know how to get a hold of us we thank everybody for joining us

today and we hope you have a great rest of your week thanks Morgan thanks Jim