DirectMail2.0 was born as most companies are….to solve a problem. That problem was and always had been how do you track and improve the effectiveness of direct mail? As technology advanced new tools came into view that would solve this problem. Joy Gendusa, the founder and CEO of Postcardmania had been selling direct mail since 1998 and knew this problem well and her team came up with an idea which actually worked! The DirectMail2.0 beta was extremely successful and in demand. Joy’s mission has always been to help small and medium businesses succeed. She felt that this new product tested and incubated within Postcardmania needed a much wider stage to perform from. So, in late 2014 she put together a small team to introduce the product to other direct mail companies. Soon It became obvious that changes to the original platform and product were needed in order for other printers and their brand of clients to get the best use out of it. With these changes this product would take off on its own. She brought in a seasoned CEO, Brad Kugler as well as other experienced print industry and technical talent and DirectMail2.0, LLC., was born. Within months it was standing on its own with its own advanced technology platform and signed over a hundred partners around the country and delivered tens of thousands of campaigns. The business continues to evolve growing rapidly as does its product offerings. Joy remains the principal investor in DirectMail2.0 but spends her day growing and managing her first child; PostcardMania. She is proud to see this product and company gain its own traction helping other printers and marketing companies achieve success for their clients.