Partner Results: PostcardMania

April 28, 2017 • Posted by DM20

One of our partners, a direct mail printer out of Florida, is having amazing success selling DirectMail2.0 to their customers. They recently hit an all-time high of $259,000 in DirectMail2.0 sales in just one month! That doesn’t include what the clients paid for their direct mail campaigns – just through add-on fees for DirectMail2.0.

With most of our partners making 50% of the total pot in net profit, this is around $130,000 in net profit they can put right into their pocket. We asked them how they did it and here are their answers. We hope you find these tips useful and rocket your revenue in Quarter 2 with the help of DirectMail2.0.

  • Every day an email is sent to all of the sales representatives with the following information:
    • Number of DirectMail2.0 orders broken down by Rep cumulative for the week
    • DirectMail2.0 Gross Income is broken down by Rep cumulative for the week
    • Monday morning the totals are sent from the previous week
  • DirectMail2.0 successes are emailed around to all of the sales reps at least once a week. If a new success is not available then a repeat success is sent out as a reminder to talk about it.
  • A verification script is read each time an order is placed. At the end of this verification script the Sales Representative must read the following if the order does not include DirectMail2.0: “Also, just to confirm, you are declining the option to add DirectMail2.0 to your order, which will track and enhance the results, correct?”
  • Weekly Role Play– at least twice a week for 10-15 minutes in the morning sales reps role play pitching DirectMail2.0.
  • When a sales representative is struggling to sell DirectMail2.0, the sales manager spends one-on-one time discussing the possible objection points that the sales representative has regarding selling the product.
  • Commission projection report – on a quarterly basis, the sales manager sends out a “commission projection report.” This report includes information that projects what commissions the sales rep could make if they sell X% of their orders.