3 Reasons You Should Be Selling More DirectMail2.0 Jobs

April 20, 2018 • Posted by DM20

1. Staying Up To Date.

It seems like there’s a new digital marketing agency appearing every couple of minutes.

How can you possibly compete against these agencies that offer cutting-edge technology when it comes to reaching your client’s desired target audience?


You can start promoting your digital integration products to your customers when you pitch them direct mail campaigns- they’ll be more than excited to do everything under one provider!

Digital marketing and direct mail are efficient when used separately. If you combine forces, you can be one of the few places to offer both services integrated, and provide your client with an incredibly powerful tool that will boost their conversion rates and consequently your re-orders will skyrocket too!


2. We’ll Help You Close The Deal. 

We created our business model so that our company would be successful ONLY when our partners are.

Need help selling the product to a client? Remember that our Channel Marketing team is right here to help you Co-Sell.

The results?

Over 76% of our Co-Sell jobs close.

Check out what one of our partners had to say about Co-Selling with DirectMail2.0 by clicking here.

3. Generate More Income.

Offering a new service means that you’re able to make more profit out of your business.

The best part? Our team will be taking care of all the trouble so you can sit back and enjoy the increased income.

We put no limits on what you can charge for each product you could even decide to double our wholesale price when selling it to your clients!

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