How the Political Power Up Marketing System Multiplies the Effectiveness of Direct Mail Campaigns

June 20, 2022 • Posted by DM20

The digital marketing experts at DirectMail2.0 hosted a 45-minute webinar with special guest Jim Richard, USPS National Political Mail Strategist on June 16th. In case you missed the live broadcast, you can view the recording below. Local campaigns are happening. Now is the time to be marketing your political mailing services with Political Power Up!

The 2022 Midterm Election Cycle is projected to hit $9 billion in political ad expenditures, more than doubling the amount spent in the 2018 cycle. In fact, the local races are even beginning to outspend the presidential races. Jim Richard also shares how their USPS post-election research with the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) provides data that gives insight into how to use direct mail as part of a larger campaign strategy to reach people where they are, as they are, in order to inspire action.

2 in 3 Americans Trust Direct Mail vs. Other Sources

Jim tells us about some great facts regarding Americans’ trust in direct mail vs. other sources. 59% believe mail is more factual than other forms of political advertising. Direct mail gets more attention because it’s physically present and seen as more informative; it has the potential to be referred to immediately. 70% of political consultants with expertise in direct mail believe it’s the most effective type of political advertising for educating potential voters.

2 in 3 Americans Say Direct Mail Reinforces Info Seen on TV or Online

In USPS focus groups, several Americans said they use mail pieces as a starting point and turned to the internet to learn more about a candidate. 48% say the mail they received drove them to search online for more information about a politician or campaign. Jim calls this approach of tying all the platforms together — the physical of mail and the digital of other channels — the phygital world.

All Voters Want Connection with Candidates

It all starts with the connection. The challenges in 2020 combined with a dynamic election season, gave campaigns the opportunity to use direct mail in new, more effective ways to make authentic connections with Americans. 80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact; with political mailings, the VOTE is the sale! The more channels that candidates are contacting the voter with are more ways they are connecting with them.

Why Political Power Up is the Omni-Channel Marketing Solution

Repetition and consistency are staples of successful marketing actions. People are immersed with multitudes of marketing messages on many channels. Political Power Up not only utilizes repetition in marketing, but it delivers a streamlined, seamless omni-channel marketing approach for pennies per piece mailed. It starts with direct mail as the activation point then utilizes digital channels to repeat that same cyclical messaging. This is not a replacement for digital marketing strategies. This is a MAIL CENTRIC product that utilizes digital platforms for maximum impact of direct mail campaigns.

How Political Power Up Works

Watch the webinar to learn in-depth details about each of the technologies that are employed to make Political Power Up so successful; such as SocialMatch, Mail Tracking, Informed Delivery, Call/Text Tracking, Social Media Follow-up, District Targeting, Discovery Ads, YouTube Ads, and LeadMatch. Best of all, we’ve designed one dashboard to see it all. Follow along with campaigns in real time to see the granular analytics and overall effectiveness.

Special thanks to guest speaker Jim Richards, USPS National Political Mail Strategist. If you have questions that weren’t answered during the live webinar, or you’d like to start a Political Power Up campaign, please feel free to reach out! For current partners, please contact your Marketing & Sales Consultant. If you’d like to get started with Political Power Up and aren’t a current DirectMail2.0 partner or client, please contact us at [email protected].