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Who We Are
The buck stops with me! I’ve been starting and running businesses for over 25 years. I attended Miami University as well as San Diego State University. Love a good craft beer, boating and island-hopping in FL on the weekends with friends and family.
VP of Partner Relations
I guide our partners from sales training and product launch to co-selling, marketing strategies, webinars, lunch-and-learns and beyond! I am originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and attended Western New England College in Springfield, MA. When I am not helping our partners make a killing selling DirectMail2.0, you can find me with a local IPA watching "the game" (Pats, Sox, Celtics, Bruins... you know, the champs), playing with my kids, grilling with family or running the table at the local billiard hall.
VP of Partner Acquisition
I spread the word of the incredible DirectMail2.0 far and wide. When I am not taking our prospective partners on a magical tour of our rock-your-socks off dashboard I enjoy indulging in documentaries, talk radio and beaching it with my kiddos.
Deputy Operations Manager
I oversee the delivery and technical support areas for DirectMail2.0. I was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, and am a lifelong athlete whose biggest achievement was running a 4.28-second 40-yard dash. I still enjoy playing sports, but my other interests include my car and motorcycle, nerding out on new technology, and my dog, Waldo.
Partner Launch and Campaigns Manager
I oversee the campaign set-up and maintenance department for Google Online Follow-Up. I graduated from Eckerd College with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2014 and was a pitcher for the baseball team. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and am a true Buffalonian. I enjoy sports writing about the Buffalo Bills for USA Today Sports, the outdoors, and awesome music.
Search Engine Marketing Specialist
I set up our partners’ campaigns and banner ads in Google as well as create and add tracking codes for DirectMail2.0 Online Follow-Up. I was born in Crawley, England where I lived for about 14 years until moving to Tampa, Florida. I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for nearly 15 years. I am highly passionate about CrossFit and fitness in general. I love to help people become the best they can be through a healthy, active lifestyle. It is very rewarding to see what the human body and mind is capable of.
Senior Platform Developer
I am pretty much the wizard behind the platform, so to speak. I attended Vincennes University in Indiana, where I studied complicated computer stuff which allows me to engineer the awesome stuff I do today. When I am not rolling out amazing new dashboard features for our DirectMail2.0 partners, you can find me eating Reese's Cups and playing with Rubik's cubes.