5 Ways DirectMail2.0 Will Help Double Your Sales (+2 Free Sales Tips)

June 16, 2017 • Posted by DM20


So you want to grow your business and take it to the next level?

You might be wondering:

How can DirectMail2.0 help my business get more sales?

The answer is simple. If you’re ready to grow, our team is ready to help.

1.  We give you an answer to the “But does direct mail even work anymore?” question.


Your clients are spending too much time wondering if direct mail works for them – desperately trying to track ROI or customer acquisition costs. When they can’t figure it out, they come to you.

With DirectMail2.0 your client will have a 360 view into their direct mail campaign at all times. They’ll know in a moment’s notice:

  • How many prospects got the mail piece and when.
  • How many prospects called directly from the mail piece, when and what happened with the calls.
  • They’ll know how many prospects went to their website in response to the mail piece
  • Also how many display ads those prospects are now seeing on Google’s giant display network.
  • They will also know how many of their prospects are seeing their ads right there on their Facebook and Instagram feed – with detailed analytics on who these prospects are.

2. We provide you with free, weekly sales tips videos.


True, you can find a lot of information for free out there on the internet nowadays.

But here’s the deal:

How many reliable, industry specific videos will you be able to find online?

Not many, I bet.

Every week we cover a different sales topic. Let me show you a few of the videos we’ve done:

  • Our video on: ‘The Answer To the “What’s in it for me” Question.’

Your clients will ask you: “What are the benefits to DirectMail2.0?”

There are many.  Check the video on DirectMail2.0’s benefits here.

  • Our video on promoting postage discounts.

Who doesn’t love a good discount to save some hard-earned money?

Imagine the face of your customers when you tell them that they’re getting 2% OFF postage!

In this video we show you how to promote the postage discount with your clients. Watch the video here.

3. We’ll help your sales team close more deals.


You already know there’s no need to worry about training your production staff on DirectMail2.0, as our team takes care of handling everything after your sell.

But guess what?

We’ll also train your sales staff – virtually or on site, to make sure they fully understand how to generate the most profit for your company by adding DirectMail2.0.

4. We’ll show your customers how to get the most out of DirectMail2.0


Whether you want to pitch DirectMail2.0 as an upgrade to a group of clients/prospective direct mail clients all at once or you just don’t feel 100% comfortable showing all its features to a group – we can help!

Our Gold and Platinum Members get access to our amazing Co-Selling Program where they will either get on a sales call with your sales person, schedule a 30 min webinar for a group of clients/prospective clients or come on-site for a group Lunch & Learn.

Your sales are our priority.

You might be wondering:

What if I want to White Label this product under my own name?

No problem, we’ll present the service to your customers under your own name.

5. We’ll sponsor a lunch while we train your customers on DirectMail2.0


 Who doesn’t love a great lunch while learning ways to market more effectively?

With Lunch and Learn, a member of our fantastic team will come to your location of choice, sponsor a lunch and be a guest speaker to your clients about DirectMail2.0.

Sounds interesting?

You can sign-up for a free demo by clicking here.

DirectMail2.0 makes it easy to show your clients that postcards are more effective than ever in the digital era.